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It was a perfect night for the both of us. we are celebrating our anniversary together with our little malaikat Lucy. as we sat down for makan malam with candle lights and roses, i came to think about how lucky i am to have him in my life and how god brought us together. it was magical. i feel aman, brankas around his arms. indeed, he was my ONE TRUE LOVE... DANNY MESSER...


when i gave birth to our most precious baby Lucy,i swear that she would be our only child. but i was wrong, i wanted more. after 2 years of having this thought, i finally decided that i really want to have...
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Chapter Six: Getting To Know Each Other

Hawkes, Aiden, Kendall, and Adam sat on one of the couches while Flack, Jess, Mac and Stella sat on another one. Danny sat in the La-Z-Boy recliner with Lindsay in his lap and Samantha and Chad sat in two chairs in between one of the couches and the recliner which had all been sat up in a circle.
    “Alright how about we just go in a lingkaran and everyone say a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, what’s your family like, what were anda like in high school, what made anda gabung the army… etc.” Mac berkata to everyone on Blue...
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Mac gives Danny his support, as well as some advice, after he sees Danny reprimanding a subordinate. Later, Danny has a jantung to jantung with the lower ranking officer, and then joins her and others for some drinks after work.
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