donal bebek Donald Duck: Roll-Model atau Menace?

Kamo posted on Sep 03, 2009 at 04:38PM
This is more of a thought than discussion, but please feel free to add any comments.

Recenty, I've become a big fan of Donald. It happened at Disneyland in 2005. I had been there before in various stages of life (infant, child, teen, young adult, etc.) and even went on Donald's 50th birthday (it was a great parade). Well, this time around something clicked and Donald became sort of a hero.

Now I'm getting even more into him as well as another popular "dithpicable" duck. I think the main attraction is their potent attitudes. Mickey is too kind (I'm already way on that side) and Goofy is too, well, goofy (already there, too). Donald has the most variety of emotions, and his demonstrated frustration is something I'd consider to be healthy because it's an emotion I have a hard time expressing.

I think Donald as a roll-model is becoming a little therapeutic, but I hope I don't go overboard like he usually does. However, it's refreshing to be a little outwardly angry and frustrated when it applies. Anyway, just wanted to share a positive side effect of Don's negativity.

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