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This girls generation/snsd foto contains potret, headshot, and closeup. There might also be tarik, daya tarik, panas, gaun koktail, selubung, cocktail gaun, pakaian tidur, and nightclothes.

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5) Hoot
The dance is not so bad but the song is boring
4) bunga power
This song sounds like a 5-years-old kiddy song. It seems like the producer of this song did not put in enough effort and Yuri need lebih lines in this song.Everyone looked weird in that humiliating nurse costume
3) Dancing Queen
This song is produced in 2008 but SM released it after 5 years. This song is originated from Duffy and SM bought it from her. *Sigh* The dance is like an 6-years-old Jazz dance and Tiffany and Taeyeon seems to be screaming their high notes during live. I pitied Hyo and Soo.They did not get enough lines...
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fan who’ve been wondering what the Girls’ Generation members drive are in luck.

According to a business insider, the choice of vehicle for at least a third of Girls’ Generation is the bmw Mini. Three to four members, including Hyoyeon, have been revealed to drive the model.

As for the other members, Jessica has been spotted in a bmw 320i, YoonA owns a Volkswagen Scirocco, Taeyeon drives a Mercedes-Benz SLK, while Yuri has a bmw Z4.

In related news, Jessica and Hyoyeon are currently promoting Hyundai.
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