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“For me the nail in the coffin for SE was last episode. Stefan used one of the WORST moments in Elena's life AGAINST her...just to GAIN the UPPER HAND on Klaus. I'm not even going to get into what he did and how I feel about it atau even compare it to what Damon did in 2x20. But I get why he tried to do it(he DIDN’T HAVE TO do it, he could have RETURNED halaman awal at the end of 3x09 and not plot his REVENGE against Klaus, keeping everyone SAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE. He WOULDN’T have to save them if he hadn't did this) he had to make Elena's fear believable. BUT HE COULD HAVE EASIL SPED the car AEOUND...
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“What cha got for me?” the man said. He didn't want to be seen I could tell. Most didn't care.
“We're kinda low since the raid last month. Our numbers are barely enough to support the staff. I can't spare a single kid.” My teeth clenched, I squeezed my eyes shut. No, no,no. I can't live in this place anymore. Just let me go with him and die.
“I'll pay the maximum price. I don't care if she's scrawny one atau not.”
“Damon, I can't give anda one. If anda want a kid go to another orphanage, this one has none to spare.”
A growl erupted from the Damon guy. “We can do this the easy way...
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