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 Cute kitty, I baby-sitted them (my freind's)
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This kucing foto might contain coffee break, teh istirahat, and rehat kopi.

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Cat on the Hearth
The firelight flickers on the Chinese tray
And on the buku set snugly in their rack;
Copper and silver flow beneath its play,
The chairs are placed - what is it that
we lack?

She comes. With each foor delicately placed,
Advancing like a vestal to the rite,
She scorns to pindah with unbecoming haste
atau note the lesser objests in her sight.

She settles couchant; curves one placid paw;
Beneath her chest; now curves its mate
the same;
Yeilds to the promptings of some ancient law
And fastens thoughtful eyes upon the flame

Now let the night wind rise, the grey
storm come
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