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Hi I thought I'd create some nice, unusual user-names for people who want something different and unidentifiable. hope anda enjoy reading, and that anda use some of these username ideas:) Could anda please become a fan of me and komentar on this:D thankyou xxxx
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. atau anda can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *...
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posted by guiltygoth
10 different reasons many people feel that harming themselves is the only way to make them feel better.

Many different people across the world, no matter what age, sometimes need to cut themselves, atau inflict pain onto themselves in order for the to feel better. This happens for many different, explainable reasons.

1. Cutting is a Disorder

Many different people that suffer from different forms of depression, cut after reaching a peak in sorrow. Which is very reasonable. Seeing them bleed reminds them that they are still able to feel something,...
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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some lebih emo/vampiric usernames, yet again preferably for girls:

The ones with ♥ selanjutnya to them are my favs!

1. INeedAGod
2. GiveMeHope ♥
3. DeathAura
4. ReviveMyHeart
5. ReviveMySoul
6. BeatMyHeart
7. PatchedHeart
8. ItsAllLies
9. DevilWithin ♥
10. PureSkull
11. VoodooDoll ♥
12. Nightwish (and yes, this is a name of a band.)
13. CorpseWithin
14. WeakVeins
15. PainWithin
16. MonochromeTears
17. LiveLaughDie
18. StitchedTeddy
19. PinsAndNeedles ♥
20. BloodAndScimitars
21. KnivesAndPens (yes, this is the name of a Black Veil Brides song. I just cinta this band, so, yup.)
22. BloodLoveGore
23. NoInspiration
24. NoEscape
25. GodessOf[add word here]
25. SatansPuppet ♥
26. EveryonesPuppet ♥
27. IdioticSoul
28. CallOfTheNight
29. BringThePain
30. DesirableFreak
31. Imprisoned[add word here] ♥
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posted by PuNkRoCk123
The biggest issue that has come to mind is when one ends one’s life. Why they do this? anda would probably say,” Don’t they know they’ll probably go to hell?” I’ll tell you, that they don’t care. anda don't have to be crazy to think about it or, for that matter, even to try it. Suicide is a solution. No matter what anyone tells you, suicide does solve problems, at least your problems. If anda succeed, it solves them once and for all.
As anda have no doubt already figured out, once anda are dead nothing can hurt anda anymore. Once anda are dead anda are beyond feeling bad. Once...
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posted by brandonaz
"She sleepwalked from moment to moment and whole months slipped oleh without memory, without bearing the faintest imprint of her conscious will."

Time didn't heal my wounds..I just got better at hiding the pain.

Love yourself so no one has to. They’re better off without you.
-all time low

Sometimes happiness just isn't possible, sometimes cinta isn't enough, and sometimes there is just nothing for anda to do about it anymore..

“I think hell is something anda carry around with you. Not somewhere anda go.”
- Neil Gaiman

And even if it’s dark at least we’ll be together, slowly sinking in the earth...
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