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1. Sisters, sisters and…

Will Schuester stared at his computer screen. His facebook page was opened up, he stared at the small prints on the screen. Not just his Facebook, but also the artikel that was written to destroy the art programs. He switched of the screen. And stared in front of him.

"Will.." It was Emma's voice. "Dinner's ready."
Slowly he climbed of the chair, heading for the makan malam table. Emma sat down on the table. She had prepared a simple meal, that was spaghetti. He liked it, and it almost made his bad mood turn out better. But on the back of his mind he could still hear Sue Sylvester punch. No art programs, she would destroy his reason for existing. Well, maybe that was Emma. But still arts were important specially music. He couldn't imagine that musik wouldn't be a big part of his life. This morning he awakened with a song off bernyanyi in the rain in his head. And almost right away, Sue had knocked the happiness out of his body. lebih so, Sue was the reason he was unhappy. A tahun ago, she had promised that she would stop giving the glee club a hard time, he knew that she would never truly stop making fun of his hair. But he had learned to live with it, and now she had forgotten her whole promise, like nothing ever happened. And the detik trouble was Santana, Mercedes and Brittany leaving the glee club for Shelby's group. He knew that this problem wouldn't be solved oleh letting someone else run for congress. This was something he was guilty off. Maybe he had treated them to hard, Will Schuester stared at the food. He decided to leave everything like it was. He would figure it out tomorrow. Good. There was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it.." Emma jumped up, almost too happy for her. He took his fork and started to play with his pasta. He didn't do that, but it was a way to keep the waiting easier. He had no idea who could be coming here so late. Maybe it was Rachel, with another idea how she could be the prefect Maria. Not that she did that, but he could see her do it, now the musical was an official go.

"Will.." It was Emma. She was followed oleh a young woman, with blond hair. She had extremely long hair, a pale skin and it almost looked like she hadn't slept in months. She guided a baby carriage. selanjutnya to her was a child about 12 years old. Dark brown wavy hair. Her hair reached over her shoulders. She was wearing a school uniform, but he couldn't figure out what school it was from.
"Will, she's here to see you…" Emma replied "She says she's your sister, and I told her that anda don' t have sister, and that she must have the wrong house.."

"Sara.." Will stood up, hugging her.
"So how is this different from me keeping the fact that my parents were alive?" Emma was mad. "I mean anda keep a sister from me? Where were anda keeping her? Does she live close?"
"What are anda doing here Sara?" Will stared at her. "Aren't anda supposed to be in New York, preparing for something else.."

"Well, I decided to take a trip here.." Sara smiled

"You don't take spontaneous trips anda think it's bad for you.." Will stared at her. "How's Broadway?"
"So now anda have a sister that works on Broadway?" Emma stared at Will "What's the selanjutnya thing? anda aren't a big celebrity like Barbra Steisand right?"
"No, Barbra wouldn't talk to me.." Sara replied "That's how populer I am."
"Hey uncle Will.." the 12 tahun old girl finally spoke.

"Julie Anne Schuester!" Will pulled her in a hug. "I haven't seen anda since New tahun in New York right? How's school going? The best in singing?"

"Well.." Julie Anne turned away.

"What brings anda here?" Will turned to Sara once lebih again.

"Well, that stupid jerk of Mark cheated on her with one of the lead singers of his band.." Jullie Anne spoke again. "And now she's getting a divorce."
"Jullie, anda don't speak.." Sara replied

"Over Willow and Aaron's father.." Jullie Anne rolled her eyes. "And that we should be grateful that he didn't make any money, and only spend money to stupid musik that won't make any. So.."

"Julie that was really mean!" Sara replied

"He cheated on you?" Will sat down. "When?"

"About two weeks ago.." Sara replied "That's just about the time I decided to maybe pindah back here.. I mean I have excellent credentials as a Julliard teacher. I wrote and composed 5 DS musicals, I directed the musical with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead. And I wrote two books, I think I'll find a job easily. I mean do anda guys need a musik teacher in your school?"

