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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu RespDeg said…
Name:Yaiba Maboroshi (Blade Phantom)

Release Command: Utsu (strike)

Sealed Description: link

Shikai Description:
As soon as the release command is said, the katana turns black, and an other katana materializes. The materialization of the extra katana happens whenever the user wants. Each katana has extreme cutting power, enough to cut/stab through the toughest defense.

Shikai Abilities:

1-Blade Manipulation:
This ability is activated as soon as shikai is released. Blade manipulation allows the user to detach the blades of each katana and control the movement with his mind, but he must be touching the handle(s) of the katanas. The user can manipulate the blades at high speed.

2-Warp Edge:
Causes the zanpakuto's blades to distort nearby reiatsu. This distortion lowers the concentration and control of the reiatsu near the zanpakuto's blades. This reduced concentration and control can nullify attacks and cripple various aspects of an enemy. The user is immune to the effects.

The user can teleport to anywhere his blades are. Example, if one of his blades are next to some guy 200m away, he can instantly appear next to him, and stab him with his other katana. User must have physical contact with the katana's handle.

Bankai Description:
When "Bankai" is said by the user, all of his blades vanish and up to 200 daggers instantly appear. The number of daggers, their location, and formation are determined by the user. The maximum range is 4000 meters. Each dagger has quadruple the cutting power as a shikai katana.

Bankai Abilities:

The user has all the abilities that were available in Shikai, but they are much more effective. Blade Manipulation is much more powerful (see later description). Teleport is more effective because in bankai the blades are faster and there can be up to 200 of them. Hidden blade can be applied to any of the zanpakuto's blades. Warp Edge is more effective for the same reasons as Teleport. Additionally, the shikai abilities when used in bankai, don't need physical contact with anything.

1-Enhanced Blade Manipulation:
The user can control the 200 daggers and put them into formations and movements to cut down pretty much anything. The daggers are controlled by the user's mind hand movements. The speed of the daggers when controlled, is near instant. Additionally, the daggers can be fused together into fewer but more potent weapons that can still be controlled at a distance or used for close combat.

2- Hidden strike:
The user can make his blades completely undetectable (only the user can detect the blades). The blades become invisible, create no sound, their reiatsu can't be felt and if they were to strike an enemy, the enemy would not feel pain. However, the enemy wound still suffer damage and can see their wounds. The blades can still be blocked. The user still maintains full control over the hidden blade(s).

Overall, this zanpakuto is extremely fast, lethal and versatile. However, it has no specialized defensive abilities. The user would have to rely on mobility, kido, and a good offense for defense.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu wolfmaster3000 said…
@whitflame55 this is an old blade so it's long number one , Number two i'd love your advice , number 3 this is gonna be my squad Zero charcter's blade please review and all that stuff.


okay Kensiki is a soul reaper who has dual Zanpakuto for this to work it take's him 30 seconds to switch between Zanpakuto(s) once he is useing that pool of attacks he can't mix his Zanpakuto(s) powers. and yes they both activate at the same time however you'll see what I mean that he can't use both blade's powers it really shows up in his bankai.

Release command : Rise above the world and Descend from hell

Shikai Name : Kigen sono Mokushi ( rise of the Apocalypse )

Shikai Name : Zaigou Bachi ( sinners curse )

Zanpakuto Description ( Zaigou bachi ) this blade in it's sealed state is a pure white blade that is Regularly sized the blade is a bit thicker than most. when this blade enters it's shikai it becomes black and the a orange sash appears around it.

Zanpakuto Descirtion (Kigen sono Mokushi) : this blade in it's sealed state is a purely black blade that is longer than a normal Katana by 2 inches when this blade enters in shikai the blade turns a Ghostly grey color and a red sash appears over this blade.

Shikai Abilties ( Kigen Sono Mokushi )

Za Kensei ekirei ( the power of Pestilence ) this abilty is based off of the horseman of Pestilence of wich was the first horse man to ride the blade turns a Dark purple and now with each strike crodes and decays everything it touches excludeing Zanpakuto and the owner however if the blade were to just cut your finger that finger would crode and decay nothing else if the blade hits the shoulder that shoulder would just decay and crodee this abilty lasts for 10 minutes no other abitlies are allowed to be acessed.

Sono Kensei Kousen ( the power of war ) this abilty is based off of the horseman of war who is the second horseman to ride the blade turns a Blood red and now has the abilty to change into diffrent weapons ( Mace's, mallets, swords,spike-ball and chain ) all of Zewihander size the bigger the size the slower he moves the smaller the size the faster he moves but he does less damage. this abilty lasts 10 minutes and no others abitlies can be acessed.

Sono Kensei Ketsubou ( the power of famine ) Famine the third horseman to ride. the blade turns a light blue and now with each strike it robs the body of Iron, Nutrients and Vitamans makeing that part of the body ethier fall limb or become really weak however if I just strike your hand only that will loose it's Iron, Nutrients and Vitamans. and if the blade is there for 1 second you only loose less than a tenth of your vitiman etc if the blade is there for 1 minute you loose 5% of all nutrients etc so on and so fourth. this abitly doesn't cut people this abilty lasts 10 minutes no other abilties can be acessed.

Shikai Abitlties ( Zaigou Bachi ) the second blade now when I say no other abities can be acessed he CAN'T switch to this blade or to the powers of the other blade.

Gouyoku akuba ( Greeds curse ) this abilty allows Kensuiki to absorb Hado and Bakudo of level 40 and lower and add one quartar of it onto his spirtual pressure . considering greed is the sin of Money and power I figured an aborbtion spell would be good. this abilty has no time limit and be switched out with other abitlies of this blade.

Netami Akuba ( envys curse ) Envy is the sin to be jealous or to want something some one has to this abitly is hypnotism that lasts for 5 minutes this abilty is kinda like Azeins only the person sees what they Envy most and there sense of reailty is cut off Alos to fall into the hypnotism a son plays it's low and sweet it lasts for 10 seconds and covers a 5 foot Raiduis makeing everyting in that Raiduis under the blade's spell except teh weilder. the enemey will enter there dream world and Kensiki makes it more and more demanted causeing most people to go insane. when this abilty is in use no other abities can be acessed from ethier blade.

tokui akuba ( curse of pride ) this abilty gives Kenshiki a 5% stat boost to all stats also no other abitlyies can be acessed in ethier blade also this abilty lasts for 60 seconds.

