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My best favorit disney males are Mater the tow truck, Lighting McQueen, Eric, Hercules, Jim Hawkins, Adam from Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

I cinta Lighting McQueen is because I cinta him and Mater the tow truck. My best favorit is Mater the tow truck is because he is funny, cute, and he makes me laugh all the time.

I cinta Hercules is because he is strong and awesome also sexy. He is a powerful hero like anyone that I cinta so much in my life. I cinta Eric is because he is cute and I cinta his sayings about Ariel.

Most of the Males of my best favorit are cute and nice about the outfits they wear and the hair too. I cinta Hercules and Jim Hawkins hair and I cinta both of them and they are awesome in the world. I cinta all of disney males except for evil ones and be a watch out for evil male villains like Gaston and Jafar. This is all I got of the my favorit disney Males:)
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You'll Be in My jantung sung oleh Phil Collins with Tarzan scene.
you'll be in my jantung
phil collins