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Doctor Who has a wide range of characters. From villains, monsters, Doctor's, Master's, companions and extras, there's a wide range of men, women, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexual's in this tampil and the expanded universe.

The women are what I'm going to be talking about today.

As 90% of the companions in Doctor Who are young women, anda can imagine that there are many women to choose from, whether from both the classic series and revival atau just one of them. And that's not even including all the "extra" women atau the villain women!

So as anda can imagine, there's going to be a lot...
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This artikel was written oleh fanpop guest contributor Robin L.

It’s hard not to be obsessed with Doctor Who. For fifty years, we have been exploring all of luar angkasa and time with the Doctor, and with the baru saja 50th anniversary and the natal special’s regeneration, we can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

Doctor Who tells the story of the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords, and his companions travelling through luar angkasa and time in his TARDIS, atau Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Thanks to its broken chameleon circuit, the TARDIS is stuck looking like what has now become an iconic blue...
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A Rose/Ten Badwolf vid to Time After Time oleh Cyndi Lauper. Edited oleh zombiekitty666. I just cinta the work on this one.
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