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This ed westwick foto contains berpakaian orang, jas, celana jas, celana panjang, orang berpakaian, perapi celana, setelan jas untuk bekerja, and setelan bisnis. There might also be tanda, poster, teks, papan tulis, kotak kemasan, kemasan kasus, kemasan kotak, jalan, pemandangan kota, perkotaan, kota adegan, and perkotaan pengaturan.

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1. Because he is British.
2. Because he has two accents, which are both extremely sexy.
3. Because he can pull off berwarna merah muda, merah muda and purple.
4. Because he is Ed Westwick.
5. Because he has charisma.
6. Because he is packin;)
7. Because of the way he looks at Leighton.
8. Because he ships Chair.
9. Because he gets us so hot we need a cold shower.
10. Because the neck is his weakness.


11. Because C would leave her husband for him.
12. Because he can pull off the scruff on his face.
13. Because he can pull off a hairy chest.
14. Because he is nice to fans.
15. Because he is the hottest guy on Gossip...
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Well. As anda may figured, I have a celeb-crush. On who? That's a silly question. Ed is the type of guy that doesen't just, pass anda oleh like that. He's so much more. The rich badboy during the day, the filthy leadsinger of an underground band during the night. And why is it that we are attracted to him? He hasen't got the traditional good looks, like his bromance Chase Crawford, atau the dreambody, atau hundreds of billions of dollars, but what he has, is extra-ordinary. So, gratulations Ed, you've got tons of girls falling for you, and I'm one of them.
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