Derek Jeter Derek Jeter Launches G2 in Super Bowl Commercial and at NYC Event

G2NY posted on Jan 23, 2008 at 10:33PM
Derek Jeter fans know all his greatest plays, his awards, and his batting average. But even an athlete with one of the highest lifetime batting averages of all active baseball players knows the importance of staying hydrated off the field. That’s why Jeter drinks G2, the new low-calorie lifestyle beverage from the makers of Gatorade that helps athletes hydrate when they’re off the field.

Gatorade will unveil G2 on the biggest day in sports during a new Super Bowl spot with Derek Jeter. In the ad, viewers will see Jeter walking down a street in Soho. Under his feet, the ad’s special effects will transform the cobblestone pavement into grass turf to show how athletes are always thinking about the game even when they’re off the field.

On January 14-18, 2008, the effect from the new G2 commercials was brought to life at Herald Square in New York City. Derek Jeter was on site for a limited time to help promote G2. The busy intersection was transformed into a giant baseball field, symbolizing how Derek thinks about his performance and sees the game everywhere he goes.

For videos from the event in Herald Square and clips from the G2 commercials, visit link. For more information on G2, check out link.

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