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posted by cena-fan
So, as anda probably have (or haven’t) heard, DMC, atau as some like to call it, Devil May Cry 5, has announced its arrival (yet, no release date…). fan have made it clear that they, A, like the changes, atau B, want to murder the entire production crew. Go figure. anda think Capcom would have seen this coming, ehh?

In the sebelumnya DMC series, Dante has always been our silver-haired protagonist in his familiar red trench coat. And that was cool. He was a pretty kick-ass guy. Now, Capcom/ Ninja Theory turned a complete 180.

Our new ‘Dante’ (we’ll call him Dante-X) is a scrawny, dark-haired...
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posted by Durzo
I'm going to trust anda are aware what Devil May Cry is. After all what kind of fan would anda be if anda didn't ? Though it's become lebih evident how shallow the DMC fan base actually is.

We've gotten thousands of reactions from a single trailer that was released, And strangely they all seem to be related around one particular area. Looks. And No , I'm not talking about graphics. Dante, (and yes, even with those looks he's still Dante) was diberikan some sloppy black hair , rugged clothing , some bruises ,and a new red jacket.

And much to my disgust , the fan base flipped. I was actually congratulating...
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posted by animefreak01
so every body is saying that devil may cry 5 is going to suck. it might and it might not but here is some info

devil may cry 5 is supposed to be prequal. the game is supposed to be about dante before he became a devil hunter.(but the thing i don't understand is that even though it's about the past dante should still have white hair and not smoke.)

devil may cry 5 is coming out in 2 atau 3 years (that means we have to wait forever) and i heard that dante's dad (sparda) might be in the game. but thats all i heard im not sure if nero atau vergil will be in the game so your just going to have to see for yourself so thats all....bye!!!