Dean Martin Who's your favorit Dino movie character ?

Pick one:
Dude 'Borrachon' [Rio Bravo]
Matt Helm
Capt. Vernon Demerest [Airport]
mobil van, mobil van, van morgan [Five Card Stud]
Dee Bishop [Bandolero]
Joe Jarrett [4 For Texas]
Billy Massey [ShowDown]
Alex Flood [Rough Night in Jericho]
Dino [Kiss Me Stupid]
Jamie Blake [Cannonball Run]
Sgt. Chip Deal [Sergeants 3]
Michael Haney [Who Was That Lady?]
Tom Elder [The Sons of Katie Elder]
Leonard Crawley [What A Way To Go]
Bo Gillis [Ada]
Joe Ricco [Mr. Ricco]
Michael Whiteacre [The Young Lions]
Bama Dillert [Some Came Running]
Sam Harmon [Ocean's Eleven]
Julian Berniers [Toys In The Attic]
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