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Im the biggist Cinderpelt luver in the world so im gonna right her history!So here it goes..
When cinderpelt was an aprentice she was hit oleh a monster on the thunder path.It was all Tigerclaws fault.He was standing there waiting for Bluestar but unexpectingly young Cinderpaw came thre intead.Cinderpaw was told she may never become a warrior.Thats what led her to becoming an aprentice under Yellowfang's Medicine cat duity.She trained hard to understand the way of the medicine cat and got her full name,Cinderpelt.Yellowfang died in a api leaving Cinderpelt on her own as a medicine cat.Cinderpelt later on got an aprenice named Leafpaw.She trained Leafpaw well and Leafpaw got her warrior name,Leafpool.Cinderpelt died of a tragic atack but Starclan gave her another life as one of thunderclan's mewling kits.