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posted by brooki
End of Pt. 1
What was with these Salvatore kids? When they look at anda - atau stare in this case; and not just any stare, a stare that gives anda the chills and ... makes anda want lebih looks like those - they always seem to be staring directly into your soul, past all the cultivated facades that are brought upon anda in high school. I thought, Bonnie better keep a hold of him, because he seems to have many inappropriate things working up in his mind. But I have to wonder ... Are they about me? It would seem so. Staring right at me. But ... he ... no. Bonnie and Damon were now a couple. He was staring...
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Damon walked Elena away from the dance. Actually he was walking and ciuman her at the same time. They reached the stairs on the football field and Damon clenched Elena’s butt and lifted her up.
“Damon, everyone can see us” Elena mumbled uneasy, while Damon’s hot and wet kisses made her body feel like it was set on fire. She gave up resisting and threw her arms around Damon’s neck. She turned around Damon and pushed him down. She sat on his lap and kissed him again.
She wanted to open his button-down, when she gasped and her eyes bulged.
“Elena!” Damon exclaimed. “Did I do something?”...
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Stefan and Katherine ran through the woods. Stefan had ditched the car on the edge, because it would be too noisy. Katherine stuck her arm out. “Don’t move” she said, rotating her head from left to right. “There’s someone with us”
And a detik later Amber appeared in their sight.
“You!” Stefan growled and he wanted to attack her, but Katherine stopped him. “Not now, Stefan. First let’s aman, brankas Elena, then anda can kill her”
“How could you?” Stefan berkata unbelieving. “I trusted you. I told anda my whole life”
“I know” Amber said. “I have listened very carefully,...
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 Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Okay , so Damon . What makes him so amazing ?
It's not just his good looks , atau his snarky little komentar . It's Damon himself .

Damon has a lot of bad qualities , but he makes up for it oleh being so caring and amazing . I'm not trying to force my opnion on anyone , but I think Damon is probably the coolest and most amusing character on the Vampire Diaries .
He has a dark , sarcastic , very vampire side which attracts me and a lonley , very human side too . In the first few episodes , Damon seemed very cold and detached and basically quite nasty . But now , now Katherine has butted her nose...
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Damon and Derek entered the Boarding House. Damon took Derek’s arm and raced to the basement. He walked to the freezer and opened it.
“Wow! anda have quite a supply here” Derek berkata admirable.
“Help yourself” Damon berkata and Derek took a bag of blood. Then they heard a bang.
“What’s that?” Derek asked agitated.
“I have no idea” Damon berkata frowning. He looked at Derek. “You stay here”
Derek nodded fiercely and Damon ran towards the noise. “Elena?!” he shouted.
“I’m in here!” Elena replied. Damon entered his bedroom. Elena was sitting on the ground surrounded oleh wooden...
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“I know there’s a connection!” Liz exclaimed. “I know how to do my job. I don’t need some vampire to tell me that”
Caroline looked away, avoiding her mother’s stare.
“Caroline, I’m sorry” Liz berkata soft. “I didn’t mean…”
“Yes, anda did!” Caroline berkata firm. She turned her back on her mother. “You know, I just wanted to help you. I just wanted some distraction”
“I know, honey” Liz said. She lay her hand on Caroline’s shoulder, but she pushed it away.
“I guess I should go back to Elena” she berkata bitter. “At least she appreciates my help” And that being...
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posted by claudia_bb
The name IS Salvatore. As in, Savior."

"Winter is coming, a very unforgiving season. oleh the time the selanjutnya snow flies you'll be mine."

"I just may have to make anda my queen of the Shadows."

"Who the HELL are you?"

"Be very sure anda want to play this game, the consequences are nothing to laugh about."

"We're on the same intellectual level..." "...Well all I can say is he does a VERY good job of hiding it, then."

"I told the truth!"

"You're right to be afraid of me. I'm likely the most dangerous thing you're likely to meet in your life."

