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CrazyFruittt posted on Jan 28, 2010 at 01:35AM
Hey guys...I just want to hear you thoughts about brulian in these last episodes.DO you think the whole Alex and Julian thing is just in Brookes head or do you blame Julian or Alex...?
I adore Brooke and I'm 100% on her side...:)))
I want to know what do you think...xD Or really about anything in these episodes...xD =D
 hey guys...I just want to hear anda thoughts about brulian in these last episodes.DO anda think the who

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu ns_23 said…
I gotta say I was also on Brooke's side. I love Julian too tho, they are my second fave couple, but I see where she is coming from more. His whole "wanting to save people" is so Lucas. Which didn't work the first time and its not going to work now. He needs to realise what he has to focus on her and them. Not Alex's latest drama. Its great that he wants to help but Brooke needs to be a proirity and he needs to show he loves her not just say it all the time.
I really think they will work it out though cause they are meant to be. I love them ♥ And after last week they seemed like they are atleast talking, and kinda flirty too which is good. Hopefully the rumour of Alex & Alexander hook up is true and that will put an end to the Brooke/Julian/Alex issue :D
Anyway, love Brulian ! It'll all work out I think & hope ♥♥♥
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