"well, needing a musik teacher, I don't think Sue Sylvester likes musik class.." Will replied "More so she hated it. She is destroying the glee club."

"I'm so sorry.." Sara stood up. "I'm coming here, entering your halaman awal when anda and your girlfriend are eating pasta. And you've got issues with the glee club, I mean, Will.."

"How are anda related?" Emma stared at him. "You don't look like Will at all.."

"Well, we still don't know.." Will smiled "I think I take after my dad, she takes after my mom.."

"Accept she mind be a little lebih blonde.." Vanessa replied "Never understood why I was this blond, and Will was.."

"I think Will's hair is beautiful." Emma admitted

"It is.." Sara hooked her arm in Emma's. Pulling her to the sofa, she sat down right her. Emma felt nervous under Sara's clench behavior. Will was staring at her, but he hadn't found out what to do yet. Like he was waiting for something else.

"I like anda better then Terry.." Sara replied "But it's not very difficult, Terry was a self-centered, childish, idiotic, lying bitch!"

"I'm glad anda can express your cinta towards my ex-wife.." Will smiled "She wasn't that bad."

"So pretending to be pregnant?" Sara smiled "Trying to steal someone's kid, and lying about other things is what? Responsible behavior?"

"Sara.." Will stared at Sara. "Are anda that mad with Mark?"

"Mark is a self-.." Julie Anne smiled.

"Julie Anne Elizabeth Schuester!" Sara stared at her. "Don't anda dare say something that rude.."

"But anda said!" Julie's glared at her mother.

"Yeah, but I'm old and there's no room for improvement. I'm waster, I don't want your little mouth waster to cursing and stuff.." Sara smiled.

A high pitchy cry came from the baby carriage. Emma almost turned away in fear, as Sara took a small blond child form it. She had short blond hair, there was an obvious bow in her hair. She was holding a little teddy bear. The baby stopped crying when Sara gave her milk. Will stepped away and headed for the kitchen.

"Do anda want to hold her?" Sara stared at Emma. "So I can take a look at Aaron.."

"okay.." Emma took the baby in both of her hands, she held her in front of her. Sara stared at her.

"I washed her this morning.." Sara replied "She's not dirty."

"It's just that.." Emma took her closer to her body. "I'm scared she won't like me.."

"Well, anda have a baby quality.." Sara replied taking a sleeping Aaron in her arms. "Which means bayi don't hate you. It's just being calm, and then they don't cry. bayi sense.."

The blond girl started to cry on command. Emma started to sweat, this baby really did hate her. She didn't know what to do, to make her stop. She didn't. She didn't really have that much family, and the family she did have, didn't have bayi in it. Emma stared at her.

"Rock her.." Sara replied while Aaron opened his eyes. "Willow likes it when anda sing to her.."

"What song?" Emma started to panic. "I don't know any baby songs.."

"It does not matter what song.." Sara replied "Just do it!"

"okay.." Emma took the baby "I can't really sing so.."

Emma opened her mouth, at first she had the sensation nothing would come out of it. Like she was completely unable to sing. Maybe there were good songs, she started to think for just a second. What songs could she sing? There were so many songs? But she hardly knew any good kids songs. She didn't know any.

"There's a place for us.." Emma's voice was very still, and she felt like she couldn't sing any louder anymore. And she didn't find Will anywhere. "Somewhere a place for us, peace and quiet and open air. Wait for it.."

"There's a time for love.." Sara sat down selanjutnya to Emma. She was feeding the baby milk. "Somewhere a time for love, time together and time to spend. Time to love, time to care.."

"Someday.." Emma sang
"Somewhere.." Sara smiled when she noticed that Willow closed her eyes up once lebih again and headed for a place named Dream land.

"You are a natural.." Sara smiled "Good choice with Somewhere, mostly I sing Broadway stuff to.."
"Oh, it's just I'm helping with West Side story."

"I directed it in some High school production.." Sara replied "It's tuff.."

