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posted by Kittencutie11
It started early one morning after she had woken up. "Deathkit I am going get us some food. Wake up your littermates please." She told the kit. Bloodstar made her way to the frsh kill pile when she heard something coming from the woods."Orangepetal get out here." She called to her deputy. Orangepetal walked out and stood selanjutnya to Bloodstar."What is it Bloodstar?" "Here listen do ou here that?" Orangepetal leaned meneruskan, ke depan and listened. "Yes I do what is that?" She asked. Bloodtsra shook her head. "I have no idea. Orangepetal anda take some food to my kits I am going to cheak it out" She ordered...
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posted by Kittencutie11
Attention kucing of Darknessclan, I am Deathkit atau in two days Deathpaw, but I have sad news. My mother Bloodstar is dead she died today in a fight with an enemy. Thanks to a certain cat whos name I will not say the cat that killed her is dead. I would like to invite any clans who knew Bloodstar to come to her buriel. I am sorry. Grayheart will travel tomorrow with Orangepetal to become our new leader. Me and my littermates will find a place for her body. I request help if anda wish to. Thank anda for listening.
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Source: I like this kitty.