Bankai Name : Koushin Sono Kishu ( rise of the horseman )

Bankai description : Kigen sono Mokushi ( rise of the Apocalypse ) turns into four rings one that is red and has a sword on it this goes on his middle finger another one that is pure white with a skull on it this one goes on his pinky the third one is light blue and has a scale desgin and it goes on his ring finger the last one is Purple and has a bow on it.

Pestlience : how Kenshiki activates his abitly is he takes off the ring and calls it's name he can go in any order but i'm going in order in terms off horseman Pestlience is the first horseman to ride also how he activates the ring he calls it's name. the purpple ring turns into a Long bow and the arrows are like the blade in shikai he can do one of three things Decya, Crode or rott it has the same affect of the first shikai abitly however now if you get hit in the finger your whole hand will rott and etc and eventually just fall off. this abilty lasts 10 minutes and cannot be switched with any other abiltyies of this balde or the other blade.

War : the second horseman to ride. Kenshiki take's off the red ring on his middle finger and it turns into a Zewihander Blade it has the same abilty as the first shikai it transforms into diffrent melee weapons ( Mallets, Hammers , swords and Spike-ball and chain ) the weapons now seem to be ethier glowing red hot or completely on fire allowing Kenshiki to slice through most objects ( besides Zanpakuto and kido ) this abilty has no time limit and can be switched out with anyother abitly of this blade.

Famine : Famine is the horseman of hunger and is the third horseman to ride, Kenshiki take's off his Blue ring and Gains a Light Blue Aura on his hands this abilty robs the body of Vitmans Iron and Nutrients what happens is that whatever he touches becomes weak over a peroid of time for the part ofthe body he is makeing weak it take's 4 10 minute touches in the same spot of that place to become completely weak and limb it take's 24 20 miuntes touches to the heart or head for him to kill some one or he holds it for 30 minutes on the head or heart witch is hard in it's self. this abilty lasts for 10 minutes and cannot be switched out with anyother abitlies of this blade or the other blade .

Death : Death is the last and final horseman to ride. Kenshiki pulls off his white ring on his Pinky and sais the name death the ring turns into a sycthe that looks like it's made out of bone fragments and a big Virtibrate the sycthe is 10 feet long and the blde is 4 feet long the abilty of the blade is a delayed slash because death is time the slash can be delayed for one hour so if he slashes your shoulder you won't nesscairly feel it until one hour when it opens up fully however over the course of the hour the part he slashed at slowly ages until the part that cut fully opens up this abilty lasts 10 minutes and the weilder cannot acess other abities from ethier blade.

Bankai name : Keiro Sono Zaiaku ( path of the sins )

Bankai Deciprtion : when Zaigou Benchi transfroms into Keiro sono Zaiaku three small Orbs appears Circleing Kenshiki one orb is a gold yellow , another is bright Rose red and the last one is Dark blood red.

Bankai Abiltyies :

Za Kensei Kentan ( the power of Gultony ) the bright Gold orb Glows and turns into a small fat Gaint with mouths where it's hands are it's blind folded and is it's actual mouth has extermely sharp teeth there looks to be a string or wire of sorts than Kenshinki holds the Gaint can be harmed but its abilty is it eat Hado and Bakudo of level 60 and down it can also Luanch it back in a beam form at the speed of witch is traveled it's also as strong as the hado or Bakudo's level. it can also fight Pyschaily but is extermely slow moveing. this abilty lasts 10 minutes and can be switched out with abilties of this blade ONLY.

Sono Kensi doki ( the power of wrath ) the red orb glows and becomes a aura around Kenshiki's right hand Kenshiki can now shoot Bolts of energey blasts of witch are 5 by 5 ( 5 feet long , 5 feet long )he can also make balls of energey two he can make up to 4 balls of energey and launch them 30 seconds apart. this abilty lasts for 10 minutes and can be switched with other abilties of this blade.

Sono kensei Koushoku ( the power of lust ) Lust is the sin of sex and suduction so the pink rose red orb turns into a faded pink dust that gilters in sunlight what this does it hypnotises the oppents body parts th dust when spread out can cover a 2 by 2 raiduis ( 2 feet wide 2 feet long ) around if the dust touches some one's arm the weilder gaint control of that body part the only way to stop the control is to disable it or bind it this abilty is equal to a level 60 hado and can be blocked by bakudo of that level or higher this abilty lasts for 10 minutes and cannot be switched with anyother abilties of ethier blade's.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Heh, lot of blades coming in since yesterday. It'll likely be a day or so before I can get all the reviews posted, I'm going to be flying back home early tomorrow and...well, it's going to be a long day (something on the order of 12 hours at and between airports). Still, there likely wont be a lot to do on the flights, so I'll likely read over and write up reviews for these en route.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Hi guys. Ive read the Psyren manga for the last 2 days, and im near finishing it. This zanpakuto is based, but not copied, on Agehas powers. You will see (For those who read the manga) that some parts are simialr, and some parts are totally invented by me.
I just really wanted to make this into a zanpakuto, it deserves it. really great manga, psyren, though ive still got like 30 chapters to finish it. Check it out.
Anyhow, this is it:

Shinigami: Ageha

Name: Kuro Hoshi (Black Star)

Shikai: Haretsusuru! KuroHoshi! (Burst! Black Star!)
In shikai, the sword transforms into a pure black sphere, about 5 centimeters wide. THe sphere floats near his left hand palm most of the time.
It doesnt really move when floating, its just stuck in 1 place umtril he decides to move it. Its hard, can deflect the most hard stuff (swords, etc).
He has 1 special attack:
Kurono Ryuusei (Black Shooting Star): When he says this, the sphere lengthens very fast in the direction he wants, so its like a long lance that penerates anything.
It cant change direction during its shot, but it shoot very fast.

