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 I know the truth....
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Ok dont get me wrong I lov DXC to death and i do NOT like DXG but when i found this on devine.art i about cried...this pic is sader than shit!! so dont get me wrong this is NOT a DXG pic..it's a courtney pic that shows the really sad feeling she has.
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This duncan dan courtney foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: Once again sooo sory.

Duncan POV*

Oh my god, it's Courtney, may god had she gotten lebih breath takingly beautiful, her hair was longer and lebih beautiful, bintang stuck smile and her eyes, despite her condition she will always will be uincredible unbelievely gorgeous.

"D-Duncan is-s that you" Yesus she even sounded like an angel.

"Y-yeah it's me" I managed to find my voice, then I heard someone clear their throat. I turned and saw Dani scowling at me, she never forgave me for hurting Courtney, no matter what Courtney said.

"Hey Dani" Duncan greeted and Dani's scowl softened.

"Hey Duncan"

"Dani, Courtney!" A voice spoke behind them and they turned to a very tall man with green eyes, black hair and tanned skin smiling at them.

TBC...what will happen to Courtney and Duncan?
Courtney's POV:"Hello Courtney."I heard. I spun around and was surprised at what I saw at first."Hey Gwen.How's it goin'?"I said."Can't complain.You?"Gwen asked.I was amazed that Gwen just didn't tear my head off.She was calm,relaxed,and almost happy to see me."May I please speak to anda privately for a sec?"she asked.I turned back around to see Duncan posing for the cameras and turned back to Gwen and said,"Sure."Gwen and I walked behind the corner and she took my shoulders and slammed me against the wall."Look,if anda think for one detik that you're gonna ruin me again,take a rain check."she...
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posted by dxcgothpincess
courtney pov
The selanjutnya hari walked out of the house and saw my friend Brigette in her jeruk, orange mobil van, van that reminded me of a large jeruk, orange pumkin.I hopped in the car."Hey Brige"I said."Hey"she anwserd.I looked into the mirror and touched it and it fell into my lap."Really,Brige anda need to fix this thing." "Thing!Don't hurt her feelings atau she will break down for good.You need to respect the great pumkin."Brige berkata sharply.I laughed and said"Your so weird."

We finally got to school,luckily we were on time.I jumped out of the car as another car stoped in front in me.In the car was Gwen,Heather,and Lindsay.Gwen...
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posted by 232dxc
IMPORTANT PLEASE PLEASE READ!!! : OMG its been so long since i have been on here, for many differnt reasons! one is that i have not had internet in a long time but just got it back! so i thought i should write some of my story. Sorry anyody who reads this story... if anyone does. Anyways, my friend steph which is a user on here, she has been bugging be to post so i geuss i will. Well... enjoy!

Courtneys Pov.

I never could understand why atau how, out of all the damn people in this god for saking world do I have to fall in with him. He's a punk, manwhore, annoying jackass, and of course a blood...
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posted by sugarsweet076
in the morning i didn't say one word.I sat down at the dapur meja looking down at my tea.Duncan finally woke up.He felt like sleeping on the coush.

"Morning princess" he kissed my head then got a box of oatmeal.I didn't say a word.He studied me."Whats wrong princess?"I shook my head telling him nothings wrong."Babe tell me" i shook my head again."Princess look at me" i didn't look at him.I didn't want to tell him i was thinking about this baby.After he got his oatmeal and sat it on the table.He picked me up and carried me to the dipan, sofa in a bridal hold.He got on puncak, atas of me so i couldn't move."princess...
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posted by sugarsweet076

Courtney's p.o.v

"Duncan?" She asked

I couldn't speak his name.Thoughts started racing through my head.

"Yea..duncan.. i met him on t-t d-d i-i"

"oh so tell us about him"

"Duncan..he was my bad boy...my parents wouldn't let me tanggal him so very school tahun we would seek out." I smiled as i started to remember the times."and every summer we would break up then get back together. chris the host of the tampil would tease us..." She cutt me off.

"Wait..we are having him on this tampil in two weeks..would anda what me to saw anything to him?"

