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hey everyone! This is lebih of a rant because there is a lot that I need to get out of my chest.
What I'm about to write down are my opinion about the TVD characters. Feel free to voice out anything that anda disagree with.
English is not my first language so if I make any grammatical atau punctual mistake then please forgive me.

Okay! so lets get started with my favourite TVD characters this season.

1. DAMON SALVATORE- Have anda ever loved a character so much that anda just want to run off into the TV screen and hug him/her? Well that's the case with me whenever I see this guy on-screen. When I started...
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This is my first article, so please don't be hard on me and I apologize if my grammar isn't good, English is not my native language.

I recently came across a couple of TVD 'confessions' in Tumblr that made me feel really bad:

One was comparing Damon's quote about the SE breakup in 4x07 'I heard about the breakup, I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not' to Stefan's quote about Elena choosing Damon in 4x23 'I'm not happy about Elena, but I'm not not happy for you'. This person berkata that Damon is the worst brother ever.

The detik one was about DE: 'they're so selfish together, I hate them'

I'd like to explain...
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~ Chapter 2 ~

"Damon, hey look at me. Look at me, its Elena" Elena whispered, caressing his cheek. Her eyes were already swollen and had begun to sting really badly. Her entire being was fixed on him. All she cared about right now was this raven-haired, tall guy who was sitting right in front of her. All she cared about was that Damon was alive and breathing.

"Who are you?" Damon finally spoke. With the innocence of a toddler. His eyes were fixed on Elena but saw her as a stranger, looking at her as if asked to decode a zip code.

"What are anda talking about? Its me, Elena" Elena spoke, her voice...
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OK so this my very first fan fiction. Damon becomes human and tragedy strikes for Stefan and Elena. As they all try to deal with the aftermath, their lives and everything around them is changed.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Almost midnight. The Salvatore mansion was drowning in silence. Drowning in dark. No sound, no whisper, it was utterly quiet. Elena leaning oleh the wall, sitting on the floor, with her eyes swollen because of uncontrollable sobbing was staring down at Damon's lifeless body. Stefan was walking in a precise rhythm across the basement, with his arms crossed and his eyes fixed firmly on his...
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“I know the RISKS but I have to know her”- Stefan 1x01
“I want anda to GET everything anda LOOKING FOR” – Damon 3x22 flash back

The first time both brothers saw/met Elena and saw theresembles between her and Katherine, both brothers deal with it differently. “saint” Stefan knowing that he’s a vampire with human blood control problem knowing that he would be putting her in danger just oleh being what he is,still hedecided to come into her life because she looked like Katherine he didn’t care the FACT that she’s a normal human girl who’s in dark about the truth (supernatural creatures...
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Well, I wanted to just write this cuz we have 4 grueling months until TVD comes back.

10) The last scene in 2X5 *Kill atau Be Killed*:
This scene was small, but IMO, very signicant. It shows that, even after what Damon did to Jeremy 4 episodes before, that Elena does still wanna/does see redeemable qualities in Damon. It's basically a sort of sinar, ray of hope for them to regain their friendship (which they did, of course).

9) The hand-squeeze scene in 1X21 *Isobel*:
I personally loved this scene cuz it demonstrates just how much Damon had grown to trust Elena oleh then. They share glimpses in that scene...
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originally written oleh : SuchALittleMonster on FanFiction.net

I was alive. At least... I think. My eyes stayed tightly shut. Laying quietly I took a couple deep breaths. Breathing in the air around me, I replayed what had happened in my head. It still didn't seem real. Was it real?

I slowly opened my eyes and was instantly met oleh the sunlight shining in through the window. I could feel the warmth on my skin, I was deeply relaxed and comfortable. I always felt this way waking up selanjutnya to Stefan in the morning. We would lay in tempat tidur for hours upon hours, wide awake, but silent. Neither one of us ever...
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The Darkest Side of Me
originally Written oleh : SuchALittleMonster
on FanFiction.net
Something was definitely wrong. Everything was dark. Pitch black...

I slowly rolled onto my side and reached for my phone. Nothing. I always keep my phone on the nightstand selanjutnya to my bed. Odd...

Sighing in frustration, I slowly sat up, groggy and irritated my eyes had not adjusted to my dark room yet.

I flung my legs over the side of the tempat tidur and blinked a couple times, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. How long have I been out? Oh, goody a pounding headache to add to the list, just want I need.

I managed to crawl...
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Elena came in and called out in her cheery voice, “Stefan, are anda here?”
Damon gritted his teeth and took a heavy swig of his bourbon. It was just a few days yang lalu that he killed a woman named Jessica out on the road oleh feeding off of her. Then last night he had spent a meaningless night in a bubble bath with reporter Andie Star. He could care less for either woman since all they provided for him was a distraction from Elena and food. As much as he tried nothing could erase the pain he was feeling and no one else would be her. oleh now he was pretty drunk but he didn’t care.
Elena came in...
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