Chris And Wyatt Halliwell Episode Help Please!

Bubbly131 posted on Aug 10, 2008 at 10:37PM
i saw 3 different clips of chris and wyatt and i really want to find the episodes they were in. i will describe them the best i can below. all help is appreciated!

clip 1: chris and wyatt (as young adults) in the attic making a potion. chris adds the final ingrediant and it poofs in wyatt's face. they are standing by the window.

clip 2: wyatt (as a child) is playing candyland with his grandpa. his grandpa says that he needs a double red, but wyatt draws a blue. then a double red card is orbed in place of the blue card, and when his grandpa says that that's cheating, wyatt says that chris did it. grandpa syas that chris doesnt have his powers and, and wyatt says that chris does have his powers. then chris (as a baby) starts giggling from his playpen.

clip 3: chris is playing a hand-held game, and wyatt is standing a few feet directly behind him looking down. they are both young children (chris= 7, wyatt= 10 maybe?)

once again, all help is appreciated. thank you!

Chris And Wyatt Halliwell 2 balasa

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu natulle said…
Clip 1: It's episode 22 "Forever Charmed" the last episode season 8.

Clip 2: It's from epside 22 "Something wicca the way it goes" from season 7

Clip 3: It's from episode 14 "The legend of sleepy halliwell" season 6

You can watch the epsidoes here:

Clip 1's epsidoe: link

Clip's 2 episode: link

Clip 3's episode: link

You can watch other episodes here: link

OBS: You can only watch 1 and a half episode at a time then you have to wait an hour. You can either do that or only see one a day, or after seen one, you click on the other, turn of the sound and do something else, then when the time is up and you've waited an hour you can watch agian d; It's up to you ;)

Hope it helped ;)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Bubbly131 said…
Thank you! :)