My thoughts on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

Authored by Neko_Princess

What can be said about this wonderful anime? Quite a few things if you ask me.


This anime was the most adorable romcom I had watched in a while. In this series we get a lovable, red-ribbon wearing heroine who confesses her love to Nozaki, "I've always been your fan!" - Chiyo. Of course she was so nervous she couldn't ask him out. Coming to his own conclusion Nozaki gave Chiyo Sakura his autograph, the poor girl. After her blunder she went home only to realize that Nozaki was actually a Mangaka Artist under the pseudonym Yumeno Sakiko. What a shock this was, let me tell yah.


Nozaki decided he needed some help with his work, and so, Chiyo became his beta. Which is to fill in the black. Yup, he had his eye on her, but ultimately just on her talent. And this is were our story starts off. 

It is an amazing ride as Chiyo learns that for a guy who writes shoujo manga, Nozaki has never been in love. They also experiment quite a bit to see what would work as a romantic setting for his manga. Patiently Chiyo stays by Nozaki's side. 

The comedy his so funny that you might find yourself laughing for a mere off-handed comment made by any character in the series. All the characters are unique in their own way and I have to say none of the characters felt cliche to me. It was so refreshing to find a guy like Mikoshiba, who would suddenly flirt shamelessly, only to be embarrassed by his own words moments later. Mikorin is also the inspiration for the heroine of Nozaki's manga, Mamiko.


We also meet Seiyo, Chiyo's friend, this girl is amazing! She's straightforward, confident and has many talents. Nozaki initially thought Seiyo was merely popular with the boys, however, he soon got the shock of his life when Seiyo is anything but a sweet and innocent girl. She also holds the title of Lorelei of the Glee Club for her beautiful singing voice. "How can that ogre have that voice?" -Nozaki.


We also get to meet The Prince of the high school, Kashima! And yes the prince is a girl. She can say totally cheesy lines with confidence. A stunning blue-haired beauty with a passion for drama! And Hori, president of the Drama Club. He's an amazing actor, but he's too short to play leading roles, the tragedy! Hori and Kashima have a budding relationship that teeters on the insane, but we love them anyways! In fact the comedy is so amazing, you'll be laughing so hard you'll probably need a minute to contain your giggles.

And last, but certainly not least we meet Wakamatsu, or Waka as Seiyo kindly dubbed him. He's a sweet and gentle character that'll melt your heart. He's a first year and is part of the Basketball Team. Seiyo is definitely his tormentor, but Lorelei's voice helps his insomnia. If only he knew that they were one and the same.

This series is one crazy and exciting ride that you definitely want to take! I can not stress how utterly FANTASTIC the comedy is and how lovable all of the characters are. Nothing can compare to this wonderful anime. I am sure most of you would agree. A thrilling adventure of a girl in love. And for us fangirls ;p there are plenty of pairings to go around. So pick your ship and start sailing with the tide! Things can only get better from here! XD