Bankai: Kuro Hoshizora (Black Starry Sky)
In bankai, the first thing notable is he can create and sustain 2 spheres all the time, each in another hand.
THis means he gets double the fire power as before.
Also, he gets a few new modes:
KuroHoshi no Senpuu (Black star Whirlwind): In this mode, spheres are created. They arrange them selves in 4 levels of hieght around him: the 2 middle levels
each have 4 spheres, and the other 2 have 3 each. THe spheres are all connected in each respective level with black linesthat are each 2 centimeters wide.
The spheres start rotating so fast in circles, it seems like they arent even moving.
These have 2 puposes:
1) It serves as a deffencive mode, breaking attacks by most means, wether solid or not, by high speed.
2) He can rush forward, getting closer 2 his opponent 2 get him with the spheres.
Also, he has 2 special attacks using this mode:
1) Yamaarashi (Porcupine): When he uses this, each sphere shoots out like his Kurono Ryuusei attack. He sustains their stretched mode for 5 seconds, then they
retrack back and keep revolving around him. He cant use this attack again unless he reactivates this mode.
2) Koshousuru (Break down): When he uses this, the spheres stop revolving suddenly and shoot out, without lenghtening themselves, just like bullets.
Because of the spin he has now control over where they fly to, but so this is a completly random attack.
After the spheres collide with something, they dissapear, and the mode is deactivated.
He cant use it again for 5 minutes. He can only use this mode for 5 minutes as well.
When the time is over, the break down attack occurs wether he likes it or not.

Also, he has a short range attack called KuroHoshi Tachi (Black Star Sword): Basically, it created a shorter version of the Kurono Ryuusei.
It reachs only 1 meter long, but becuase of the smaller range, the retraction time is faster.
This means, he can shoot it about 20 times a second, making it like a short sowrd for close range fight.
Becuase of the high speed he uses it, it looks like it doesnt retract at all, except for a sligght shimmer in its movements.
Its very hard to control and use, and if someone sstrikes between the interval of retraction, it makes it useless.

His final mode is called Kuro Hoshi Seiza (Black Star Constellation):
In this mode, he combines with his sphere, making him trun into a pure black being. He seems to eject very small black spheres out of his body,
so it looks like he is made out of bllack, solid flames.
Also, He has tons of black sphers flying around him, and 3 big ones, each about 42 centimeters wide floating above him too, like toushiros bankai flowers.
Each of the big ones Has a small black ring circulating it.
In this mode, not only is he able to use his Kurono Ryuusei and KuroHoshiTachi from every part of his body at will, but he also is very fast and hard.
It is very hard to hurt him in this mode. He has a weakness though: If the 3 big spheres are destroyed, he reverts to sealed state, and suffers
from over exhaustion. He can barely move.
His ultimate attack is called KuroHoshi Shinkuu (Black Star Void): He gethers all 3 big black spheres into one tiny sphere.
He then procides to shoot it at his enemy, breaking any defence and causing huge damadge.
Not only that, but during the black spheres flight, it can split 3 times into other lances of black starishness, whenever he commands so, and tey all have the same
amount of power to them.
After using this attack he reverts to sealed state, and suffers
from over exhaustion. He can barely move.

Also, forgot to write, he can create up to 12 black spheres to shoot at the oponent at any given time.
Yes, im writing this after reading and learning more of agehas powers in psyren. And guess what, although my final mode is differant from the manga, and i wrote it before i read agehas final mode in psyren, they arent that much differant. I must admit, mine was totally made up by me, and then, 2 hours afterwriting it in the notepad, i read the final mode in psyren and im like: YEAH! Nailed it (sorta....)
it looks like this in the manga:
A bit differant from what i had in mind, but still alot makes me feel like i copied..:(
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 Hi guys. Ive read the Psyren komik jepang for the last 2 days, and im near finishing it. This zanpakuto is b
lebih dari setahun yang lalu shukun_kizuku said…
have a safe trip whiteflame
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
My shinigami for the Fallout forum:

Name: Tekin Kukuze
Age: Appears to be in his teens (Before time skip)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Fourth seat of the seventh squad

Appearance: He has shoulder length brown hair. He has no facial hair to speak of, and a tanned complexion. As for attire, he wears the standard shinigami uniform, along with a necklace. The necklace has a silver circle on it, and a deep blue sapphire floating in the middle, as though by magic.

Personality: He aspires to be like his captain. His role models are his superiors, and although young, he is a fine swordsman. He is very loyal to his squad and, despite his positive attitude toward others, has a very difficult time talking to, or even being around, females.

History: He was orphaned at a young age, that being three or four. His parents and brothers, all three, were killed by a vasto lorde, and so he became a shinigami to follow in his father's footsteps and to eventually hunt down and kill the vasto lorde that destroyed his family. He has not yet reached bankai.

Zanpakuto name: Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen (Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)
Sealed appearance: Sealed, this zanpakuto exists as two katanas. One has a red hilt wrap and a hilt guard in the shape of the sun. The other, a blue hilt wrap and a hilt guard in the shape of the moon.
Release command: Shoka Suru, Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen! (Sublimate, Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)

Shikai description: The blue katana's blade is covered by a layer of sharp ice. The red katana's blade begins steaming. The wielder now has the ability to control the temperature of all water, or matter that was originally water, for instance ice or steam, in the area. When cooling something, the blue katana glows. When heating something, the red katana glows. The wielder also gains several abilities:

Misuto Shuraudo (Shrouding mist): The wielder twirls the red katana, heating the moisture in the air until it becomes steam. The steam forms a thick cloud around the target and, by bending light through the moisture particles, can create visual illusions. The steam can also give out nasty steam burns.

Hyoga Hohei (Glacial Artillery): The wielder twirls the blue katana, cooling all the moisture in the air, and turning it into icicles, which are created in the form of a circle surrounding the target. Once enough icicles are created, they all shot at the target.

Bankai: Netsu no Ryuso, Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen (Twin Lords of Heat, Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)
Bankai description: The blue katana's blade disappears, leaving only a very sharp blade of ice. The red katana's blade disappears as well, leaving only a blade of very hot steam. When an opponent is cut by the ice katana, the wound freezes shut, making it very painful, and dangerous, as it waters down their blood. When a target is cut by the steam katana, they are, instead of being cut, given a very powerful steam burn. One hot enough to burn away skin. The wielder also gains some new abilities, as well as the ability to manipulate the temperature of any matter that has a liquid form, and manipulate the movements of anything that has had it's state of matter changed by him at least once. For instance, say he is attacked by an ice attack, and turns the ice to water. He can now manipulate that water, or turn it back to ice and manipulate the ice.

Tama Hinan Suru (Condemning Sphere): The wielder points the ice katana at the target, and the blade begins to glow for about five seconds. Then, the wielder twists the blade ninety degrees inward, and the target is suddenly trapped inside a large sphere of ice.