"It's just that it's Artie has.." Emma smiled as Will entered the room.
"Wow.." Will stared at Willow and Emma. He was almost enchanted oleh the picture, Emma was holding Willow close to her. And the little girl had fallen asleep in her arms.

"So Emma told me about West side story?" Sara leaned on her arm. "Who's directing?"

"Artie is.." Will stared at her face. He knew what she was thinking. "Artie is one of my students, he helped up decide who was going to be Maria. We ended up with Rachel, she's going to be Maria."

"And anda think that a kid can handle directing West side story on his own.." Sara stared at him. "I mean anda how much is your funding?"

"2000, which Sue almost took away.." Finn replied "And it's not like we can pay for a real director.."

"Well, Will.." Emma smiled "If Sara already directed a High school production of west Side story, then why don't anda let her direct it? I mean anda work on Broadway, I think you've seen enough actors to handle with our own Rachel Berry."
"Oh, I bet I can.." Sara replied "But I'm supposed to be menulis to script to another musical, and I have a kid. So it's not easy.."
"You can handle it, Sara.." Will smiled "Specially.."
"Will, I haven't moved in all my stuff.." Sara replied "I mean the apartment isn't full, Willow and Aarons room only contains a bed, and Jullie's room only has a matrass on the floor. It will take my all week to get that.."

"Well, I know some people on McKenley High that could help.." Will replied "I bet Rachel would do anything to get a Broadway writer to direct the play."

"What about Artie?"

"I think Artie could help me out if I'm doing this.." Sara replied "I mean if I'm doing this, I'll have to work after school, which means that Julie Anne will have to come to the rehearsals, and.."

"Does that mean you're doing it?" Will jumped up. "Thanks Sara."
"Well, anda owe me big time.." Sara replied, she sat down. "So.. what are anda doing for the rest?"

"Coaching the new Directions."

"Oh, anda mean it's okay to ciuman on stage directions.." Sara smiled, she gave Will a playful push.

"And that's why I didn't tell anda that I had a sister.." Will replied

"Hey, I remember this halloween night.." Sara replied "Will had dress up.."

"Don't tell that story.." Will stopped her. "I swear to you, if anda tell that story, I will!"

"Tell me the story.." Emma smiled

"I'll kill anda if anda tell her.."

"Will, don't anda remember that murder is illegal in all 50 states" Sara replied

"Uncle Will dressed as a girl when he was 15. Everyone made fun of him.." Julie Anne smiled "End of the story, hahah.."

"Oh, now I have to kill you.." Will jumped up, Julie Anne started to run through the building.

"How old are you?" Emma sat down selanjutnya to her. She was still holding Willow in her arms. "You must be older then Will since anda have a child in prime school. Yet anda don't look a hari over 25."

"I'm 27." Sara replied "I got pregnant when I was 16, anda had to hear my parents. I was ruining their reputation thing. So is he really leading that glee club?"

"He is, but things are screwed. anda see Shelby Coracan was hired to direct another glee club. With this really bad singer, and now Mercedes, Brittany and Santana joined them. I have no idea why.." Emma stared at Sara "But without them, glee club just isn't the same."

"How did that happen?" Sara stared at her.

"West side story happened." Emma replied "But how could we know that Mercedes would get pissed if she didn't get the full Maria part. I mean both girls were good.."

"Sharing a part, no Broadway name likes to do that.." Sara replied "I mean two divas sharing a part, bones get broken. I have seen it in lebih than one example. But Maria is bit type casting right.."

"We decided to ignore that.." Emma replied

"figures." Sara replied "That's a good idea when anda are in High school, I mean giving everyone a fair chance. Right.

"Right.." Emma smiled "So, Will is.."

"Probably Julie challenged him to a game of risk." Sara replied "For some reason she packed it when she heard we were visiting her uncle Will.."

"She's crazy about uncle Will.." Emma replied "I am surprised she hasn't cried yet. I am I'm not really good with babies. I mean bayi hate me, I'm unable to be fun.."

