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MegaraxHades17 posted on May 20, 2011 at 01:29AM
GypsyMarionette and I are writing a Maid Marian and Honest John (the fox from Pinocchio)fanfiction on this forum. We'll be updating it when we get the chance, posting out parts on here. I'll be Maid Marian and she is John. We would both appreciate it if no one but us wrote here, unless it's to comment on the fanfiction. Thank you!

By the way, in this fanfiction, Marian and Robin never married. They grew apart because...well you'll see :3

Here is the first installment.
“Oh how I’ve missed London! Tis been too long since we last visited m’lady.” Lady Cluck commented happily. She was literally bouncing in her seat beside Maid Marian. The maiden however, was less than pleased. She was not supposed to be going back to London with Lady Cluck. She was supposed to be on her honeymoon with Robin. She was supposed to be traveling around the country, visiting different courts and castles. Plans had a habit of failing it seemed.

The older hen noticed her friend’s distress and rested a feather on the vixen’s arm, patting it gently. “Now Marian my dear, things in life don’t always go as planned. You and Robin made your choice and now you shall have to live with it. Your father will be happy to see you again. I know how you’ve missed him.” Marian smiled for a moment. She had missed her papa greatly, even if it had only been six months since she had last seen him.

London hadn’t changed since the months she had been gone. The streets were still cluttered with various animals of different professions and the noise was still unbearable.

Soon the vixen and hen arrived at Whitehall Palace where King Richard awaited. He had been a good, kind uncle and when he heard of the nasty break up his niece had experienced, he offered her a roof until she felt ready to start living again.

“Ah Marian my darling! So good to see you! Come and give your uncle a hug.” Marian clung to King Richard, tears in her eyes. ‘How did my life get to this?’

Robin sat across from Marian, the engagement ring rolling in his hand. He wouldn’t look at her.

“We’ve grown apart Marian. You can’t deny it.” No, she couldn’t, although she wanted to. Badly.

The maiden nodded her head slowly and placed her ring on the table before them.

“No one can say we didn’t try.” She whispered then left the room, unable to control herself any longer.

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