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What the judul says :D looks all James Bond-ish. XD
james bond b)
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The stinging wind of that evening and snow flying about contrasted greatly to the horrific scene on the ground, a crumbled up body that not too long yang lalu breathed its last, and succumbed to the unforgiving grasp of death. A stench of rusting iron filled the air. Blood cascaded into a warm puddle around the body, and in the midst of this, the frolicking of what one might have thought was a hatchling making snow angels. 

"Such warmth..." The Kid softly cooed, getting a slight chill from the wind whipping his body. 

It took not even five menit for him to finish up again, making one careful U-shaped...
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posted by 67Dodge
Hannah swiftly followed the path Kowalski took, recognizing every building, scanning over each jalan, street sign and number, still in the correct direction. She stopped short of a crosswalk, catching her breath and wiping her forehead. 

"Good god, if I can't get to Private, oh my god... I can't beruang seeing him in.. So much pain.." Hannah's maternal instinct spiked within her heart, as it blasted to the speed of sound, giving her a renewed strength. 

Hannah raced past bystanders, not giving a care in the world about how rude it was, since her puncak, atas priority at the moment is finding her de-facto son...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve wins the pinball tournament
Steve: Well folks, this really has been an amazing adventure! I got to defeat Voltaire in person, saved my neighbors' baby, and got me a girlfriend. Well, now that it's all over, let's go play some pinball!
Curtain opens revealing arcade and cast. Steve approaches Cirqus Voltaire pinball machine.
Josh: She's all yours Steve. Good luck!
Steve: Thanks Josh! (plays pinball)
Cast: C'mon Steve! anda can do it! Alright! Win this game!
Steve: Alright! I got all nine marvels! Now to gabung the circus! Almost there! (Shoots) Yes!
Cast cheers
Machine: Welcome to the circus! We need your skills. Spell CIRQUS!
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 Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Voltaire draws chainsaw even closer to Steve
Voltaire: This is too easy! No one can stop me now!
Cat's voice: Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr....!!!!
Sherlock: What the heck was that?
Cat continues while running on stage furiously
Steve: Cat?
Cat continues and breaks through cage
Voltaire: What the?
Cat: ...aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! (Tackles and hits Voltaire while riding on him)
Voltaire: Ow! (Drops chainsaw. Chainsaw turns off) Ouch! Ouch! hey get off me!
Cat: Don't touch my boyfriend! (Punches him and gets off)
Voltaire falls and his arms get pulled back oleh Cat
Voltaire: Yeow! Let go of me!
Cat: First give me the key...
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 Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Voltaire takes a bow as audience applauds
Voltaire: Why thank you! Thank anda all! Y'all are too kind! (To cast) So, wasn't that an amazing song atau what?
Steve: Bravo! I'd applaud you, but my hands are tied to the back of my chair!
Voltaire: Ah yes. I tied anda all in the dark so anda don't miss a menit of my show!
Josh: We don't want to see your tampil anymore! We want our friends back now!
Voltaire: Quiet you! Now watch to see if they can escape their acts before I lead them to their doom! (Chuckles)
Mr. Travis: What are anda gonna do to them?!
Voltaire: I'm glad you've asked! I will shoot boom balloons...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Kendall rushes to save Cat from the train.
Kendall rushes to save Cat from the train.
Steve and the gang come on stage
Cat Valentine is tied to train tracks in front of tunnel
Cat: Help! Help me, please!
Steve: Oh no! Cat, what are anda doing tied to the tracks?
Cat: I don't know! All I remember was that I was minding my own biz and then this scary green man comes out of nowhere and kidnaps me. And selanjutnya thing I know, I'm stuck here!
Sherlock: Hmm. A scary green man anda say? How peculiar.
Mrs. Travis: I'll say, whoever this troublemaker is, he's sounds and probably looks creepy.
Cat: He sure was! Creepier than that evil clown I saw in a movie last night! I need to lay off on thrillers....
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Sherlock examines blue hair left oleh the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Sherlock examines blue hair left by the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Steve (Enters): Ah, what a beautiful hari in the neighborhood! The pinball tournament is tonight and all my friends are gonna watch me play!
Mr and Mrs. Travis (enter): Junior! Junior! Where are you! Please come back!!! (Mrs Travis cries)
Steve: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Travis! (Gasp) Why Mrs Travis, what's the matter?
Mrs Travis (crying): Our baby Junior is GONE!!!
Steve: What?! What happened to him?
Mr. Travis: He's been kidnapped! We went to wake him up this morning and he wasn't in his crib.
Mrs Travis (crying): Instead we found this! (Shows baby dummy)
Steve: Oh my gosh! That is strange.
Mrs Travis (crying):...
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“RUN!” Shouted Kowalski. But it was to late to run, oleh the time he started to run the dog had grabbed him and started to tear into Kowalski’s wings. “Kowalski!” screamed Private. But as soon as Private turned around he saw the other dog charging towards him. The dog tackled Private and began to scratch, tear, rip, and bite Private, throwing him around like a ragdoll. The anjing weren’t hungry, so they left their torn bodies in a corner for later. The anjing left the lair.
Hours later at HQ….
“they haven’t come back yet Rico….could they have……you know…..”said Loren slowly....
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Lexii stepped out of her room. She had gotten a new look just like Dr Blowhole had wanted. She thought she looked OK; she even thought she was pretty. She reached up and ran her paw across her bangs, which covered half her left eye and had a baby blue highlight in the middle. She thought it looked to flashy. She even kind of wanted to go dye it back to just plain white like before. She shook her head. This was part of her mission which she had chosen to except. She walked out of the hall and into the main room.

Dr Blowhole spotted Lexii in the vast room. She hadn't seen him yet. She was beautiful....
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Okay, so this is a video involving the Fine Bros and at one point, they give a shout out to the fanguins (whom they've just found out about). Enjoy
shout out
fine time
pom and autism