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Ok,so Brick is jelous that his gf(girlfriend)Blossom has left him for a science genius called dexter and is determened to get her back!

Brick:Oh common Dex. I know anda dont cinta her and want to leave her.
Dexter:Dude its not what anda think!! I do cinta her,and she loves me as well!!
Brick:Oh really?!
Brick:Babe,please come back to me. Im lonly without you.
(Brick starts blushing to try to get Blossom to say,"Oh youre right i should come back to you!"then he kissed her)
Blossom:Oooooohhhhhhh!!! Youre my real love!!! Lets go to the film together Babe!!!
But that isnt the end,so to be continued...
Dexter:Babe,would anda like to come to my house to do a science project?
Blossom:Sure,ill be there! What time?
Blossom:Alright! And what day?
Dexter:On Sunday.
Blossom:Alright! See yo-
Brick:What do anda think youre doing,dork?!
Blossom and Dexter:BRICK?!
Brick:Hey,babe! Want to gabung me in a fighting combat test?
Dexter:Wait,"your" babe?!
Brick:Step away from my girlfriend,or i will beat anda up so bad anda couldnt do anything!!!
Blossom:Brick,hes just my friend!! Plea-
Brick:Your friend,huh?! I know she loves me lebih than anda and wishes that she was with me instead of a dumb science genus.
(Brick grabbes Blossom and kicks Dexter,then drags Blossom away)
Blossom:LET ME GO!!!
Brick:Ohhhh,my girlfriend wanting me to let her go...come on babe. (KISS!)(And Blossom zones out)
Brick:Good girl babe. Now lets go home.
(Brick zaps dexter and takes Blossom to his brothers and prison her) To be continued...
Blossom:DEXTER!! NO!!
(Blossom storms out and flies to where dexter was)
(Blossom follows Dexters voice and finds him bleeding heavlly laying down in a patch of dirt)
Blossom:Dexter,are anda ok?!!!!!
(And Blossom grabs dexter and is about to fly away when this happens!!!)
Blossom:Urrrrgggggg! Ugggggghhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!
(Blossom gets grabbed oleh something and gets pulled down)
(Dexter manniges to get out and weakly walks back halaman awal bleeding)
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posted by WolfGirl259
Ok,now that we have 6 parts of the story,here is part 7 to give everyone a update:)

Bell,Girly,and her friends and parents fight Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup(Powerpuff Girls),me(Kania),and other friends will fight in this part,so here is all the action:

Blossom:*Moan* Bubbles:COME ON!! LET BLOSSOM GO!!!!! Bell:Never! THWACK!! Bubbles:OOF!! bel, bell grabs Blossom and runs to me,and i am waiting! Me:Give me Blossom! I will keep her hostage! Bell:Thanks Kania! You're the best powerpunk jedi! Me:Thanks! Bell:Girly,go with Kania! Girly gets on my head,and we go to where the bomb will go. Me:Girly,put the...
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posted by WolfGirl259
So,Blossom is no longer a part of the story(not a powerpuff girl)but still part of the dexter family. So Bubbles and Buttercup are off on their own.

Bell:Yes,now i can kidnap Blossom to lure dexter for Mandark,and Kpt,Bubbles,and Buttercup cant do anything about it!!!! Mojo:Yes,Bell!!!! And they sneak into the halaman awal where Blossom now lives,get into the bedroom with a bag Blossom's size,and put Blossom in it!!!Bell puts a gun where Blossom layed and they left. And that will start a almost tahun long cari for Blossom,and as a result,Bell and her pet Girly and friend Samantha(robot)and other villains will come against Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Dexter,Me(Kpt),Otto,Olga,Courage(a dog),Mrs.Wakeman,Jenny(XJ-4),Professor Utonium,Dr.Brisbrain,and others,in the biggest and intense fight/battel the world has ever seen,and this will be in the following parts of this story,so stay tuned,so to be continued...
Hi,im sorry for being gone so long. Here is part 5 of my story!! In this part,I finily get a part in it,so have fun!!

3rd hari of Megaville Elimentry for the Powerpuff Girls:Blossom,Bubbles,and Buttercup. They walk in to do classes,as normal. Now I come in and there is a secrit hidden that anda must find about me!! Buttercup:Whats for today? Bubbles:I cant wait for the dance happening after school!!!! Blossom:......... I(Kpt)walk in and take my seat. Teacher:Ok class,Today we are looking at world history in Eptipt(sorry if thats spelled wrong!)at the clothes they wore and styiles they wore. Bubbles...
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Re-uploading to see if it works now atau not
First charator:Bell. 2.Danny. 3.XJ-9(Jenny) 4.Berserk 5.Brat 6.Brute 7.Xana 8.Jeina And that's it here is the story:Xana:Is anyone bored? Bell:No,are you? Xana:Yes. Let's go outside. Jenny:Zzzzzzzzz...... Danny:Ima watch TV. Jeina:Ima go fight crime. Berserk,Brat,and Brute,want to come with me? Berserk:Ok,I'll come with you. Girls,want to come? Brat:.......... Brute:Count me in! Brat wants to stay. Jenny:Ima go see a friend. And everything was fine,until something happened!!!! To be continued......
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The girls chase Dad until they come to a forest. Buttercup:Dad,tell us why!!! Bubbles:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Blossom:......... Dad:Im sorry girls but im making new girls and leaving you-Buttercup:HOW COULD anda WE cinta anda lebih THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!! Dad:Please,just let me go fo-Buttercup:LOOK AT US:BUBBLES IS CRYING,BLOSSOM IS SPEECHLESS,AND IM MAD AT YOU!!!!!!!!! ILL BEAT anda UP SO MUCH anda COULDNT WALK IR SIT SO MAKE YOUR CHOSE:US atau NO LIFE!!!!!!!! Dad:Ok,ok,ok,youre right,so i three..... Bubbles:YAY! Blossom:*thinking* love......want to be with him now!!!!*...
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Buttercup:I wanted to fight bad guys,not watch Blossom fall in cinta with a boy and walk away hands with him!!!!! Bubbles:I dont think its so bad,since iv been wanting to find a friend!! Blossom:I cinta dexter SO MUCH! I JUST WANT TO MARRY HIM TO GET AWAY FROM CRIME AND HAVE A NORMAL LIFE THANKS TO BUTTERCUP,WHO IS ALWAYS WANTING TO FIGHT CRIME FOR HERSELF!!!!!!!! Buttercup:Blossom,whats wrong with you??? Dad:Girls,time to go again to the park to play and get energy out. Blossom:ZIP!!!! IM READYYYY!!!!!!!! Bubbles:Oh brother,here we go again! Buttercup:Ok,everything seems werid!! (After they...
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