"That's what Julie says about me.." Sara smiled "And you're good with her, she doesn't let anyone pick her up. And you, she doesn't care. I mean she doesn't like strangers, and she loves you."


"Hey, new Directions.." Will stepped in the room.

"I'm very happy that the musical is an official go.." Rachel smiled "That way I can really change my name to Maria. I mean I'm perfect for the roll.."

"Well, that's what this is about.." Will replied "I could get a professional directors."

"That's amazing.." Artie replied "I mean I was looking meneruskan, ke depan to directing, but.."

"Artie, if this person will direct, she'll need your help.." Will smiled

"She?" Finn stood up. "Aren't all best directors man?"

"Oh, Finn.." Tina rolled her eyes. "That's incredible sexist. I mean there are good female directors."

"There are.." Puck smiled "Catherine Hardwick isn't one of them."

"Shut up, Puck!" Rachel replied "What's the but mister Schue?"

"Rachel, what makes anda say there's a but.." Kurt smiled

"Oh there's a but.." Blaine replied

"If we want to get her to direct we'll have to.." Will sat down. "Help her pindah in her stuff in her house. And then.."

"So what you're saying is.." Rachel stood up "If we help pindah stuff in, we get a professional producer for free? Is that what you're saying?"

"Yes." Will sat down "So who's.."

"I'm not helping pindah in her shit.." Quinn replied "I'm not even in the damn musical."

"Well, I'm there.." Blaine replied

"Me to.." Finn berkata in a movement to get everyone to look at him. "More so, I'll find some buddies in the football team who will want to help."

"Great Finn.." Will replied "Any other people?"

"It depends on who this director is.." Rachel replied "What's her name?"

"Sara Danniels."

"Sara Danniels, do anda mean the legend Sara Danniels?" Rachel got very excited. "She writes musicals, directs things and she has played Maria herself. She's a legend!"

"Yet I don't know her.." Quinn rolled her eyes. "And I'm babysitting Beth this weekend, so count me off. And Puck to.."

"Hey.." Puck reacted "Oh, I'm so sorry Mr. Shuester."

"You can bring Beth.." Will replied "Sara has a daughter and a son herself, around Beth's age. Quinn, anda could babysit the kids and Puck anda could make yourself useful."

"That would be a solution.." Quinn replied "But I don't know this other kid."

"They are very calm, and nice.." Will replied

"Okay, I guess.." Quinn replied "But you'll have to tell Shelby.."

"I'll do that.." Will smiled

Will smiled to himself, Rachel was lebih than willing to help. She started to make a planning on how they were going to do it. Rachel had diberikan moving heaving stuff to Puck and Finn. The decorating, she'd diberikan to Kurt. And everyone else did something else. Rachel had also came to Will to ask her how he knew Sara. And when he told her she was his sister, she was impressed.

"Mr. Shue, why did anda never tell us anda were related to Sara Danniels?" Rachel had berkata in total disapproving of keeping his secret. Maybe she was mad then Emma.

"You can't keep a superstar secret.." Rachel had said. And Will hadn't even bothered reacting to it. Reacting to it would have been weird, especially because Will didn't see Sara as a famous person. He saw her as a usual sister. A sister that had been there since he was a young boy, a sister that wasn't all that popular. That was until she ended up at Julliard as a musik major. Later she had taken a special course for menulis and now she was a musical writer. Over time she had thought at Julliard and taken a course in directing. And that had been the last ten years of her life. His father and mother saw Sara as the shame of the family. Especially when she started with the arts, his parents referred to her as his sibling that hadn't accomplished in his life. Even if her monthly salary was twice as high. His parents hated Julie Anne, and in a conversation they mentioned that they didn't have grandchildren.


"Good morning uncle Will.." it was Julie Anne walking towards him.

"Where's your mother?" Will stepped towards her. "She knows you're here right?"

"Mom and the twin went to the hospital, they need another shot for something.." Julie Anne replied "Mom berkata I should come and spent time with my favorit uncle."

