elvis presley For Sale: Elvis Presley Unused konser Tickets – August 17th & August 18th, 1977

jl400bos posted on Aug 22, 2010 at 10:09PM

Concert Tickets for Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine. The 18th as most know is the day that Elvis was buried.

The 2 concerts that would have taken place immediately after August 16th, 1977 had Elvis not had passed away.

You are bidding on 2 unused Elvis Presley concert tickets – Wednesday, August 17th, 1977 and Thursday, August 18th, 1977. These concerts would have taken place at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine.

A little background on the tickets - both were given to me by a promoter of the show several years back when I worked for a nationally based ticketing company. They have slight wear and tear (but then again they are 33 years old). The ticket for the 18th concert does have the dates of Elvis’s birth and death, as well as his middle name, written on the back of it.

Tickets will be shipped via FedEx 3-day (signature required) within 3 days of payment.

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