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posted by annabethxchase
wrote this after episode 25 :(

what have anda done? to think i actually admired what anda were doing! i thought that anda were just plain innocent, someone who wanted to change the world for the better but now i have no respect for any of it.
the kira i grew to know wanted only criminals dead not innocent people who believed in whats right! anda killed people who didnt deserve it just because of what you wanted. im sure that before all of this anda would have thought any form of murder was wrong. however now anda dont seem to tampil that side. absentmindly taking innocent peoples lives because...
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 "Made the choice to go away drink the air mancur of decay tear a hole exquisite red fuck the rest and stab it dead" - NiN (Somewhat Damaged)
"Made the choice to go away drink the fountain of decay tear a hole exquisite red fuck the rest and stab it dead" - NiN (Somewhat Damaged)
December the 5th, 2007
I was walking down the corridor with Mello. He was dragging along a child who had the good idea to steal a couple of my books. This was the last stage of his punishment, as Mello and I decided. I looked down the hallway and saw Roger.
"Watch out, it's the old man!" I whispered to Mello.
He turned around and saw Roger.
"I'll get back for you," Mello whispered to the boy and let go of him. Just in time, too, because Roger grabbed his hand and looked sternly at me. He obviously saw us.
"Mello. anda too, Volpes," Roger said, then he turned to look in one of the rooms whose...
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posted by WammysBoyzRock
Misa ran into her room, sobbing. "Misa, what's wrong?" Rem asked, worriedly. Misa ran up to Rem and hugged her,"L-Li-ight b-br-oke u-up wi-ith m-me-e!" she sobbed. "Why?" "For Mikami!" "Mikami?" "YES!!!!!" Rem looked down at the young human girl with sympathy, "Misa...I'm sorry....don't worry, I'll make sure he pays..." "DON'T KILL HIM! I DON'T WANT REVENGE, I WANT DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misa screamed and ran out the door......................The HQ building l had built REALLY tall and the drop down looked unliveable. Misa climbed up onto the rail and looked down at the city of Tokyo....
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I have this self-imposed and dead serious challenge of trying to act like l for an entire week, hopefully getting better at it as the week goes on. I'm trying my absolute best to act, talk, and think like he does.

I have a lengthy blog post on the challenge, and I've already added one on my first day's progress, (You can read the entire posts at link)

I have to be passably l oleh the 11th, but I want to perfect the act oleh the 14th. I've watched both live actions movies, and I've read most of the manga. I'm in the process of going through the anime now, but I much prefer the live action portrayal.

Basically, I'm here for any and ALL saran on becoming L, from tips on hair straightening and gel products to intensive psychological profiles. anda can contact me oleh commenting on my blog atau emailing me at
posted by Sejuru
The Rules of Death Note

The following is a daftar of all the rules for the Death Note and shinigami that have been revealed to the reader/viewer throughout Death Note, and in the thirteenth manga, Some rules have been changed in How to Read, from what was mentioned in the manga. For instance, Sidoh states that for him to get his notebook back, he had to wait for the owner to die, atau use up all of the pages, whereas in How to Read, it states that there are an unlimited amount of pages in the Death Note
How to Use: I
The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
This note will not take effect...
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posted by Kiraa_Killer
When hearing that Misa jumped off a building and commiting Suicide I could not believe she has done it . Well, many people have been asking about the proof so, if anda look at Death Note chapter 110 it revealed that she died at 2011 during Valentines hari . After Rem killed l and Matsuda killed Light Misa couldn't take life anymore and fell of the edge of a building and commited suicide . I guess that was the finale of Death Note everyone dies . And everyone considered Light as a "God" and his thoughts and his efforts to make everyone think he is a god were all correct due to his right timing and his right words made everything he has worked on a successful .
l sat boredly, chewing on a piece of cokelat as he examined the screen in front of him. He wiggled his bare toes and frowned deeply at the blinking graphs and numbers on the screen. He began nibbling absentmindedly at a small truffle and failed to notice light footsteps coming from behind him. The sound of Watari clearing his throat filled the silent room, but l still didn't turn to acknowledge the elderly man.
"Ryuzaki," he said, "I was wondering... Would it be unwise to recruit another member to the task force?" l shifted a bit in his kursi and swallowed the chocolaty morsel he had been chewing....
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Watari has just passed away, for a moment, every thing was quiet. Matsuda yelled "Where did the shinigami go?!" "Good question, where is it?" Chief Yagami responded. S (my OC) was panicky, and l knew it. "Everyone, The shiniga-" l was stopped in the middle of his sentence. He dropped his spoon and fell lifelessly onto the floor. Light watched in terror, he picked up L's body. Matsuda yelled "Ryuzaki! what's wrong!?" l seemed to stare off into the distance, then his eyes slowly closed. Shocked, Light yelled "Wake up!!! Come on Dang it! Don't anda die on me anda idiot!" He started to cry like he...
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posted by annabethxchase
I wrote this originally for school but then turned it to Matt and Mello.

