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 “A legend is sung of when England was young..."
“A legend is sung of when England was young..."
“A legend is sung
Of when England was young
And knights were brave and bold
The good king had died
And no one could decide
Who was rightful heir
To the throne

It seemed that the land
Would be torn oleh a war
Or saved oleh a miracle
Of old
And that miracle appeared
In london town
The sword in the stone...”

The old legend of the sword in the stone was known throughout the land, but it was also forgotten. Many had tried to pull the great weapon from the stone, and all had failed. Thus, the legend had been forgotten and Britain had been without a king for almost twelve years. The lands were divided up and ruled...
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 credit from left to right chesire, GypsyMarionette, summerjoy11, Safire09, me, Angeelous, MagaraRider
credit from left to right chesire, GypsyMarionette, summerjoy11, Safire09, me, Angeelous, MagaraRider
So this is my daftar of the best fan here at disney Crossover spot. I think I saw something similar on another club. So I decided to write this to tampil my appreciation to fan that make this club possible. Without so many fan contributing to this club it would soon die out.This is only my opinion of people here and don't be offended that anda don't see your name here. It's only because I either don't know anda atau your activity here hasn't caught my eye. Most of the people on my daftar are based on their crossover pictures cause that's what I pay most of my attention to.

Here are some fan that...
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-Anastasia (Cinderella)
-Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)
-Drizella (Cinderella)
-Helga (Atlantis)
-Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)
-Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)
-Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
-Medusa (The Rescuers)
-Morgana (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
-Mother Gothel (Tangled)
-Nasira (Disney's Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge video game)
-Queene Grimhilde (Snow White)
-Queen Narissa (Enchanted)
-Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
-Sadira (Aladdin TV series)
-Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)
-Yzma (Emperor's New Groove)

Half Humans
-Marina Del Rey (Ariel's Beginning)
-Mirage (Aladdin...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Excuse me, gentlemen...”
“Excuse me, gentlemen...”
Elsa took a deep breath. She had no idea where she was going, but that need not detain her, she decided, fiddling nervously with the clasp of her jubah and then tossing the thing to one side. She wouldn’t need it anymore, after all, she had never needed one, being immune to cold weather as she was. It had only ever been a status symbol, to mark her out as a princess. But right now, that wasn’t what she wanted. It was time for a change. She was no longer Princess Elsa of Duloc. For now, she was simply...Elsa, a young free woman with cryokinetic powers.

She threw up her arms and transformed...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 15: Sanctuary

The selanjutnya morning Frollo made an announcement in front of all of Paris about the bon api taking place while back in the Palace of Jusice Esmerelda, Phoebus and Belle were locked in the dungeon nobody had gotten sleep especially Belle even though she slept in Phoebus's arms all night long she was terrorized oleh her nightmare that kept coming back every time she closed her eyes knowing that would be her last hari to live if she refused Frollo Phoebus could tell the decision was upsetting her for it was a choice between life and death itself. "Belle the bon api will soon and...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 12: A Guy Like You

The city was burning to the ground all of Paris was lit up in flames and the sky filled with smoke "Sir we've looked everywhere and still no sign of the gypsy girl atau Belle" berkata the soldier with the brown beard reporting to Frollo in the town square confused "I had the entire cathedral surrounded guards at every door there was no way she could have escaped unless" he thought gazing up at Notre Dame where Quasimodo was worried sick he hadn't seen Esmeralda in days and when news spread of Belle's disappearance he was in a panic now she had gone missing to the gargoyles...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Cirque de Sarousch..."
"Cirque de Sarousch..."
The selanjutnya day, as Belle made her way to the bookshop, with Angelique at her side, she was surprised to see a number of colourful caravans trundling through the streets. Quite a few people had already gathered to see what all the fuss was about; and Mr Bookkeeper was amongst them.

“What’s going on, Mama?” whispered Angelique, clinging to Belle’s hand just in case it was something to be worried about.

Belle smiled down at her. “Probably nothing to be worried about, Angie. Let’s ask someone.”

They made their way up to Mr Bookkeeper. “What’s going on?” Belle asked, politely.

