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posted by Genevievebarbie
Hi again everyone! Welcome to another fanpop User Guide article! This artikel will help anda understand the steps to do things on fanpop. link gave a brief keterangan of everything on fanpop. I have diberikan link to other people's artikel as well, for a lebih detailed explanation.


• gambar :
Step 1 : Download image(s).
Step 2 : Click 'Add image'.
Step 3 : Name the image and select...
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99% of anda are amazing fans! This is a guide on dealing with the 1%.

To summarize:

1. laporan ATTACKERS IMMEDIATELY. anda are doing the entire community a favor as they are probably attacking other members.

YOU MUST PROVIDE AS MUCH EVIDENCE AS POSSIBLE IN THE laporan FIELD, including link to the attacks.

Attacks are personal insults, threats, bigotry, etc. A person saying they don't like a contribution is NOT an attack. Having a debat is also not an attack until insults/threats etc. are mixed in.

2. IGNORE THEM. DO NOT RESPOND BACK. If anda attack back, anda are probably giving the attacker/troll...
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posted by PkmnTrainerJ
 My first image on my profile, back in 2007
My first image on my profile, back in 2007
Hello, it's likely that unless you're a long time user of Fanpop, atau one of it's founding four, anda won't recognise my username.

I was a very prominent user, 2007 - 2009 probably, but as I was 19 when I joined back then, I was without many responsibilities, and had plenty of time to dedicate to Fanpop, and was proud to watch it grow, and change and develop.

I wasn't happy with all the changes, but I stood oleh those I was. I had a few arguments in my time, and saw users I'd known for a long time, such as kathiria82 leave, and eventually my quote from link would be used oleh fanpop to sell link to...
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posted by Olivine
Dear fellow fanpoppers,

fanpop is not pro-choice concerning medals.

Many of anda will agree with me when I say that there are users among us who are a bit too motivated when it comes to collecting medals.
But few of us know that medals also follow us.

Fact is that these medali need us, they are longing for us as much as many of us are longing for them. The medal whore can not live without the medali and medali can not live without us. Probably they do even need us lebih then we need them and the common medal whore thinks she did a great job catching a medal when in reality the medal whore is the...
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posted by xxxlolalolitaa
Well im here to speak bout some guys who use this page to catch girls. This is a site where there are too many youngs peeps, so there are bad people trying to get naked pics from girls.
I have some users names that do that: devin437 atau 458, panthers17, christian11 atau james1337/shayan_alii/raging_bull999/
Dont belive these guys.

Girls be careful this kind of men, stay apart.
If anyone got lebih names just put in komentar so we can warn other girls. This is supposed to be a website for fans, not dangerous, so if thses guys bother u just laporan them and fanpop will remove them.
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