Mello had always been your friend.

The only one to see anda cry, the first to make anda laugh at Wammys, the only one to welcome anda as a friend.

He was the one who whispered 'its okay, i'm here' through the tear filled nights.

The one who knew what anda feared,
what made anda laugh,
and what made anda hurt.

The one person that actually cared for anda and anda cared for him.

Like brothers, just closer.

And now that he's gone, you're breaking.

Disappearing in the early morning then not returning.

You blame yourself.

If anda hadn't lost your...
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Chapter 1

It was a typical hari for Alex Argot (or A as it was required to call him). Wammys House had been pretty quiet today on the account Mello was sick and couldn't be yelling at everyone, especially Near. And B had been feeling kinda bad too so he was quiet in class (for once). But A couldn't help but feel something was kinda off...At that moment he felt himself bump into someone.
"I'm sorry..." he berkata not looking up from gathering his books. "O-oh w-was my fault...forgive me.." berkata a very soft female voice he'd never heard before. He looked up and saw a girl with medium length...
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posted by shortynme
A funny poem I wrote for kicks and giggles :)
Please, don't take it seriously, it's just for laughs! Written December 18, 2008

Anime guys are like dreams come true,
doesn't matter your taste there's pleanty of them to choose.
If anda like them pale, angry, and immortal, Sesshomaru would be your best choice.
Perhaps Howl and his moving castle, although his name has nothing to do with his voice.
If tough Shinigami guys are lebih your taste,
Bleach with Ichigo and Renji is your perfect place.
If genius, and a little darkness, is your desire,
Light Yagami and l would be best with their angst like fire.
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Ok, so we all know, he's the bad guy, but I really think he had the potential to do lebih than what he did. I see Light as a great character, I see what he wants and I understand it (even if I don't agree on his way of doing things)

Why do I think he's awsome?

First, Light was able to hack into his father's FBI information with out even tryinig, he set up a plan for a bus incident all planed in time oleh the Dath Note.Therefor he took clasified information that belonged to the FBI secret aggent that was on the bus and used it for his own personal intentions and killed every simgle person that stood...
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posted by Domofin227
Hi everybody! I'm new here. My name is Ellie; I'm xxXsk8trXxx's best friend.
When I was having my birthday party in April, she showed me Fanpop. I quickly forgot about it, but today I was really bored, so I made an account.
Well, I'm gonna tell anda a little about myself. My hobbies are drawing, singing, and writing. I'm not a big sports person.
My absolute favorit TV shows are Death Note and TDI. My faveorite characters are l and Trent.
I am currently membaca Watchmen, and so is xxXsk8trXxx; only I'm almost done and she's in the middle. I like Rorschach the best.
I've also finished the umbrella academy, like xxXsk8trXxx, and can't wait for the selanjutnya one. My faveorite character is No.5.
I share a birthday with Gerard Way, which is probably one of the reasons xxXsk8trXxx likes me as a friend.
So I introduced myself on this club because I cinta death note. I hope I'll have a fun time on Fanpop!
-Shinigami Realm
"Hey,Rembrea,you wanna come play Skulls and bones with us? No, in fact i've got an idea".Rembrea,the shinigami and Akira a high school student. Both of these individuals would soon change the world.