Tama Gomon (Torturing Sphere): The wielder points the steam katana at the target, and the steam begins to glow for about five seconds. Then, the wielder twists the blade ninety degrees inward, and a large ball of dense steam forms around the target. This steam is of the same potency as the blade.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu kuroiyuki1192 said…
Ok I've been thinking about what my zanpakuto would be if I was a Shinigami since i started reading Bleach. Then I saw this and was like cool I can tell people what I was thinking, so I've been typing up my description for it and thining up names, and I'm finally finished. So here it is. Oh and me if I was a Shinigami.

Hana Sentsuru
I’m 3rd seat of the 9th division under Shuhei Hisagi. I have brown hair, mid back length, and hazel eyes. I look like I'm in my mid 20's. I am a pretty average Shinigami, except for a bit of a sadistic side. I wear my shihakusho with a green belt instead of the typical white, and bangle like bracelets. My Hinotori’s hilt is wrapped in green, I like the color green. I do well at Kido and a bit less so at hand-to-hand combat. I look up to Shuhei sensei and am very happy to be working with him. I’m pretty calm and collected, most days; I don’t know where my other side came from though. I haven’t reached Bankai yet. I like to help Shuhei sensei with his work for the Seireitei Communication.

Name: Hinotori (Firebird)
Release command: Moeru (Burn)
Description: Hinotori does not change in shape, but when light hits the blade it is reflected as a red-orange color. Also the guard changes, to cover the wielders hand.

Shikai Abilities:
1- Hi no ame (Fiery rain) - I point Hinotori's blade to the sky. In a 10 meter diameter fire fall from the sky. The fire can’t burn animals, plants, the ground or buildings, unless seen as an enemy. Any person the wielder (me) sees as Nakama will not be burned.
2- Kaen Keji (Flame cage) - After I spin Hinotori in an arch to the side, fire encompasses a person(s) on the battle ground. Depending whether the person(s) is considered friend or enemy, people may be kept in or others may be kept out. If it is used as defense people considered enemies will be burned, naturally.
3- Hinotori hane (Phoenix feathers) – Red and orange feathers come out of Hinotori’s blade, when they touch certain materials or people, (determined by me) they ignite. The fire formed by these feathers will not go out until the entire subject is consumed by the flames.

Bankai (In the future): Jigoku Hinotori (Hell Phoenix)
Description- Jigoku Hinotori becomes a pretty, large dark blue and black bird. It’s roughly 1 meter tall, with 2 foot long tail feathers.

Bankai abilities:
1- Gōka (Hell Fire) - Jigoku Hinotori’s tail feathers catch fire, black and blue flames spread from the feathers anything/anyone in the fire’s direct path burns.
2- Hinotori Uta (Phoenix song) - Jigoku Hinotori sings a song, the notes of the song make purple flames appear on damaged items, or wounds of my choice. The flames temporarily restore what they touch, when Jigoku Hinotori leaves Bankai all wounds and damage taken prior to the use of Hinotori Uta return.
3- Hino Mizuumi (Lake of fire) - This technique is purely a last resort. Jigoku Hinotori flies around in a low 20 meter circle. In that area, a flat plane below my feet becomes black fire. The fire is called Onibi (Devil Fire), anyone inside the area, who has ‘sinned’ against me or my nakama (present or otherwise) burns until there is nothing left. Then the Onibi disappears.

-Hinotori’s offensive moves are not completely resistant to water, defensive moves are. Hi no ame only works well if something is hit by it. Jigoku Hinotori is vulnerable while beginning the Hino Mizuumi. As a bird Hinotori usually perches on my shoulder until used for offensive moves, but is free to move about as he pleases. When Gōka is used, the fire can me put out by water only. Hino Mizuumi is a last resort because it takes a large toll on my Reiatsu, leaving me with less than half than before I used it. All things above below and on the Onibi are susceptible to its effects.

Ok so let me know what you think if you want to. Mind you this is completely an original thought, if I have something similar to someone else, it was not intentional. Thanks.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu blindog said…
ok.... he is my attempt at my own zanpakuto
it is a Kidō-Type Zanpakutō with a sealed Regular katana form.
it has tsuba that is a oval with two half moon designes on either side
Name: dark chaos- dakuaosu (in japanese)

Shikai Release command-show darkness-kurayami o hyoji(again japanese)
When released to shikai katana stays the same shape only becomes all black and gives off a dark glow like a black light saber from force unleashed
Shikai ability one- dark pride- can use all surrounding shadows as additional swords/spears/claws, not hands though

Shikai ability Two- blind concealment - drops sword into a shadow and wielder becomes completely invisible while with in even slight shadow and still can use ability one

Shikai ability three- preventive shade- wielder can use shadows as a regenerating armor as long as some form of shadow/darkness is present

Bankai Release command-cover with darkness –yami de oou(japanese)

Sword changes completely into a gun-blade and aside from enhanced speed, strength and endurance, I can teleport between shadows
The gunblade Fires a massive veil of black spiritual energy to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky, and damaging anything caught within the blast.
wielder has a maximum of 4 such shots with the gun blade.

My Spirit is a dark figure humanoid at first appearance but is in fact a large imp like creature that wears it’s wings as a cloak in the same manner as big chill from the “ben 10” tv show
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I finished these reviews, I'll go ahead and post them. If I sound a bit terse in them, it's because it's been a...*sigh*...loooooooooooooong day. Let's just say United Airlines has my undying hatred now. So don't take any offense if I'm a bit snippy in my reviews.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
DanMan575 (Ten ha no masuta) –

1) So are the spearHEADS extending out, or are these spearHAFTS that are extending? I can see both to some extent, but they look dramatically different. How quickly do they extend out?
2) How long are the spears when they shoot out like this, or does that depend upon whether the first ability is in use? On the ability to throw this, does the weapon automatically return to him? I understand that he has complete control over the spears that cover it, but there’s a difference between that control and total control over the weapon.
3) How quickly does this happen? If a spearhead is destroyed, is there a way to regenerate it?

