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Diamond Darksun Loves Everything Thats Blue, Because It's Her Favorit Colour
She Likes Red too because its the Colour of Love. And We All Know The 2. Reason it's blood
She Likes To Kill Her Brother (Because He's An Idiot), Likes To Drink Nitros Blood (Because It's Soo ''Taisty'')
Well, She Likes To Burn Terense and Terry (They're Twins)
Her Favorit Dinner/Meal/Breakfast Is Don Julios Cocking XD
She Is A Vampire who Dinks The Blood Of Other vampire :P

OKay. She has a kid called Klaris and Her B-day is the 8th May 2011
Diamonds B-day is the 20th April 1994
Diamonds Best friend is Perl. he is a Wolffox...
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