"If anda see him tell him a wish him well how...
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posted by XxKurusakitoXx
This was a story that just could not get off my mind... Oh and it is rated T just to be sure.
Anyways enjoy and R&R

Courtney sat at her desk, slowly she tapped her pen several times as she tried to think.
Her dream had came true, she became a professional lawyer and right now she was working on a custody case.
Her attention went toward the door as she heard it slowly open, she saw it was her husband, the delinquent Duncan.

"Afternoon Princess" He walked over toward her and kissed her on the lips, she kissed him back.

"I know I am going to regret asking this but Duncan, if your wife left you...
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posted by DanixxDumb
 Easy A: Chapter 2 

    Courtney pulled on her black flat before quickly running downstairs just in time for breakfast. 
    "Hey, Courtney." Courtney's mother smiled and piled a few pieces of French roti panggang onto her plate. 
     "Hey, mom. Where's Joey?" Courtney took a small bite of her roti panggang and wiped her hands with a small napkin. 
      "He'll be down here in a second," She took a small glance at the stairs and then leaned in on Courtney. "So what's this I hear about anda losing your virginity?" 
      "Mom!" Courtney coughed and spilled her jus all over the counter....
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posted by DandC4evacute
Cali: and that's why courtney was really controling in TDA!
Courtney: I WAS NOT CONTROLLING!.........ok maybe i was. but that's not the point! what am I going to do!?
Adriana: OH! i know! anda could do nothing! that way he would get confused and.....i don't know where i'm going with this.
Courtney: *rolls eyes* that's not going to help.
Duncan: maybe we could....
Courtney: if it has anything to do with breaking the law, no.
Duncan: just get a little revenge.
Courtney: fine. but nothing too much.
~~~~~~~~~~the selanjutnya hari in hallway~~~~~~(CXD have different classes)
Calvin: Courtney! i've been looking everywhere...
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posted by CourtneyFan17
Did anda know that everytime someone post a artikel your fan club get's automatically put to the top? I just noticed. Total blonde head right here ^-^! Did anda know that? I certaintly didn't. I need some knew artikel to read because mine seem to suck becuz no ones saying anything. iklan yout stories here ;D! Since it won't let me post this since it's so short wanna hear something? anda guys rock :D! My name is Julie Adam and I'm currently single. I'm a sweet 16 sized girl ;)!

P.S. Happy 16th b-day to Julie aka me ;D!
posted by DandC4evacute
Nurse: well he dosn't look so good. one of is kidneys and his liver got damaged.
Courtney: how long will he be out?
Nurse: could be days...could be weeks.
Courtney: *gasps* can i see him?
Nurse: of course.
~~~~~~~~~~~in room~~~~~~~~~~~~
Courtney: i know anda can't hear me but i just want anda to know that i do cinta you...more than anything and i cinta everything that anda did.. well..except the cheating...even if they bugged me. i'm sorry fo breaking up with anda in tda and in tdwt, but we got back together. but no matter what everything we've gone threw i hope anda never thought i hated you! *falls to...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:I have always been a surfer for as long as I can remember.It all started when my cousin Bridgette taught me how to stand up on a boogie-board in a pool.I stood on the board for lebih than 10 menit with no lebih than a little hesitation.Bridgette berkata I was ready to try it out on the ocean,but I needed practice.She taught me how to paddle,(have long,and smooth strokes)to go under the first wave,and to have no fear.I was surprised that Bridgette knew all that and taught me all that when we were both only 6.But that was 11 years ago,now Bridgette and I have different lives.We haven't...
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posted by Rissa73
 not mine but fits my story kinda've
not mine but fits my story kinda've
Duncan's POV

I was sitting selanjutnya to my girlfriend,Gwen, although she paid no attention to me and was concentrated on talking to Trent. All of a sudden she said, "Hey, um... anda can go chat with some one if anda want... OK?" I said,"Fine why not?" I got up out of my bus seat, we had to ride to the reunion, and well ended up having to talk to Courtney.

