kpopjpopjrock1 posted on Jul 29, 2015 at 03:45AM
Heyo fellow GOT7 lovers. I want to issue our fandom with a challenge. So as we all know the boys released "Just Right" which had a positive message for all of us telling us to NOT change who we are and to be proud of ourselves. Despite saying this to us our idols are struggling with the pressures of what society wants them to do. This challenge is to turn the tables using their song "Just Right" to show them they too are "Just Right". Please help with this, if you have them on instagram, twitter, any of their SNS message them or post to them and tell them how they're "Just Right" so that we can give them the same confidence to be themselves that they have given to us to be ourselves. Thank you. IGOT7 fighting!!!! <3

GOT7 No balasa