-Human World
What's went wrong with the world,ever since kira died. crime rate has risen. Everyone has forgotten about kira,near replaced l and is now puncak, atas detective. Someone needs to take kira's responsibility,someones going to have to take a stand and restore justice to Japan.I'll do it i'll surpass kira,and become the new god Akira Yagami! "Akira Yagami,there went the teacher blabbing...
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 Once it starts, it can't be stopped...
Once it starts, it can't be stopped...
Chapter 1 - Misfortune (Blaire)
Nothing is normal in this world. And if anda think you've seen everything , then you're wrong! How could I contribute to the most difficult case with the well-known detective L? In spite of my cute look and fashion style, I can say that I've got amazing deductive skills. Thank goodness that they were discovered.
It all started when I was 10. I used to live in New York, but my father had other plans about that.
"Lillian Llewellin, anda have to make a few sacrifices," he always said.
Even if I was just a child, I was annoyed like hell whenever I heard this. My mother...
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I was having a discussion with my dad about Light/Kira, and recently after, this thought came up...

As another attempt to cover himself up, he made up a theory that someone else was controlling him, making him be Kira without him knowing it. And so, he was put in confinement. However, shortly after losing his memories of being Kira, he came out of confinement. Do anda also see a metaphor behind that? I wonder why that didn't menyeberang, salib my mind, earlier...

During the discussion, my dad pointed out that 'Kira' was an identity that the people came up with for him, and that he basically just decided "oh,...
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This is a poem I wrote for the final episode of Death Note, where Light Yagami's death and reign as Kira are the main focuses.

The angel's wing is but a few inches out of reach

She exclaims "stop contradicting all that anda teach!"

There is no war, nor blatant pain

But there is no love, only a game

Another child's tear has joined the riverbed

It could never be where that child slept

"Can anda not see what you've done?"

Perhaps the wish never begun

A trickster, a hard-heart, a death at best

The malaikat leans meneruskan, ke depan to clutch his chest

"You can look all anda like, but there is nothing you'll find."

Even though...
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posted by yumei_neko_
thanks for your recommendation.I actually like what Blaire and Volpes did.I can't wait to read the end of the story.Both Blaire and Volpes are great characters I cinta them.
I would like to leave the link anyway link
It would be great if lebih death note fan would visit they're site and BTW leave a komentar there at contact(its a proof anda have read everything...)
anyway I have heard that the detik notebook is going to be published in 2 months atau less so good luck B&V.If someone who knows them personally is membaca my message pls ask them if they can publikasi lebih gambar from the story and the other characters.
posted by little-artist
I am a big fan of death note fanfiction and stuff and one of my friend told me about a new site he just found out.Here's the thing I've visited this site and I've read the first book oleh these 2 girls Blaire and Volpes and they are really talented in menulis and the gallery ROCKS!!!
Alright so they included in the original series 2 lebih characters which are Blaire and Volpes(so they really exist in the real life too...).The first book is not so different from what anda know but lebih characters are left alive so its great.But I'm really looking meneruskan, ke depan to read the other buku so I leave anda the link for the site.I really recommend this site: link
posted by Near4ever
The first Alice was a pure evil man, he found a Death Note and skipped off to wonderland. Killing anybody who stood in his path. His eyes turned to tampil all his wrath. Such an Alice was to be trapped in the trees, for he was a criminal forced to beg on his knees. Other than the worshippers he had gain, no one would remember all of the pain.

The detik Alice held a Death Note in hand. He used it on the wonderland. The names he wrote twisted and swirled, thus he created and equally mad world. Such an Alice was that of a rose, he stabbed himself unable to handle is woes. He left the Death Note...
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