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Here the first part of the best disney Princess minor villain count down. Since there are thirty-three characters in the count down there will a total of three artikel each with eleven characters. Remember this isn't my personal opinion, these were voted oleh the fans. Enjoy!
 Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice
Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice

Scary Trees (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) I'm not surprised they were the first to go since they pose no actual threat to Snow White. They're very scary but in reality they're just trees.
 Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of the movie! I always skip them!_PrueFever
Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of...
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Well, the judul is pretty self explanatory so... here I go.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Hmm, this is a tough one since I like all of the characters in this film but my two favorit are Snow White herself and the Evil queen Grimhilde. I cinta them for completely different reasons. I cinta Snow's look and cheerful personality (she's in my puncak, atas 5 princesses) and I cinta Grimhilde because she's so cruel and I cinta her look as well but because it's so dark, regal, and imposing. She is downright creepy as an old hag. I cinta the scenes with both Snow and Grimhilde but then again I cinta this film so......
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 Snow White used her chemistry with the male model to her advantage as she gained best foto for the first time.
Snow White used her chemistry with the male model to her advantage as she gained best photo for the first time.
Previously on DNTM: The girls travel overseas to Italy where a go see challenge was a struggle for Rapunzel who came back late. Elsa impressed the most and won. For the foto shoot the model posed with males and Belle was relying on her prettiness. Rapunzel and Belle were in the bottom two but Belle was ultimately sent home. Now only 4 model remain - Ariel, Elsa, Rapunzel and Snow White. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Rapunzel: Elimination was tough. I was told off for my performance at the go sees and I was in the bottom two. However luckily my foto was good...
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It's been over a tahun since I last wrote this artikel so here's an updated daftar with Anna and Elsa included

12. Jasmine

Like I did in my sebelumnya artikel I decided to seperate melati and mulan because even though Lea Salonga did both their bernyanyi voices they're different enough to seperate. Anyway I've never been a fan of Jasmine's bernyanyi voice, it's too apiun, poppy for my taste

11. Belle

Another voice I've never been a big fan of although I'm starting to like her voice a little more, but it's still not a very pretty bernyanyi voice to me and the voice is too old for Belle

10. Ariel
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Bonjour! So basically what I am doing is a daftar of my favourite outfits; but I am sticking to one outfit per princess. Also this only applies to the first and original movie; there are no sequels included. This artikel also includes Elsa and Anna. This is not a countdown; I tried to do one and it was too hard. I will also be talking about some of the accessories that go with that outfit, including shoes, jewellery, gloves, hairpieces etc. (There is only one outfit that Pocahontas wears, so there can only be one favourite. However I am still including her because I can still say some things...
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The Queens transformation, from the start of her potion making to the demise of Snow White.
snow white
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This was inspired oleh Princesslullaby's List(s) that everyone wants to read, it's probably the artikel I've read the most often. Though I'm not going to talk about score atau animasi because I feel those subjects need to be analysed a different way. This was a challenge for me, I found it impossible to do. And I know, my daftar changed once again. It's like it automatically shifts on its own every 5 months. But this time, I tried to be lebih objective and fair, I don't know if it's the right thing to do because I think with my jantung sometimes. But I'm pretty confident so here goes nothing!

13. Merida...
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