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posted by ichigocat
"Bet I can catch lebih mice than anda Hawktail!"
"Oh no anda can't!"
Hawktail and Rainwhisker were on the evening hunting patrol. It was warm and sunny, the undergrowth tickling their paws nicely. Rainwhisker bet Hawktail she could catch lebih mice.
"One, two, three, go!" she yowled.
Rainwhisker sniffed the air. She flinched.
Rainwhisker yowled in the forest. Hawktail came to her side. The rubah, fox suddenly burst through the bushes.
Rainwhisker scratched it's muzzle, and the rubah, fox atepped back, growling. while it was distracted, Hawktail jumped on it and bit it's neck, hard. The rubah, fox fell and died. Hawktail...
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Ok. So anda probably saw my "question" on the front, read it, and came to this article. Let me tell anda how this works. Yes, anda can still post picks and all that, but the game takes place in the forums. forum play is usually around 5:00-6:00, atau at least that is when I would like
you to meet. Keyword, like. You, as a Warrior Cat, can choose to come whenever anda want. Anyway, to become a Warrior, go to the forum AFTER membaca THIS ARTICLE. There should be a forum mentioning become a warrior/kit/apprentice. Register there. If anda would like to be deputy atau medicine cat, go to apply and become...
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posted by ichigocat
Today, April 28th 2010 4:52pm, nine kuis pertanyaan have been made from Faithstar.(Faithstar is me, also, there is a picture of me in the corner.)

First, six pertanyaan are hunting questions. The pertanyaan tells anda what a specific Clan hunts, and anda have to name that Clan. Out of all the kuis Questions, chooseable choices are as follows:










Long list, ain't it? Two are about The New Prophecy Set, about what happened on their verge of leaving the forest. The last one asks, "How many buku are in a regular Chapter Book Warrior set?" I bet anda could answer that one!

Anyway, that's the overview of the new kuis Questions. Hope anda get 'em all right! <33
posted by ichigocat
Hi, guys. I've decided to be a bit like Mistystar from OceanClan. I am making a blog and I hope anda enjoy it.

About April 25th
~Started FaithClan.
~Bristlestar loses his last life and I become Leader.

April 28th
~Searched for herbs.

April 30th 2010
~DawnClan got hit oleh a storm. I hope they are OK.
~Got some lebih kucing to gabung our Clan
~Chat with friends. I gabung as Leafkit in OceanClan.

May 1st 2010
~(7:55am) I am about to go outside and make a real den
~(9:34am) Back from outdoors. Made real kits/apprentices/ leaders den, the High Tree, and I hunted, patrolled borders, and fought ShadowClan.
~Talked to Leader of DawnClan, Whitestar. She left at 1:05pm

May 2nd 2010
~Went outside and played warriors. (Me as Nightbreeze and my sidter as Rainpaw. Restocked herbs, went hunting, and came back inside)
~More members!

May 3rd 2010
~Rained pretty hard last night. Afraid some herbs are ruined.
~(8:12am) I'm about to go to school.
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posted by ichigocat
1. anda can not fight
2. anda can not hunt
3. anda can not mate
4. anda can only sleep in Elders sarang, den
5. anda must have been a member of this Clan for at least a week to bve an Elder

1. anda get to educate Apprentices of their ancestors
2. anda are laid back and giant commotion will not affect you
3. Apprentices and Warriors are always taking care of you, anda don't have to do it yourself

1. anda can not fight
2. anda can not hunt
3. anda can not mate
4. anda can only sleep in Elders Den

IMPORTANT: If anda want to switch back any time, tell me. I will change anda back to a Warrior.

posted by arcaninegal123
"You're going to be okay." the anxious voice of Flowerpath, the FaithClan medicine cat, said. Bristlestar, leader of the Clan at the time, watched as his mate lay in her moss-lined nest. Her kits were due and she was having trouble. "Moondove, I know our kits will be perfect." the strong brown tom meowed. Moondove, the pretty silver tabby, turned her purple gaze onto Bristlestar. "I- oh, Bristlestar!" she whispered. "Concentrate!" snapped Flowerpath. "Do anda want a disaster to happen?" The tortoiseshell she cat had a horned tongue, but a jantung of gold. She would do everything in her power to...
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The battlefield of the fight between FaithClan and RiverClan was bloodstained scarlet. Some kucing lay dead on the floor, some still fighting, some not being able to move, some running away, and some watching.

"Bristlestar, anda can't die!" cried a Warrior.

Faithheart, the deputy, heard this exclaim and ran around the fighting, to her leader's body, sprawled out on the ground. Blood swelled out of Bristlestar's neck and flank. His breathing was shallow, and he was opening his eyes with effort.

"Faithheart, is that you?"

"Yes, Bristlestar."

"I am on my last life, Faithheart," berkata Bristlestar weakly,...
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