"I have glee club practice.." Will replied "Come on, I guess your mom decided that anda should meet my glee club. atau anda should go to Emma.."

"I'd rather gabung anda to the glee club.." Julie Anne replied "I've always wanted to meet 10 menit Finn kiss.."

Finn smiled for a couple of seconds. He slowly put his hand on her back, and pushed her towards the room where they kept their meetings. There was no assignment this week. And there hadn't been one the week before that, not after the purple piano incident. Finn walked past the room where the other glee club was working. Mercedes and Santana were dancing to one of Beyoncé's bigger hits. Julie Anne slowly walked closer.

"You missed that note.." Julie Anne berkata as Santana stared at her. "You couldn't hit a high F over a high B. That's your problem.."

"Little girl, anda should just shut up and not say anything. My voice is perfection.." Santana replied "An what age are anda anyway?"

"I'm 12." She stared at Santana.

"Then anda should keep.."

"Come on Julie.." Will stepped towards her. "Shelby.."

"offspring of yours?" Shelby crossed her arms. "Almost seems too smart to be your kid?"
"She's not.." Will put her hand on her back. "She's my sister's oldest daughter. Julie, this is Shelby, Santana, Mercedes and Brittany."
"So, Julie.." Shelby smiled "Would anda like to take a look at my glee club."

"Yeah, since we're the best.." Mercedes replied

"Well, anda have a wide range.." Julie smiled "But anda don't have the control anda need. Which makes anda weak as a singer.."

"Hell to the no.." Mercedes walked towards her. "I'm a strong singer, anda know nothing about this."

"She is right.." Santana smiled

"Come on, Julie." Will grabbed her hand. "We should go."

"I like your hair.." Julie whispered to Brittany.

Julie turned away and followed Will Shuester to the choir room. She stared at the piano. Slowly she sat down, no one had arrived yet. She were there, just for the first time. She stared around. The door opened up, and revealed a woman with black hair and heavy bangs.

"You're that girl from the anda tube kiss.." Julie laughed "That cost anda nationals."

"Well my voice was superb." Rachel sat down. "You can't say anything about that.."

"That it was." Julie replied

"Rachel Berry.." she smiled

"Julie Anne Schuester." She shook her hand.

"Hey, mister Schuester is she your daughter?" Rachel turned to him.

"No, my mom's name is Sara Danniels." She smiled "You know who that is right."

"My mother is Shelby Coracan.." Rachel replied in a way to enthusiastic.

"Oh, it's Rachel.." Kurt replied "And Rachel Junior.."

"Don't be mean.." Julie stood up. "Don't compare me with her!"

"Who are you?" Blaine stared at the little kid. "I don't believe you're a student at McKenley High."

"McKenley middle school is lebih like it.." Kurt said

"Julie anda can sit down right selanjutnya to Blaine.." the little girl walked right selanjutnya Blaine stared at her.

"Julie.." she stared at him. "My step dad has the same tie.."

"Oh.." Blaine smiled "That's good.."

"I hate that guy.." Julie turned away.

"I'm sorry.." Blaine replied

"You're one of those guys.." Julie replied "Nice in your face, and a total jerk when you're not looking. I mean I bet.."

"Julie.." Will stared at her. "Blaine is she bothering you? It's that my sister has no authority."

"She's not bothering me.." Blaine replied "I mean she has all right to.."

"Okay, let's start.." Will stared at her. "Previous weeks we did booty camp. Where we tried to make all of our dancing better, but now we'll be working on bernyanyi together as a group.."

"Why?" Julie replied "Why would anda bother? As far as I know, if things stay this way anda won't be able to compete on sectionals, neither will the group of Miss Coracan, there are only 11 members in your group. And about 7 in her group, I subject anda talk about working together."

"Mr. Schue, I think we should find another member to gabung our glee club.." Rachel replied "Perhaps we could ask Lauren atau even this little kid.."

"I'm not attending this school.." Julie replied

"Thank anda for pointing that out.." Will replied "But I think that we will be fine.."

