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This putri disney foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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 324anna's current icon (Meg from "Paperman")
324anna's current icon (Meg from "Paperman")
Hello! As March's fan of the bulan I was charged with the task of interviewing April's winner, 234anna, also known as Alexandra atau Alex. She's a kind and intelligent user, so I was delighted in doing so. Most of the pertanyaan I asked were borrowed from my own interview with LibelluleBleu (which didn't actually happen, because I had no idea what to write and adele is MIA...oops), but I think I added one atau two myself. I tried to put together the best artikel I could, so I hope anda like it, Alexandra!


1. Congratulations! How do anda feel about being fan of the Month?...
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1. Only considered Dps are going to be on my daftar this time.
2.My opinion has changed a lot and I really don't want hate komentar on it okay.
3. anda are free to disagree with me, I don't mind getting into a debate. So if anda disagree with anything anda are free to tell me what anda disagreed on. And if I respond back I just telling anda why I disagree with it, So don't take it personally.

Wow she got a quiet big way down from my list. The reason for this is because a couple of fanpopers were saying how they think how she is marry-sue. And they brought up interesting points that I agree...
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My favorit disney Princess list! This includes Anna and Elsa.

13. Elsa

She just bothers me. I think she is boring. She isn't boring in the way she doesn't do anything, cause she does. She creates a mess and becomes a diva and just... ARGH! I just find every single thing she does so completely uninteresting. I can't see why she is so loved outside fanpop. I think she should have remained the villain in the plot; I would have liked her more. I think I also would like her lebih if she didn't sing "Let It Go". In my eyes she is an introvert the whole movie and then randomly sings a song about being...
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