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 Laughing Jack
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This creepypasta fan art might contain ruang tamu, ruang duduk, depan kamar, and salon.

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Masky for some reason was actually being a bully me and Toby heard him yelling " anda MAKE ME LOUSE I MAKE anda SNOOZE !!!" before throwing Ben over him body slamming him on the ground knocking him out which made us run faster then finally making it to Masky "MASKY WHAT ARE anda DOING !!!! anda DONT EVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT !!" Toby berkata with no fear of getting slammed too " don't anda see what he did to new Masky and he though new Masky was a pushover !" Masky berkata with a psychotically kind vocie " no brother he didn't we saw the whole thing we think your taking this assertiveness thing way to far!"...
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If anda know Marble hornets, in this video anda will now know The secret of Tim atau Masky Like if u like the story and Comment. =)
marble hornets
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Kage: なぜ テール-

Jack: please speak English Kage... We aren't in China anymore

Kage: I come from Japan

Jack: don't care!

Kage: *sigh* why are we doing this?

Jack: apparently V thinks having the goat eater back will be helpful...

Kage: we're geting him!?

Jack: V told us that during the meeting!

Kage: really?! I didn't hear him...

Jack: apparently cinta makes anda deaf to...

Kage: what?

Jack: I know anda like that Japanese chick

Kage: what?! I do not!

Jack: oh come on! anda were looking at her the entire time during the meeting!

Kage: Jack...

Jack: don't even try Kage, nothing anda say can disprove me!

Kage: Chupacabra is behind you

Jack: ._.

Chupacabra: ... (Having British tonight!)