"The' anda will be fine' attitude cost anda Nationals sebelumnya year." Julie replied "Mom always says that anda never get something right on the first try, anda only learn something oleh practicing. It's the thing that anda got on the place without a sectional list, then anda pretty much abandoned your whole group so anda could make your own Broadway dream come true. With April, who's pretty much a running joke on Broadway. And then they blame that Rachel and Finn, for just ciuman on stage. It's not professional, but that cost anda the completion, that and anda obviously really don't know group power. anda try, but anda fail. I mean Vocal Adrenaline…"

"We get it,.." Quinn reacted rolling her eyes. "But I still say it's the wonder couples fault and anda Frankenstein baby, shut up!"

"I think Julie there is right." Rachel replied "It's time that I get every solo.."

"I wouldn't say so.." Julie replied "Maybe we don't need a Broadway voice, but some other type. There are lebih than one person in this glee club, I bet that's how anda lost your members.."

"You're supposed to be a kid!" Kurt replied "Can anyone say exorcist. Who's your mother? Sara Danniels?"

"Yes, she is, thank anda very much." Julie smiled

The rest of the practice was still. Julie hadn't dared to say a word, she had her back bag selanjutnya to her. She stared at how Rachel sang a song, and how the rest swayed in the background. Julie hang on her hand, staring at everyone. Will Schuester would give her mad looks, like she didn't know anything. Julie was practically raised in Broadway, the understuddy's would babysit her. Her mother told her about the music, and she had the same talent. The truth was Julie Anne had a wonderful voice. As the bel, bell ring, Sara stepped in the room.

"Have anda been good?" Sara stared at her.

"She's been very nosy, and.." Will stared at her. "Just like you.."

"I'm sure that whatever she berkata was right.." Sara took a hold of the handles of the baby carriage. "Julie will anda wait outside?"

"Sara, she's rude, she is a know it all.." Will replied "she talks back, and I've seen she does that with you. Do anda think anda are parenting her?"

"Please, Will.." Sara replied "Are anda giving me parenting advice, while anda can't even keep your little glee group in order. I mean where does your authority go.. And to be honest, Julie's 12. She's dealing with anything going on. She's looking out for me, and about the brutal thing. It's a faze, it will pass.."

"What are they talking about in there?" Blaine stepped selanjutnya to Julie. "So are anda okay?"

"Uncle Will thinks I'm know it all.." Julie smiled "I kind of am. Mom says it's a good thing, she says I should always speak my mind, weather it hurts atau not. So I told my stepfather he was a bad man.."

"your stepfather?" Blaine stared at her. "So where's your real father?"

"I don't know.." Julie replied "Here's the thing, we are moving here. I bet anda knew that already, my stepfather cheated on mom. And now they are in a divorce. And mom is.."

"Well, so anda must hate leaving New York?" Blaine stared at her.

"For one anda don't have Broadway.." Julie smiled "I say Broadway is.."

"Julie.." Sara stared at Blaine. "You are?"

"Blaine Anderson.." Blaine smiled "I was talking to your daughter."

"Yeah, our Julie is a social butterfly." Sara put her hands on Sara's shoulders. The baby carriage was right selanjutnya to her. She gave her a soft ciuman on the cheek. "Come on, darling.. let's go home.."

"But my room is empty.." Julie replied

"If anda ever need a babysit.." Blaine replied

"Thank anda Blaine.." Sara took the handles of the baby carriage. "Come on lemon drop, let's go home. See anda later Blaine."

"Bye bye.." Julie smiled

"Bye, Julie.." he turned around, Kurt was standing behind him. "She's adorable."

"And she's a know it all.." Kurt replied "She's Rachel."

"Well, I mind just take that as a compliment.. " Rachel laughed


"Come on darling.." Sara pulled Julie in her arms. "You should go to bed, since anda start your new school in the morning. Okay?"

"I want to sleep with you.." Julie got selanjutnya to her mother in the bed. "Mommy?"

"Okay.." Sara smiled "Let's go to sleep."
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