"Calling him vicious was like calling tinkerbell armed and...
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“That’s enough” Bonnie berkata and Damon stopped feeding. Bonnie was so kind to wipe the blood of his chin. “I understand what Elena’s sees in you. I mean, anda are hot”
“Leave Elena out of this” Damon muttered.
“Yeah, I wish I could, but the thing is, anda are connected to her” Bonnie said. “No, not in a related kind of way. You’re not family. But her jantung beats for the two of anda and she, the real Elena, will come back for you. Stefan will keep her away for a while, but eventually she will come look for anda and find you”
“I don’t want her to see me like this” Damon...
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“Damon, what are we doing here?”
Damon had parked his car in front of Ric’s loft and now a mischievous smile was playing around his lips. “You want your kalung back, don’t you?”
Elena shook her head. “No, I don’t miss it” she said.
Damon averted his head to her. “But anda need it. There’s vervain in it”
“I’ll drink vervain tea” Elena suggested.
“You can forget” Damon warned. “And it could mix with your other tea”
“And anda think my kalung is in there?” Elena asked doubtful.
“I know it is” Damon replied. “Katherine told me Rebekah has it”
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The moon was high in the sky, shining like a florescent light. It was my only friend in this prison, and i couldn't sleep. I was in the middle of a sentence as i was talking with the moon when i heard something from down stairs. I caught oleh breath, finally excitement. I swung my legs across the side of the bad and ever so slowly got up. The tempat tidur creaked, I swore silently, and listened. Nothing stirred. I tiptoed passed Amanda's bed. She was fast asleep, a bit too asleep if anda ask me. She might have been dead. I knew not to try her though. Last time I did so I was very unpleasantly surprised....
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Damon spun round and looked at me with a hint of fear in his eyes.
“Katherine looks like anda Elena. All she has to do is knock on your door and ask to come in. Although Jenna will think it’s strange, she’ll do it.” I gasped. He was right. I could imagine Jenna’s confused look as she let the apparent “me” into the house. “But,” Damon reassured, “I don’t know if Katherine knows where anda live. But she’s out there right now, probably lurking outside the house. If anda go halaman awal she’ll follow anda and try to learn everything about you.” He stared into the fire. “She’ll...
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Carol Lockwood walked into Tyler’s room, who was sitting on his bed, his iPod in his ears. She walked to the tempat tidur and threw a collection of photographs on it. Tyler put out his earphones and looked at the photographs. “What is this?” he asked, pretending to be dumb.
“I found this in our mail. There was a note with it. ‘Dear Mrs. Lockwood, you’re son’s a werewolf. Have a nice day’” Carol said. “Who is this person, Tyler?”
Tyler shrugged, akting careless, but doing his best to avoid his mother’s eyes. “Just some dude who needs to get laid really soon”
“These are pictures...
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“So, what’s your story” Tyler asked. Now that he had someone to talk to his captivity had become less hard. “Who brought anda here?”
Caroline sighed. “Stefan… And Amber” she said. “I was busy with the murder on Derek Janders and I found out who Amber Lindy, his girlfriend was. But when I wanted to warn Elena Stefan sneaked up on me and kidnapped me. And Amber put the files on api so all traces would be gone”
“What about your mother?” Tyler asked. “Doesn’t she wonder where anda are?”
“I guess she’s compelled” Caroline berkata soft. She groaned. “I just want to...
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It was ruined. It was completely and totally ruined. Katherine had realized that she blew all chances on a reunion with the Salvatore brother she really loved. What was she thinking, pretending to be Elena? Bonnie was annoying, but not stupid. Katherine was lucky to be still alive. And so was Bonnie. She had Damon to thank for that. Katherine hoped, with every fibre in her body, that he would take her down.
She had tried to pass Damon’s message to Elena, but it seemed to be a lost case.
“Elena, Damon needs to tell anda something” she berkata looking Elena sharp in the eye. “He wanted to...
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Damon walked into the living room, finding Bonnie going through her cupboards. “That menggerutu, jalang really got me. Look at my neck” she berkata bitter. Damon grabbed her arm and forced her to turn around. All of the fear he had felt since she jinxed him was gone and now all she could read on his face was fury. “Let go of me, Damon” she berkata with a cold voice, though she couldn’t hide the tremble. Damon brought his face to hers and looked her straight in the eye. He wasn’t going to compel her, he knew he wasn’t strong enough. “What have anda done to Elena? anda berkata anda wouldn’t hurt her”...
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I don’t know where I’m at
I’m standing at the back
And I’m tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it’s coming down, down, down.

Not ready to let go
Cause then I'd never know
What I could be missing
But I’m missing way too much
So when do I give up what I’ve been wishing for.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why...
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He threw the sheets off and checked his tummy. The wound was gone, healed. He pulled all threads and climbed out of bed. He took off the hospital celemek and put on his own clothes. He felt something in his pocket and conjured a dagger. He didn’t wonder how it got there. He knew what it was for. As soon as he had his shoes on he left the room.
Alaric looked at him with tired, red eyes.
“You’re awake!”
Jeremy nodded. “I have to find Elena, she needs to help me save Damon”
Alaric shook his head. “You’re still weak from Damon’s attack on you” he said. “You should...
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The selanjutnya morning
Caroline arrived in the kitchen, where the breakfast meja was set. Liz was making some coffee and it seemed as if she tried to avoid looking at her daughter.
“Mom?” Caroline said, sensing something was wrong. Liz didn’t react, but pretended to be busy. “Mom, what’s going on?”
“You want some coffee?” Liz asked, avoiding the question. Caroline got up and walked towards her mother. “Mom, what’s wrong? Why are anda akting like this?”
Liz turned around and leaned against the sink. “I’ve been having flashes”
“Flashes of what?” Caroline asked.
“Of things...
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The Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan and Katherine were back home. Stefan had told Jeremy everything that had happened on Elena’s birthday and only after making sure Jeremy wouldn’t do anything stupid he had left.
“You must be hungry” Katherine berkata and before Stefan could komentar she went off to the basement. She came back with two bags of blood and walked to the cupboard, where she pulled out two wine-glasses. She poured the blood in the glasses as if it were wine. She gave one to Stefan and lifted hers to toast. “Cheers” she berkata and she hooked her arm in Stefan’s. She pulled...
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Damon and Elena were in the kitchen, both sitting on the dresser. Elena pulled on a hole in her jeans, making it bigger.
“The fashion trend where people wear worn off jeans has passed a long time ago, Elena” Damon smirked.
“I’m sorry’ Elena mumbled.
“It’s okay…But if anda want to make lebih holes I can help you” Damon winked.
“That’s not what I’m talking about” Elena shook her head. “I’m sorry about the bracelet. Amber broke it. I know how much it means to anda and giving it to me was a really nice offer and now it’s broken and I can’t fix it”
Damon shrugged....
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