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I've been wanted to do this artikel for a while, but I've just been procrastinating a bunch lately. I really do think that all of the disney Princesses have great voices, so this daftar was very hard to come up with! Note: I'm sorry if these descriptions are really short, but it's kinda hard describing voices.

10. Ariel

It seems that anda either have her high on your list, atau low, and for me, it's low. She's got a great voice, but I do agree that she does sound nasally when she sings. Her voice just doesn't have that mystical, mysterious sound that I feel putri duyung should have.

9. Belle

Am I the only one that doesn't see it? Her voice is almost annoying, and I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only people to find Belle's voice lebih annoying than Snow White's. Even so, her voice is great, and I cinta how she sings with a bit of sarcasm, and anda can tell her facial expressions oleh the way she sings without even looking at her.

8. melati

Jasmine's speaking voice is one of my favorites, but alas, she's at the bottom. Although Linda Larkin sings for both mulan and Jasmine, melati just sounds so uninspired. Maybe it's that we only hear half a song from her, maybe it's that I don't really enjoy that song, but she's here. The emotion is missing, and I don't feel much listening to her. Also, it really bothers me how she says "new", if it wasn't for that, she'd be eighth atau seventh.

7. Snow White

Snow's voice is...something different. I've never heard anything like it, and I doubt I ever will. Her voice is so high and pretty. I do agree that at times it does sound border line annoying, but I'd say that it walks on the other side of the line, and does so beautifully.

6. mulan

Mulan's voice is great! anda can feel the pain and heart-ache in her voice, and it's so amazing to here....this sounds wrong. I also cinta Mulan's part in "Honor To Us All" so much! When she hits those high notes it sounds so perfect!

5. cinderella

I think that Cinderella's voice is great! It's so perfect and soft and perfect and gahh! I'm obsessed with listening to her and I just feel happy when I do so. Her voice is as sweet as honey and I can't get enough of it!

4. Rapunzel

Rapunzel has the most underrated voice in my opinion. I feel she gets a lot of flack just because her songs are "poppy" News flash: The bernyanyi voice has nothing to do with the songs it sings! Rapunzel's voice conveys so much emotion! anda can tell when she's wishful, happy, excited without even looking at her! Listening to her puts a smile on my face and I wish lebih people appreciated her voice.

3. Aurora

Story time! I just started liking the disney Princesses this year, and do anda want to know how? Aurora's bernyanyi voice! True story. Before this year, I had never even seen The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, PatF, Cinderella, and most of the other movies, but that all changed when I listened to "Once Upon A Dream" on Youtube. As some of anda may know, I'm learning Norwegian, and a good way to learn a language is to listen to that language, so I came upon a Norwegian version of a song and I noticed it had the lyrics in Norwegian and English so I thought cool! Well, I listened to the song over and over again, "Jeg vet, du og jeg har vært sammen i en drøm" and memorized the entire song in Norwegian. Then I watched Sleeping Beauty, and the rest is history. So, Aurora's voice has a special meaning to me and it's just so sweet in Norwegian and English! (Though I do prefer Norwegian, as I do for the majority of the disney Princesses)

2. Pocahontas

Poca's voice was first until recently. Her voice is sooooo powerful just like her character! It also has a playful sound that I very much enjoy. Pocahontas's voice is just oh so right and it's a plus that all the song's she sings are great as well!

1. Tiana

Tiana <3 Tiana's voice is God-sent. It's literally perfect. Her voice is so strong and powerful, and so feminine and wistful, it's just so, so perfect! I'm never not amazed at how great her voice is and I fall in cinta with it lebih every time I hear it!
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