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 “You’ll be living with Count Frollo.”
“You’ll be living with Count Frollo.”
The three Baudelaire children were spending a quiet hari down at Briny Beach.

Belle, the eldest, was in the shallows, skimming rocks. She was just fourteen years and an inventor. In fact, anyone who knew her well knew that she had a habit of tying her hair up with a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes whenever she was thinking up an idea for an invention. Currently, as she was skimming, she was trying to come up with an invention that could retrieve the rocks after they had been skimmed into the water.

John, the middle child, was staring intently into the rock pools, watching the creatures there....
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “What are we waiting for?”
“What are we waiting for?”
The hari of the pantai trip was finally upon them and everyone was excited.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to get on my cozzie and get into the sea!” Lottie squealed that morning over breakfast.

“Cozzie?” Aurora asked, spoon halfway to her mouth.

“It’s what I call my swimming costume!”

“Oh, I see.”

“I hope there’s some good waves for surfing,” Jim said.

“The Prof says we can go poking around the rockpools, so that’ll be cool,” Merida said.

“I hope they sell ice cream nearby,” berkata Jasmine. “No pantai trip can be complete without ice cream.”

“I hope I can sneak away for...
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(Finally, part three)

Kayley's p.o.v

Hi, it's me Kayley. When mom berkata to flee I at first didn't want to but Balto told me we had to, so we took off. He ran faster than I thought he could run as we fled I thought of the time I was younger and father was still around. Balto stopped, I asked "why did anda stop?" He didn't reply but he was looking behind us, Ruber' s minions were chasing us. Balto looked at me and replied "we need to go in the Forbidden Forest." I nodded and the two of us went into the woods, the pursuers were close behind. I kept looking behind but Balto barked loudly and we tripped over a branch sticking out. I hit the water first, then Balto fell and he landed on me.
I berkata "get off me." He replied "okay okay." He got off and looked around.
 Soaking wet
Soaking wet
posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 6: Trapped

Phebous was out looking for the gypsy girl when someone caught his eye they had a dark blue cape around them, walking with a wood cane hunched over, and smoking from a golden pipe heading into the cathedral "Hmm" he berkata his finger on his chin he got of Achilles and quietly followed behind. Know they were aman, brankas inside Esmeralda took off the cape and her goat Djali jumped off her shoulders as she was admiring the beauty of the cathedral listening to the sound of the monks bernyanyi she couldn't shake the feeling someone was behind her she quickly turned around knocked them to...
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posted by Locadorable
 Melody smiled back at him, and Eilonwy (Taran's girlfriend) looked jealousy at them both.
Melody smiled back at him, and Eilonwy (Taran's girlfriend) looked jealousy at them both.
Melody yawned at her desk. She was in a big classroom with a lot of students of her age and beautiful teacher Jane.

"Are anda ok?" asked a boy with reddish hair, he was Taran.

"Yeah, sure, I'm just so tired..." repied Melody. "And I don't like our teacher. She's annoying."

"Shhhh! Be lebih discreet. And don't say that, teacher Jane is super sweet."

"I don't like her."

Then the bel, bell rang and all the students moved on from the classroom to the hallways.

"Anyway, my name is Taran." he said.


"Are anda the new girl?"

"Not only me. I have a sister and a brother. Both of them are older than me. And...
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posted by Locadorable
 "Come on, sweetie, wake up! It's your first hari at school!"
"Come on, sweetie, wake up! It's your first day at school!"
"I hate the first hari of school!" Melody yelled, while she was biting her roti panggang with butter.

"You berkata it 14 times during all the morning, and it's only half past seven. You're so peevish, sis." berkata Eric, Melody's brother, ruffling the black hair of her little sister.

"LEAVE ME AND MY HAIR ALONE!" screamed Melody hitting her brother on the stomach.

"Kids, don't fight!" called Triton, their father. "And hey, where's Ariel?"

"She's still sleeping." replied Melody.

Meanwhile, Ariel was at her bedroom enjoying her sweet dreams about neverending holidays. She was Melody's older sister and Eric's younger...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 She had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed.
She had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed.
The first thing Tiana did that morning when she woke up was make herself a strong black coffee. The detik thing she did was reflect on the events of the night before.