1) 10x is quite a lot, and even if we’re talking about a limited number of weapons, this still seems pretty intense because we’re talking about a huge ability to get quick kills, especially when there’s no problems that occur with it. Speed increases aren’t bad in general, but even Ichigo’s didn’t go this high. I’d scale it back a bit, 5x would be plenty.
2) What would one expect to see in terms of an effect for a higher defense? Does their skin become 10x harder, do they block more quickly, how does this work?
3) Again, it seems too high. Even if this is only on the defense, with attack speeds like that, there’s little chance of anyone responding quickly enough.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
K0VIP3R (Kuro hōō) –

1) What suffices as “a very brief delay”? How quickly do the flames move? Is there an area restriction, or is the amount of space this can cover pretty much infinite as long as it surrounds opponents? How do these bursts of flame work? Are they explosions, or just flame movement? How fast do they move?

Bankai: You compared this to Hitsugaya’s bankai but neglected some important questions associated with that. Can the flames that compose the form be sliced through similarly to his ice? How easily/quickly can they be reformed?
1) So…is the user thrown at the opponent, or is the zanpakuto? The way it’s written, it seems like the latter, but it’s not clear, at least not from the way it’s worded. Assuming it is the zanpakuto, I get that this is basically a fire attack launched from the sword after thrusting over long distances. What’s the range on that burst when you activate it (and I mean both distance forward and to the sides)? How long does the flame burst last? How long does the chain take to revert to its normal length?
2) Can the formation of the black phoenix be interrupted at any point during this process? How long does the process of bringing this much black fire together take to fully form it? How large does this phoenix end up being? How large is the total area of this explosion when the energy is maximized? Can two phoenixes be formed and used at the same time? How fast do the phoenixes move? What’s the minimum amount of the wielder’s energy they can put into it, and what is the maximum? How much of a difference is there between the two? Can these be destroyed from a distance, and if so, how much damage can they take before they are destroyed?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
RespDeg (Yaiba Maboroshi) –

Shikai: In general, if your blade states that it is capable of anything above and beyond what normal blades can do, it’s an ability. As such, if it can cut and stab through the strongest defense, that’s an ability. What’s more, it’s an extremely powerful one, since it basically makes almost any defense useless. The de- and rematerialization of another blade also counts as an ability. Total, that means you have 5 abilities in shikai alone.
1) How fast can the blades move? By touching the handle, do you mean gripping it as you would if you were wielding it, or just touching it with a finger?
2) This really starts to make this blade a little too powerful. Not affected by defenses, and now not affected by energy attacks? I understand that if one of these 2 blades is not in front of you when the attack occurs, the energy will not be dealt with, but since you can randomly materialize a blade when and wherever you want, this isn’t much of a problem.
3) Can the user detect where a flying blade is in relation to his opponent without seeing the disconnected blade?

Bankai: Again, this “cutting power” is an ability, though I don’t know what quadrupling it does. I thought the shikai could go through any defense, what does increasing that cutting power do? And what incentive does the wielder have to produce less than 200 daggers when it’s distinctly more beneficial than having fewer? Also, do these instantly appear at a location of the wielder’s choosing, or can they only be moved into position at the wielder’s choosing? The bankai appears to have even more moves than the shikai, especially since you’re taking all of the shikai moves and transferring them over (and making them more effective). I’ll address those in a moment, but that really means that the bankai has a total of 6 moves. It’s too much.
Shikai enhanced moves) This is distinctly overpowered in and of itself. I want you to consider what this means for a moment. You’ve got 200 blades flying around that can’t be blocked. Each of these blades can be teleported to at the user’s convenience, basically making him infinitely fast. And each of them is capable of dissipating any energy that comes close to them but the user’s. That’s not to mention the fact that you don’t have to hold the hilts anymore. If this was all you had in bankai, it would be far too much.
1) Which is it, are they controlled by the user’s mind or hand movements? The speed of the blades by itself is too much. You say the speed of the daggers is near instant when controlled. I’m a bit confused by that vernacular, but you either mean that any command transmitted to them is instant (basically making 200 extensions on your body), or that their speed is so fast it seems like they are upon you in an instant (which sounds like you gave the blades flash step). I still don’t understand how one can make a dagger that can penetrate any defense (x4 apparently) more potent. It doesn’t make sense to me, but if there is some way they get more powerful, it still insane.
2) Um…this is really just icing on the cake at this point. There is nothing reasonable about this bankai whatsoever. If the blades are undetectable, this becomes absolutely impossible to deal with. Unless your opponent controls time, bends the fabric of time and space, or instant kills you, there’s no chance they could deal with this. Personally, I don’t see how absolutely undetectable blades that can go through any defense can be blocked, but maybe that’s just me.

Lastly, the fact that this lacks defensive abilities doesn’t change anything. Defenses aren’t required when your opponent is sitting in a swarm of 200 blades that he can’t block, see, hear, sense, feel (that’s an interesting one, basically means that they can be dying without knowing it), or knock down with energy. The only choice they have is to dodge, and I find it relatively hard to believe that anyone could dodge this many blades when they can’t find them. Frankly, the user doesn’t need defense.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Wolfmaster3000 (Kigen sono Mokushi) – In general, since we’re dealing with 2 blades here, abilities need to be somewhat muted. I get that you can’t operate both at the same time, but if they are each both a bit too much, it makes them all the more overpowered. Just keep that in mind as I go through this.

Shikai (1):
1) As I mentioned last time with this ability, there are a couple of things that need to be explained. To start, it needs a very defined area of effect. A shoulder getting nicked shouldn’t cause as much damage as a deeper cut in the shoulder, yet that’s what it looks like right now. To continue, you need to define what decay means. Does it mean the tissue falls away revealing bone, does it mean the tissue simply decays, does it mean the entire effected area disappears to nothing, what?
2) What kind of damage does this inflict, just normal cutting damage? If so, why do smaller weapons inflict less and larger ones inflict more?
3) I’m somewhat confused as to why the wielder would use this over the first shikai, but it does make sense.

Shikai (2):
1) You can make it half, this is a squad 0 character after all, and these are relatively low level kido.
2) So in general, any ability like this that’s an instant win (and it really is) is bound to have problems. In this case, there simply aren’t enough restrictions on it to make it reasonable, especially not for a shikai ability. Unless the song has to be completely uninterrupted, basically making him unable to block for the entire 10 second duration, it’s a problem. I think the range on it is fine, you just need to add something to make this really hard to do.
3) 5% isn’t a whole lot, I could see this being even 50%, I’d just say you have to specify what you mean by “all stats.”

