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posted by animelove30
How Could You

It’s okay, anda kicked me to the side. It’s okay, anda were completely blind. anda couldn’t see the cinta of me and anda threw my jantung away. I forgave anda back then. I forgive anda right now. I’m screaming my jantung out loud. I still cinta you, but then I hate you. What am I gonna do?

I am fine, here without you. There’s just one little thing I need to know. How could anda pass me oleh on that cold winter night and leave me all alone? How could anda take your cinta away? anda weren’t here to stay, without a goodbye. Sayonara baby. Cause I’ll never see anda again as long as I ask...
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posted by animelove30
Chapter 3- A Beautiful Thing

    Jade and Amanda started gossiping until Jade heard a ring upon her cell phone. Jade raised her eyebrows and quickly grabbed the phone. She flipped the cover and answered “Hello?”. “Jade, it’s me Chris.” She heard over the phone. “Oh my God! Chris! How did anda get my number?” Jade asked with excitement and a sparkle in her eyes. “Aw!” Amanda berkata with a smile. “Small town, small phonebook.” Chris answered. Jade laughed in return. “So anda actually searched for my number?” Jade asked with amazement. “Well, I had to...
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posted by animelove30
Chapter 2- Chris Park

    The following morning, Jade awoke to the feel of her mother shaking her. Her eyes opened slowly. “Sweetie, I know it’s early but could anda go to the store and get some grits for breakfast? I’m not feeling well enough to go myself.” Her mother berkata with a kindly tone. Jade slowly nodded her head and then went back under the covers. Jade’s mother tapped on her. “Now.” Her mother demanded. Jade sighed and got out of bed. She quickly changed into something appropriate and combed out her hair. She hopped on her bike that her father had given...
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posted by animelove30
Chapter 1- The Bar

    In the small quiet town of Saint Vincent, Oklahoma, Jade Neal sat in her bedroom as the rain hit her window. She smiled at the somewhat silent pitter patter and thought about her late father and how he loved the rain. She almost lost herself in old memories until she heard a hard knock on her door. “Who is it?” She asked with a sad tone for voice. “Hotel room service” a girl berkata through the cracks. “Come in” Jade replied. Amanda walked in with the biggest smile on her face ever and sat beside Jade. “Guess what?” Amanda asked with anticipation....
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posted by animelove30
My Heaven (English Version)

cinta anda boy.
Baby yes anda are my heaven.
Sing it with me.
La la la…

24/7 Baby you’re my heaven. 24/7 My everlasting heaven.

24/7 anda send me to heaven. 24/7 Baby lets go.

Even though I let anda down, do anda wanna kick me on the ground and tell me that I’m not enough for you. But I’m still in cinta with anda and everytime I see your face, I know I can’t let go. So.. Be my ever loving heaven yo

Everytime I see your face, anda make me wanna fly. Like I can touch the stars. I can touch the sky. I know you’d never leave me, and baby this is true.. Baby boy you...
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posted by animelove30
Look Into My Eyes

I see your very sad. Is everything alright? I came here to hold you.. Not to see anda cry. I’d do anything, to see a smile upon that face. Look into my eyes. Is everything okay?

If you’re sad, I’ll hold you. If You’re happy, I’ll embrace you. If you’re in love, I’ll ciuman you. Just look into my eyes.. You’ll have it all.

I see anda standing there. Why so far away? I’ll ask anda one lebih time, is everything okay? Look in to my eyes and tell me the truth, your smile is not what I wanna lose.

If you’re sad, I’ll hold you. If you’re happy, I’ll embrace you....
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posted by Edward901
nobody understands love,
nobody really believes.
anda can't put a price on the way people make anda feel,
but anda can always say:
i cinta you
but what does it really mean?
those three small words?
to many people it's just
i care about you
isn't that easier to say
than make someone believe
you'll always be there for them
that they are the sun, the moon, the stars
that they will be the person that anda want to be the last person to see before anda die?
is it so hard to NOT make someone believe
that anda will always be there for them
that anda will be the one that they need
for life
for eternity
selanjutnya time anda say
i cinta you
mean it
because if anda don't
your just hurting yourself
and the person that anda say it to
posted by Edward901
this will be the last chapter i post... the rest you'll have to read in the published book when it's done being written and comes out

Music was playing when I could feel again. Abigail was lying on my tempat tidur with me, playing with my hair.
    “Bobby will be halaman awal in two hours. I called him when anda stopped responding to me.” I recognized the song, it was Bobby's favorite. He had told me that I was who it reminded him of.
    I looked away from Abby, ashamed. “I can't believe how selfish I am. He was finally where he wanted to be and I dragged him away...
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posted by malaikat
the time we have is so very precious...
anda can blink atau turn and it is like a whole lifetime has passed
a fiend whom has helped me in so many ways has, in a blink of an eye it seems
has gotten older and i have trouble seeing that time has passed so quick
even now the newer friends and family it seems change in a blink
anda are left wondering where was i when did all of this change........
in the hari to hari routines of life sometimes anda can forget how precious life, friends, family, even your pets, and just people anda meet can just be so different; the selanjutnya time anda really take the time to...
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posted by elanor260
I wrote this a few months ago. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Black Roses

At the end of the day, the sun slowly set, painting the sky in a brilliant pelangi of colors. She looked across the golden field, staring at the horizon. Her expression was that of one who is looking for something, but cannot figure out quite what. A slight breeze stirred the tall grass, creating the semblance of waves. Her hair moved slightly as she looked down at her lap, and the three black mawar that lay upon it.

