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I am here to talk about the "report" button. It seems not many of us know of this button when it comes to videos, link etc and would rather just say "it doesn't work *cry*", so here is a step oleh step of what to do.

1. If the video anda are trying to watch is not working and does not say "video broken atau no longer here" click on the title. This will bring anda to the page where the video first came from.

2. If the video definately does not work click the little flag.

3. Once you've clicked it there will be an assortment of options to choose from. Choose wisely though and appropriately....
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Okay everybody on fanpop is a fan of something, anda have to be, But what is a true fan? Well, I'll tell you.
According to Webster's Dictionary, a fan is
Function:    noun
Etymology:    probably short for fanatic
1 : an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport atau a performing art) usually as a spectator
2 : an ardent admirer atau enthusiast (as of a celebrity atau a pursuit) <science-fiction fans>

This is a great definition of a fan of a baseball team atau a specific person, such as the Yankees atau Brad Pitt. But is that really what the fan on fanpop are? No....
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3 Most Important Traits For Startup Entrepreneurs oleh Blurr CoFounder Daniel Korman
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Now this is a little summary of all the pertanyaan asked aboot medals. YES i realise there is plenty of information on this site but it's scattered all over the pop so this is my attempt again to make a short summary of FAQs so I can reference this when the selanjutnya "answer" is diposting and then hit the laporan button!
If anda don't know what a medal is golink.
The medal awarded will tampil on your profil in two ways: Underneath your spot mosaic complete with it's name and as a little coloured dot on the spot icon (or selanjutnya to the spot name when anda change to "list" viewing).
When contributing to a spot...
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for new useres who dont no how.
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