After she had made her way halaman awal from Lestat’s mansion, for that was what it had been, a great gothic mansion, she had simply kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed, too tired to get her brain working straight. But now she was properly awake, she could start to think about it all in a little lebih detail.

So, what had happened? Some random, albeit handsome and charming, guy had stood up for her when Facilier had snapped...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 4: City streets

"We'll I hope anda enjoyed our little visit with the hunchback never mind his hideous misshapen form I hope anda weren't frightened", "We'll at first I was" Belle admitted "But he's very kind, gentle, and sweet it doesn't matter to me what someone looks like on the outside its lebih important what's on the inside", "Yes but I'm afraid the world doesn't share the same opinion as anda like I told Quasimodo the world is cruel and wicked and its my duty to God to get rid of all its wickedness but no matter why don't anda run along see the sights of the city I have some things...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 2: Saved

Phillipe and I stopped of to the side of the road for lunch I sat in the rumput and ate some roti and cheese I had bought from the town near oleh it wasn't much but it would hold me over until we got to Paris. While I was admiring the dandelions and made my wish I let Phillipe rest for quite awhile and have his fill of rumput he was getting older but he's still a good horse the best companion he has been with us since I was there since a little girl always there when I needed someone to talk to and always up for a ride when I needed to clear my head he's the only friend I've ever...
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“Now, boy,” berkata Merlin, addressing Arthur. “You can’t get oleh without a decent education, anda know.”

“Oh, I suppose not sir,” stammered Arthur, trying to examine the sugarbowl, which indignantly whacked at his fingers with a teaspoon. “I mean, Merlin.”

“Sugar!” Belle reprimanded the bowl, which hopped away in a huff.

“So, I am going to be your tutor,” Merlin explained, opening one of his books.

“But I’ve got to get back to the castle,” Arthur said, quickly taking another biskuit for the road and getting to his feet. “They’ll want me in the kitchens.”

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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Where did anda get to last night, excuse me, Miss-bugger-off-without-a-word, well?”
“Where did you get to last night, excuse me, Miss-bugger-off-without-a-word, well?”
Belle woke up with a smile on her face. “Heh-heh!” giggled melati as Meg sat up with her hair all messed. “Medusa’s back, folks!”

“Ah, shut up!” replied Meg, tossing a bantal at her. “At least it’s easier to style than Rapunzel’s! anda alright, Belle?”

“Alright?” Belle repeated, stretching happily, “I’m so much lebih than alright!”

“Well?” asked Jasmine, sitting up properly in bed. “What happened between anda and Adam? Did he ciuman you?”

Belle blushed but she didn’t care. “He did.”

“Ooh!” melati squealed.

“And he asked me out!”

“Aw, honey, that’s...
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posted by auroraxaurelia
 Chef Bouche makes cinderella breakfast.
Chef Bouche makes Cinderella breakfast.
cinderella sat at a large wooden meja in the kitchen. Mrs. Potts busied her self oleh talking to the chef while Lumiere flirted with a a feather duster. Cogsworth had gone to settle a dispute between a shovel and a hoe.

Cinderella sat watching all the goings on. She smiled slightly. She liked it here. It was so much different from her home. She felt comforted and at ease. There was also a small feeling that she had been there before. She knew this place but couldn't remember how.

"Well dear, how was your breakfast?" Asked Mrs. Potts.

Chef Bouche leaned meneruskan, ke depan intent on hearing her response.

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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Welcome to disney High.”
“Welcome to Disney High.”
When Belle wandered into the Drama room on Monday morning, she had a surprise. A girl she had never seen before was dancing about on the small stage, beating a tune on a tambourine. She didn’t seem to notice that someone else was in the room with her as she danced. Eventually, feeling awkward for inadvertently spying on her, Belle cleared her throat and the girl turned around.

“Oh, hi, there!” Her voice was sunny.

“Hi,” Belle replied. “Are anda new here?”

“Yeah, I arrived here yesterday with my boyfriend. I won a scholarship.”

“Well, congratulations,” Belle smiled. “I’m...
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