Bankai (1): These pretty much follow the same lines as the first group of shikai abilities, just slightly improved. You can apply the same reviews here for the first 3. I’m noticing the 4th bankai ability, and honestly, when you’re running 2 blades on the same character, you should really hold to the limit.
4) So I’m confused. Why would he want a delay on the attacks he gives? I’m seeing that the spot he cuts ages the area around the wound, and perhaps that’s somewhat beneficial, but we’re talking about an ability that delays the opponent’s death to an already deadly wound by an hour, and for anything else may just enhance the damage a bit (though not nearly as much as bankai #1). Honestly, if anything, this sounds more beneficial to the opponent.

Bankai (2):
1) Never thought I’d see the words “small fat Giant”…not sure if this is a dwarf or a colossal being. This is written very oddly. I don’t understand the mention of “string or wire” at all, or how that relates to its being harmed. How strong is he? Give some idea of just how slow he is as well. How does he absorb bakudo and fire it back when bakudo is defensive?
2) Can he fire these bolts of energy rapidly back to back? How powerful are the blasts? How large are the balls of energy…and are they the same as the bolts? Do you need your hands to be positioned in a certain way to fire?
3) So does the dust constantly fall around you for 10 minutes, or does it fall once and then the control that it gains lasts for 10 minutes? I don’t get how dust is blocked by bakudo at all (dust is physical, not energy, after all), though it sounds like you’re trying to relate this to the 7th Espada in some way. How quickly after activation does the dust come out? I’m torn, because this seems easily exploitable (let your opponent get in nice and close and activate it, take control of their entire body), but at the same time, the lack of range and low level of effect if it only catches a limb (Byakuya proved that) make it uncertain to me. But I’m just not sure how to perceive it without knowing the details.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Ichigosuke (Kuro Hoshi) –

Shikai: I’m guessing when the sphere fields attacks, it remains floating? In general, and I’m just trying to think about how this would block, a sphere doesn’t really make a good defensive shape. It can deflect pretty easily, but the deflection tends to go around the smooth surface of it instead of off to the side. I’m mainly just curious to know what defensive potential you see in it, you would know more about it than me.
1) How fast can it extend out like this? Does the sphere keep constant mass (meaning that when it elongates one part of it, the rest of it shrinks)? I could see that being a defensive worry, especially if the shape change isn’t quick.

1) It’s tough for me to see how this looks. I’ve read through it a couple of times now, and I’ve got a certain image, but since I don’t read Psyren, I’m a little uncertain. I especially have trouble understanding how the rotation looks. I could go ahead and look this one up and just see how they did it, but you’ll want to work on how you describe it. I can see that it’s a bit complex, so I know that’s hard, but it’s worth giving it another shot. But in general, this ability is just really complex in the multiple ways it can be used. I’m not certain from what I’m reading how it functions defensively except by acting as a rotating defensive structure, and I’m not sure what the spheres would do if they just hit the opponent as they rotated. I don’t know what the point is of the extended duration of the extension of these spheres for the first special attack, though I do get the latter attack.
2) The sword makes sense.
3) What sort of speed increases are we talking about? Also, what do you mean by it being very hard to hurt him? How much of an improvement are we talking, and is he similarly incapable of being hurt by a variety of attacks, or just physical? You mention the weakness of destroying the spheres, but you’ve never mentioned before that the spheres are destructible, or even how they might be destroyed, though it seems to me that an opponent would have to at least be close to him in speed to destroy them (seeing as how he’s nearly impervious, he could easily defend them otherwise).
For the ultimate attack, how fast does the small sphere move, and at what kind of range does it do damage? I’m really trying to keep up with this in some areas and having great difficulty. Which black spheres fight, specifically? What is he splitting 3 times into other “lances of black starishness”? What do these lances do? The structure of your blade is just breaking down at the end here, and it’s making it really hard to understand. I’m not sure what form can create the 12 black spheres either, or what their speed or size is. It seems like you had a lot in mind for this blade, but lost track of where to put it.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen) –

1) What are the restrictions on this water control? Obviously, it can’t control the blood in an opponent’s system, so there has to be some measure of restriction in place on it.
2) Is this dependent on being in a place with moisture in the air, or does it create steam without having it? Can the steam be moved about, and if so, how far and quickly?
3) What speed are the icicles shot out at?

Bankai: There’s some reason for concern that this might be too many abilities as listed, though only because of the effects of cutting, so I don’t think that should be a big issue.
1) The control over liquid form makes sense, but once again, there are likely restrictions to this that need to be spelled out.
2) Is this unavoidable, and if so, is there an out? How large is the sphere of ice? Must the wielder remain perfectly still during the 5 seconds, or can they be moving?
3) Same questions as bankai #2.

Overall, I think some of these abilities could use an upgrade (though the last 2 bankai abilities might be fine as is, not entirely certain on that until you respond). This is a Squad 0 character we’re talking about, so a little over the top on some of the more benign abilities is a good thing.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu K0VIP3R said…
WhiteFlame55, You did find quite a few flaws in my zanpakuto and I'm glad you did as I didn't add enough detail to it for people to get a clear picture.

Hopefully this fills in the gaps.

Shikai Ability: The delay is about half a second, not long but still a delay none the less. The flames do move very quickly though they will move faster if more spiritual pressure is used but this is not necessary for hollows or the average soul reaper. The area restriction is about 20 meters, this can not be increased so extremely large groups of enemies will be a bit more trouble. I think I did mention that by using spiritual pressure the flames can burst out. Alll that is required is for both of the users hands to remain on the hilt of the zanpakuto and for the zanpakuto to remain in the ground. The flames would move fast in the bursts, as to how fast, again it depends on the spiritual pressure. But I'd say normally around 50mph.

Bankai: The flames can be sliced through physically, however because flames aren't solid they can't be removed physically. The flames themeselves are physical manifestations of the users spiritual pressure so the flames can't be put out. However spiritual attacks could be stopped by the flames. Like Hitsugaya, the user would use the wings as a sheild because they are made up of dense spiritual pressure, but it would not stop physical attacks.

Bankai Ability 1: I do agree that the wording is poor but you are right about the zanpakuto being the one thrown. As for the range I'd say about ten meters forward and about 5 meters to the side so its not extremely large but still a good radius of flames. Tflame burst lasts for about 5 seconds. No longer and no less. Now for the chain. I'll give a time at its maximum extension so you can get an idea about how fast it is. The chain from the full 100 meter extension takes about 20 seconds to return to its full length. So for each meter it takes 0.5 seconds. Its quick but I wouldn't use this move to attack below a 20 meter distance personally. The reeling action isn't automatic though so while the chain is being reeled in there is an opportunity for a counter attack but they'd have to be quick.