Courtney's POV

Duncan sat selanjutnya to me, and I couldn't help but say,"What do anda want?" He replied, "Some one to chat with... Soooooooo well anything new...?" I replied, "Nothing, so how and anda and Gwen doing." I was trying to be his friend but all...
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I am finnaly in third grade....ALMOST to highschool. I walk into the class and one girl is staring at me like I am an idiot. And the other guy just tells me to chill when I start getting pissed off at her. The teacher walked in, the hot teacher from earlie in the year! "Jack pot" I mutter. "Hello class, this is Duncan, he is an annoying nusence. BUT he'll be gone in two weeks so lets just hurry up and get through this, sorry for the inconvinence." Wow...Harshness!

next day

Our teacher, sadly since shes so hot, is absent today, and she is replaced with the fat tub of lard of a Princible. Now,...
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posted by sugarsweet076
"Wait what?"

"Courtney it's a plus you're pregnant"

"I can't be..i didn't"

"Courtney...yea anda could and yea anda did"

Duncan walked in i hide the test under my pillow.

"Hey Princess"

"Hey baby"

He kissed me.I liped lets go to bridgette.

"Duncan i'm taking courtney shopping we need your dad's card"

He gave it to me and whispered

"Get something sexy for me princess"

He kissed my neck and we walked out.

"when are anda going to tell him?"

"I don't know"

3 hours later.

I walked in the room to see duncan membaca a baby book.

"Duncan are anda feeling ok?" He didn't respond."DUNCAN!!!"


"I just scream anda name and...
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posted by sugarsweet076
In the morning i woke up to the sun shining right in my eyes.I rubbed them then got up.I forgot i was naked so i took a blanket from duncan and wrapped it around me.

"Where anda going beatiful?"

"In the bathroom so i can get dressed"

"You're getting shy after last night?"

"Yea i am"

"Come on babe anda know anda liked it" He berkata as he got up and picked me up in a bridal style.He carried me to the bed.

"What are we doing?"


He kissed me. He started to take the blankets off of me.I pushed him away.

"Babe..come on"

"Duncan no..not now.....i want to go to the pool with bridgette then maybe tonight"...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I ran on stage selanjutnya to chris.

"Courtney....you sang beatiful i think anda won this oleh defualt"

He pulled out a crown and put it on my head.I started to cry.I ran off stage and grabbed Duncan's hadn and rook him on stage.

"Lets here it for Duncan...."

Everyone cheered.He grabbed my hand as we took a bow.

"Do another song!" They started to cheer.I looked at duncan.He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"Now it's my turn to pick a song" he smiled.

He picked i cinta the way anda lie.I have no idea why he did bt we sang and everyone cheered.after that chris told me that we had to eat.We didn't want...
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Thanks 4 the people who komentar my articles! It really means a lot for me!

"Courtney wait!" berkata itik jantan, drake as he got near me and Duncan "I need to talk to you"
"But I dont want to talk to you" I berkata turning my back to him.
"Courtney please!"
"NO! now stay away from me" I berkata back to him.
"Courtney, I swear I didnt meant to hurt anda last time I j-" itik jantan, drake couldnt finished talking cause Duncan stopped him...
"Dude, she berkata she doesnt want to talk to you...leave her alone" berkata Duncan protecting me
"And who are anda to tell me to leave her alone?"...
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posted by sugarsweet076
The truck drove by.All we heard was a big bang coming from the fornt of the truck.I started to cry.Trent let me cry in his arms when i looked back up so see Duncan holding Gwen on the sidewalk.He put her down.I ran over.

"Gwen what in the hell are anda drinking?"

Duncan laughed.Gwen's head was on Duncan's legs.I sat down until the almence? came and got Gwen.They checked Duncan all he had was a cut on his arm.After they took Gwen.I hit Duncan upside his head.


"And what were anda thinking?..are anda trying to get killed?"

"I was thinking i had to save her"

"Yea "Save" her?

"What did anda want me...
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posted by CyD12
OMG! I am so sorry I didnt updated yesterday..I just didnt had time! =S but here is the selanjutnya part! hope anda like it ;)

The days passed and I talked to Duncan must of the days, he was always with his friends so I started to meet them a little bit more. They all are pretty nice and I found out they are going to the same school I will be going, thats good! I was actually nervous because I wasnt gong to know anyone. But now I know a few people.

The first hari I was kinda nervous, everything was so new for me! I didnt know any teacher atau class and...
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