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matchesrulezu posted on Mar 10, 2014 at 02:23AM
Welcome, fellow Captain Swaners. Have questions or feel like discussing something pertaining to the show or our magnificent ship? This is the place.

I watched episode 3.12 and felt like discussing some of the episode, but I don't have nearly enough that I want to say for an article.

So was I the only kind of disappointed with 3.12 in the Captain Swan aspect? I felt like I was expecting more good Captain Swan moments, but I didn't finish the episode feeling satisfied. Reading the interviews and stuff, it seemed like there was going to be some of those moments. So I was kind of disappointed when there weren't a whole lot of moments, but at the same time, I felt like they played the episode right and stayed true to the characters. For example, it would have been unlike Emma to ecstatically throw herself into Hook's arms because she is mourning the fact that the life she's been living for a year and the life she didn't want to give up wasn't real. I'm still bummed, though. lol.

And I felt so bad for Hook whenever Emma kept mentioning her feelings for Walsh. Poor guy.

They also hinted to enough Swanfire, romantically speaking, that it kind of makes me uncomfortable. lol. Like they kept bringing focus to how Neal misses Emma, though I did notice that most of his focus was on Emma, not Emma and Henry. So that makes me feel like he really is just trying to recapture the past. I also thought it was kind of mean for Neal to basically say "I want to find my father because he might have a way to get to Emma". And I'm getting tired of Snow and Charming's "we-think-Hook-is-a-bad-guy-but-Neal-­is-­our­-id­eal­-so­n-i­n-l­aw&­quo­t; attitude. I can't understand how they can dislike Hook, but like Neal knowing what Neal did to Emma unless they're casting it all aside because Neal is Henry's father. Which is kind of like saying "Honey, you should be with Neal because you had a child together", in my opinion.

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