Bankai Ability 2: The formation of the phoenix can be interuppted as the users full concentration is required to form it, however if this move was used in the actual anime, I think they'd just stare at it for a couple of minutes and then realise that they're in trouble. Now thats the question I don't have a good answer for. The time it takes to fully form could be around a minute for its maximum amount to about 20 seconds for the minimum amount. The phoenix's size is solely dependent on the amount of sprirtual pressure used but the minimum size would be around that of an eagle so it'd be large. If the energy was maximised. The total blast radius would be around a mile in diameter from the explosion point. Two phoenixes can not be formed as it would be near impossible to control both at the same time, as the user only has one hand free at the time. The minimum amount of energy to be used would be 30% of the user total spiritual pressure while the maximum is at 90% which you should have known (No offence inttended) if you look at the end of the ability. "If the users spiritual pressure drops below 10% of its maximum then the zanpakuto reverts back to its shikai".The phoenixs speed would be around 70mph so pretty quick but that is for the minimum energy pheonix the maximum would be around 150mph in its dive (wings drawn to body) and about 100mph with the wings spread (when it turns). The phoenixs can be destroyed but it would be difficult for two reasons. One, the speed at which they travel and Two, the density of the spiritual pressure used to build it up, so only strong opponents would be able to destroy it. To give you an idea a squad captain would find it a challenge. The phoenixes wouldn't take much damage before dispersing and there is no way for the spiritual pressure to be recovered afterwards so there is a huge disvantage within the move. Plus there is one thing I noticed you didn't ask which I feel is important. The phoenixes have about a minute and a half's worth of life in them before dispersing so the detonation should take place within that period.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
Whiteflame, the character you've just read over is the character I will enter in the tournament. I say that because, going by the message you sent me, it sounded like you advised me to create two characters: A squad zero character and a character for the tournament.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Ah, I hadn't realized. Nvm the "upgrade him" criticism then, I had thought this was the squad 0 character.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu wolfmaster3000 said…
lol thanks flame i'll admit this blade is okay but i'll re-vamp it to your likeing =P that was one of my first blades ever XD
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Whiteflame, welcome back first of all, hope you had a nice time.
Secondly, lets begin:
Shikai: Yes, it keeps floating.
Because it lengthens so fast (a bit above kido speed, basically like a bullet speed), it defensive role is small. Its shape makes it very hard to defend. When he wants to defend, he usually uses the sphere to deflect the attack sides ways, around and away from him.
When it lengthens, it retains the same size, it doesnt shrink.
Only when t start going over his limited range, then does it starts to shrink. It gives him about 10 meters of additional length, but costs him more energy, making him more fatigued that way.

1) Look at the picture below. It should explain how the rotation looks. Dont forget the number of spheres and levels is different, more adapted to bleach. But basically, it should look like this.
Again, it defensive role is not the best. Its good agianst flames, water and big objects, but it can be deemed useless by sticking a sword in between XD.
THe first atack is a use of fast defense: When the opponent draws to close, he sends out the spheres for a quick retreat of the enemy. THats all (folks).
2) Yeah i know right? It needed a close range mode.
3) Not that big of a speed boost, although it will let him get very close to the enemy before he reacts. The combination with the sphere makes him have harder skin, weaker than zaraki's, but still strong.
About his ultimate attack: The sphere moves above kido speed.
When i say Lances of black starishness, i mean, that its like 3 other spheres can be created from within the first black sphere's body. Think of it like a branch: One comes out of the other. So is this. I don't know if you understand it now.
The range is about 1 kilometer. After 1 km, it shrinks.

By the way, you are totally right. When i wrote this, i had so much more ideas, and i just went in the ned with the most similar to the manga ideas. Maybe ill post a fuller version with more of the ideas i thought about, cause really, there is so much in my head using it. I just crushed it all together.
Hope this helped. If you didnt try psyren yet, try it. Its one of the best mangas i read, and its a shame it ended. I really recommend it to anybody that likes mystery along with action.
Tha-Tha-Thats all folks! XD
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 Whiteflame, welcome back first of all, hope anda had a nice time. Secondly, lets begin: Shikai: Yes, i
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
o by the way what tournament is this?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
Here's my squad zero character:

Name: Kundrai Usuke
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties, but is actually two hundred.
Occupation: Shinigami of squad zero.

Appearance: He has very long black hair that goes down to the middle of his back with several silver streaks throughout. His eyes are icy blue, and there is a large scar reaching from the edge of his right eye down to the bottom of his chin. For clothing, he wears a shinigami kimono, but without the white trim. The whole uniform is mono-black. He wears his zanpakuto on his right hip.

Personality: He holds his honor in very high esteem. Because of this, he often chooses a rash path of action. Even so, he is not cold or silent, unlike many other shinigami who hold their honor in as high a regard as him. He loves to talk, and holds a positive disposition towards his fellow shinigami. That being said, he still believes that all disputes amongst shinigami shoulod be settled in a duel. He also strongly dislikes using his bankai, because of the power it boasts, he fears he may go mad with power, a trait that further makes him appear much more immature than the other members of squad zero.

History: As a child, Kundrai loved to play "Shinigami and Hollow" with his friends. He was easily the most skilled of his group, despite his lack of formal kendo lessons, as most of his friends had taken. When he turned seven, his uncle murdered his entire immediate family, and framed the shinigami of seretei for the crime. The same uncle organized a rebellion, gathering hundreds of shinigami, and attacked seretei with Kundrai at his side. The rebellion lasted seven years. Eventually, after defeating a great many shinigami in battle, Kundrai learned the true reason his family was killed. Outraged, he challenged his uncle, Kurose, to a one on one duel to the death. After an hour of fighting, Kurose managed to slash Kundrai across the face, but was impaled by Kundrai's blade at the same time. Kurose was not killed, but his entire rebellion fled seretei and went into hiding. Kundrai was quickly subdued in his weakened state by several captains, and arrested. The central forty six, after learning of Kundrai's victory over his rebellious uncle, pardoned him from all charges. After this, he joined the shinigami academy to compensate for the crimes he comitted to seretei, even though he had already been pardoned. Prior to graduating top of his class, he was promoted to captain and, eventually, a member of squad zero.

