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Source: Me, oc belongs to Emma. :3
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"What the hell is all of this?!" Hannah shielded her entrance with her body. 

"The Emperor has issued an Executive Order, the state will be taking this investigation off your flippers from now on," the guard stated through an almost robotic sounding audio device. 

"But I've gathered all this evidence with my friends, this case is personal to me!" Hannah shouted. 

"That makes your judgment biased based on your involvement in the case, the Senate will compensate anda for all inconveniences and guarantee your protection," the guard grabbed a walkie. "Civil Protection Unit SD-551 requesting backup...
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"You need to talk to him, it's all anda can do Skippah, how would anda feel if someone were to be that rude to your ethnic background?" asked Private.

"I won't talk to him. Period. He's done lebih harm than good these past 2 days and I felt that he needed to be put in his place," Skipper crossed his flippers disapprovingly.

"Talk to him!!" Private frowned.

"NO!!! I REFUSE!!!"

"Skipper, I advise that anda should talk to him, immediately, otherwise he'll be trapped in his thoughts, and hate you, then consequently hate the zoo, can anda imagine him joining the other villains on our list?" asked Kowalski....
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(you could call this a tribute to all kowalski fangirls i guess. :3 )

Chapter One

The start of summer camp. The cool, summer breeze sent chills down the spines of children. This is no ordinary camp. This is the bravery camp. Where its haunted. anda hear sounds at night, in the forest and silence. I work here. Into retirement to continue school selanjutnya year. Trust me. Its not preety here. Pack of fresh meat ariving today. Better get ready for blood. 5 mins later, school bus arrives. I walked towards them. Twas silent as....well it was just silent. Then, the door opened. When it did, a particular penguin...
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There’s a ghost down in the hall
There’s a ghoul beneath the bed
Now it’s coming through the walls
Now it’s coming up the stairs
Then there’s screaming in the dark
Hear the beating of his heart
Can anda feel it in the air
Ghosts be hiding everywhere
I’m gonna be
Exactly what anda wanna see
It’s anda who’s scorning me
She wanting me
To be the stranger
In your life
Am I amusing you
But just confusing me
Am I the beast
You visualised
And if anda wanna see
Eccentric oddities
I’ll be grotesque before your eye
Let them all materialise
Is that scary for anda baby
Am I scary for you
Is it scary for anda baby
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Chapter 3: Adventure and a pair of sun glasses

Araisel finaly made it to HQ. She did a flip and landed feet first in HQ. Skipper and Kowalski looked over at her. " Soildger, " Skipper said. " What are anda doing here at this hour....And what happend to your hair? " Araisel walked over to Kowalski. " Not now Skipper. This is a dier situation. Kowalski we need your options. Skipper your leader ship. Rico your sicopath, and Private....Well we could your cuteness. " Skipper looked confused. " What is it compondra? " He asked. " Someone in trouble? " Private and Rico walked into HQ talking. Rico...
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(look, i know its all of a sudden. but i have to write "The Death Of Doris The Dolphin" and find time to do school. sorry.)

Chapter 4

Me: are anda sure we wont get injured atau any side effects?

Kowalski: 100% sure anda wont get hurt. just a side effect of burping for a week.

Me: O_O

Joanna: i can live with that. not sure if anda will. our burps an explosion...more than that acually. but we are used to it.

Me: who cares? the're the ones who created this thing.

Skipper,Rico and private: *stares at kowlaksi*

Me: well, whatever. *jumps in*

Joanna: *jumps in too*

The team: *jumps in*

Me: um...a little...
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Just tried to do some speed paint :3 Well, it came out ugly, but I was lazy... XP Aaand sorry for long doing requests again :C
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Sorry for bad quality. My birthday present for Jessy! Happy birthday! My movie maker program didn't work so I tried a new program :) Song from:Swedish House Mafia
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This Is What The HydroBOB Looks And How It Runs.