The mawar meant something, of that she was certain, but she did not remember, not yet. It had been...
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This is a poem I wrote today, 7 May 2008. Feedback/analysis is welcome.


My eyes have been thirsting for you
These long lonely years
My ears have strained to hear your voice
The boy's enthusiasm for his lover
Has not sagged but rather swelled
With deprivation

Memory paints you
Perfect in wit, charm

Today I saw anda briefly, from afar
I had to avert my eyes
Lest I be consumed
My ears heard your distant laughter
Through all the other noise
In that crowded place

I know that memory lies
But still I shivered
With longing and remorse

Today I also heard of the other man
Now in your life
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So one may atau may not recall that a few months ago, I diposting link that I wrote in my high school years and my freshman tahun of college. The purpose of this was to compare it to the work I was required to do in my poetry class (a pre-req for the creative menulis track of the English major). Since I recently discovered that I was accepted to the track (yay for me!), I decided it was time to post the results of that poetry class to compare to my other poems.



fingers curl like dead leaves and grip a
fleshy branch which tickles

lines of stories etched in arching
looping whorls rub against...
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posted by Edward901
Rulers of Darkness

Hunting. The best word in a vampire's vocabulary.
    “Ready?” Abby asked me expectantly.
    Our eyes dilated and all of our senses were down. I crouched low,listening, the world no longer had any secrets. Wind rustled leaves, a storm was coming in a couple of days. A deer grazed peacefully, not what I wanted. Abby attacked a grizzly. Nope. Finally, I heard it. A pack of gray wolves.
    Wolves were my favorit drink. They always hunted in a pack, a canine family. Something that...
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posted by Edward901
this is part of my book that i wrote... tell me how it is...

Rulers of Darkness

I sat there, watching, waiting, listening for the sound of Abigail calling me. She didn't, she just stood outside my door letting me cool off.
I smiled, I'd wait for her to decide to talk to me, patience was one of my best abilities. Of course, I had to learn patience while others were detik nature, but time had perfected it.
Abby waited, but her toes tapped impatiently on the other side of the door. I heard her sigh and knew I had won.
An involuntary victory smile formed on my face as the door knob turned....
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posted by Cinders
Preface: I wrote this in tenth grade, when I was sixteen. So it was about four years ago... Comparing it to link which was written four weeks ago, it's interesting to see the changes in those four years. I would cinta to discuss that. I've updated it for Fanpop, editing and tweaking it from the original which can be found link.

It was probably nothing different to little Ellen, munching ever so innocently on a good-tasting set of keys in the corner, surrounded oleh blocks and the spilt contents of her poor mother’s purse. Mrs. Shaw had neglected to put the tas, dompet out of her dear child’s...
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posted by animelove30

    A beautiful creature up in the air.
Up above, way up there. Floating around without a care. Through the clouds, over the rainbow. The people stop and stare, it’s just too rare. Above the earth’s surface, flying with the breeze. Gliding through the sky with special ease.     The children wave as she flies by. Up, Up, Up, and higher in the sky. She hovers over the grasslands, and above the sea, how happy this kupu-kupu has to be. She flies over Africa, Europe, and Asia too, everywhere the skies are blue. She never...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Got no reason to cry
I’m okay
Got no reason to hide
I’m okay
Got no reason to run from life
Or to fake a smile
Everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Bury me while I’m still breathing
Haunt me while I’m still sleeping
Torture me while I’m still feeling
Everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Got no place to run to
But I’m okay
Got no heaven to go through
Still I’m okay
Got no idea what to do
Or how to live without you
But everything’s perfect this way
I’m okay

Bury me while I’m still breathing
Haunt me while I’m still sleeping
Torture me while I’m still feeling
Everything’s perfect...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Frustration is causing me to pull my hair out
Desperation is causing me to cry my jantung out
Imagination has caused my head into the clouds
But realization has caused me to tumble down

Of all the guys I got to know you’re the one I will remember
And I won’t shed a tear, but inside I’ll cry a river

I’m falling back down to earth
My feet steady on the ground
If anything I’ve learned from love
It’s anda get lost but never found
Broken down from these emotions
I realize how unfair life is
Still I can’t stop believing
There’s gotta be lebih than this

Acting like a menggerutu, jalang I abreact on my friends
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posted by HaleyDewit
When anda read this
I’ll be gone
Though I never berkata I cinta you
I wrote it in many cinta songs
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But I guess it was asked too much
Now all I want to do is run away
‘Cause I’ve had enough

I wanna let go
But my hands are tied on you
I wanna walk away
But my feet refuse to move
I’m cinta struck, anda got me completely
And now we’ll never know what might have been

Don’t feel sorry
I’m the one to blame
I shouldn’t have been so damn gutless
And told anda straight away
But I guess it’s not very convenient
When you’re living miles apart
Though I know physical distance
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Have anda ever had a dream? I have. My name is Isabella, but anda could call me Izzie. I have 6 siblings, 5 brothers, 1 sister. I can not work out in the field. This is 1859 us as women, we have no rights. My dad was a sailor. He was striped of commanding his ship. I was only 5 when that happened, now I'm 16 the oldest in the house, and I still get no respect! But anyway, my dad smuggled slaves into the north. Well, my dream was to be a carpenter. When I told my dad my dad he berkata "Psh! A carpenter! Thats a job for a man, not a skinny girl like you!" That made me furious!
"OHHHHHHHHH! Izzie's...
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