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kevinkamps posted on Jan 22, 2011 at 08:38PM
well post stories hear about life or stuff that hapened 2 u or if u need 2 express urself without ppl knowing and if it has a lesson u tell it
 well post stories hear about life atau stuff that hapened 2 u atau if u need 2 express urself without ppl

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu kevinkamps said…
green:well hello there today kevin was sick troat and sounded like a goat and needed 2 read a book 4 school he gone 2 bed thinking he was a fool while he was reading the book his unclepa(grandmas brother)had a strange look he said where is kevin e promised me he taked me 4 a ride his grandma said did u c this boy with a car all this time anyway doesnt have a car u must b confused he just stand there as he losed then he said then ok bye grandm said go 2 sleep bye then a while past my grandma thinked fast umn kevin where is tio(his name actualy means uncle but all him that anyway) i said umn idk she said o c if hes here i camed back sai he disapeard then i said wats that thing on the road idk i hear the tv oan she said go go c if its him i raunned sick with my power within he was down he was on the ground i goed 2 c if i can get help and the neighbors where there 2 help we walk home as my uncle come he was bleeding but the girl neighbor cured his bleeding hes sleeping injured on the bed thinking how he could of incountered his end,ok enough rhyming thx btw rhymer anyway my unclepa tried 2 go 2 his moms house alot we always call him back cuzz its a long walk and hes old and the house may b in lock 2 and he may trip since the road is made of dirt or stuff he didt listen oday he trid again and almost reahed his end i knew he was going out gain when he said bye but think hmmp some ppl need 2 learn th hard way 2 listen so i didt go c if he goed 4 a nap or walk then that hapened so yeah LESSON:like a wise man once said if 1 doesnt learn the easy way 1 shall suffer the hard way(is real rlly real hapened today about 2;30 HE GOED 2 WALK and stuff XI dammn destiny is awesome)