Zanpakuto name: Akumu Yona (Nightmare Dragon)
Sealed appearance: The blade is longer than that of a normal katana, and often drags along the ground when sheathed. The blade is also pure black. The hilt guard is in the shape of a long, silver dragon coiling itself along the base of the blade, with it's finely detailed head several centimeters up the blade, it's mouth open as though it is about to breath fire. The hilt wrap is also black, along with the scabbard, which has a gold trim along the edges.
Release command: Saseru (Annihilate)

Shikai description: Black reiatsu flows out of the dragon's mouth, coating the blade in blackish-red reiatsu flames. The wielder gains a black reiatsu claw from which he can fire black reiatsu needles at a rate nearly identical to quincy arrows. When these needles hit something, they dig themselves into whatever they hit and blow up with the force of hado thirty one. If they cannot dig into their target, they will simply blow up on impact. A large dragon made of pure black reiatsu is also formed behind the wielder. This dragon is very large. It is about half the height of Kojuko Tengen Myo-oh, can reach speeds of four hundred fifty miles an hour, and can rip an opponent to shreds with it's claws, or burn them up with it's breath, which is made up of the same reiatsu that coats the blade. The fire travels as fast as hado fifty eight, and has a similar range. The wielder also gains a ability:

Mosu (Incinerate): The reiatsu on the blade is absorbed into the silver dragon's mouth, and subsequently fired out in the form of a very wide blast that can incinerate nearly anything in it's path. The blast lasts for three seconds and the wielder cannot use another zanpakuto technique for four minutes after using this technique. The blast can travel as far as a cero. Though is starts generally thin, it widens two meters in diameter for every one meter it travels. It travels as fast as the dragon's fire.

Bankai: Saiko Kuro-sa, Akumu Yona (Supreme Blackness, Nightmare Dragon)
Bankai description: The black dragon is absorbed into the wielder's body, infusing him with the power and abilities of the dragon. The wielder gains two large dragon wings, claws, talons, and a dragon's tail, all made up of the same blackish red reiatsu. His sword is now a lance, resembling Lanzo del Relampago, made up of the reiatsu. The wielder also gains the ability to shoot fire identical to the dragon's fire out of his own mouth, as well as keepong the claw ability from his shiaki. He can now use the claw ability with both hands, doubling it's effectiveness. He also gains some new abilities:

Surrashu (Slash): The lance disappears, absorbed by the wielder's claws. The wielder then slashes with his claws, creating ten wide black reiatsu arcs that can cut through anything, save a zanpakuto, as though it were air. These arcs are as wide as the wielder swings his claws and travel the distance and speed as Desgarron.

Doradon Sesei (Draconic Regeneration): If the wielder has lost a limb, and that injury doesn't kill him right away, he can utilize this technique. Blackish-red reiatsu pours out of the opening of the wound and connects with the lost limb, pulling it inward to reattach it to the wielder's body.

Whew... Took a few hours. I understand it may be incredibly overpowered, but I was a bit confused on how powerful to make him.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Well, we're doing something regarding the forum Bleach: The Fallout, it's basically a tournament to determine who replaces my now deceased Captain Commander. It was actually a pretty awful trip, took 17 hours and now I hate United Airlines, but I did make it back. Btw, I can much more easily see what you are getting at now Ichigosuke, was actually picturing it quite differently in my head. I'll get to reviewing these in a little while, I can give you some idea of where the power expectation is at when I do Zordaik.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Kuroiyuki1192 (Hinotori) –

1) So in what way is fire falling from the sky? Is it like droplets, or waves, or how does this work? How quickly does it fall? Can the 10 meter area be changed or otherwise moved? If so, how quickly? Can multiple areas like this be created?
2) Are there no ways out of the prison this creates? How large is that prison? Can the opponent be attacked while within it? Is this at all avoidable, or will it hit the target no matter what they do?
3) Let’s say this hits someone’s cloak. Will it not go out until the target (as in, the opponent wearing it) is consumed, or, if the cloak it torn off, will it simply consume the cloak? How quickly do the feathers move? Will it burn zanpakuto in the same way?

1) What is the fire’s direct path here? Where does it spread from the tail feathers, and how does it spread? Do these flames burn especially hot, or is there something else special about them?
2) So does this apply to absolutely all wounds and damage? Like, if a person takes a blow that has 100% chance of killing them, can it be restored during this bankai? Even if it’s limited to the time the bankai is active, it is somewhat overpowered to be able to fight continuously without injury. Small injury repair isn’t a problem, but be careful on the limitations here.
3) How do you define a “sin”? Is it just those who you perceive as enemies, or people who have actually done something to harm you? Does this form on the ground, or in the air behind you? How quickly does it form? What area does it cover? I don’t see how this is a last resort, since you don’t say anything about there being any damage to the wielder by utilizing this. Also, since it’s an instant kill if it hits, this is something that you should be pretty careful on.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Blindog (Dokuaosu) –

1) Can he move the weapons that he makes from shadows without touching them? What area does this affect? Does it remove the shadows, or do these weapons appear from the shadows? Are each of these weapons as strong as a zanpakuto?
2) Is the sword gone while this move is active?
3) How capable is the armor of preventing damage? Does it only work against physical attacks, or can it guard against kido as well?

1) How enhanced is the wielder’s strength, speed and endurance?
2) Any shadow? That might be a bit much. Shadows are available in pretty much every fight, this gives you free reign to teleport into melee range and out over and over again, basically making speed (for you and the opponent) worthless and slow.
3) How large is the veil, and what kind of damage does it do to the opponent?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Akumu Yona) –

Shikai: In general, if the flames coating the blade have any effect, that’s an ability, as is the summon of the dragon, since the dragon (I’m guessing) functions without any of the actual abilities. I realize you only have 2 abilities, so you can work one of these in if you want as a full ability, but you should make sure to do that. Regarding the dragon, how large is it? How strong is it by comparison to the wielder? What’s the range on its breath, and how fast does that breath and the dragon itself move?
1) Do all of these needles fire in the same direction? During the 5 seconds, can the hand be moved as quickly as normal? How quickly does the claw form? Can the claw formation be interrupted? If, say, the needles are knocked down by a zanpakuto, will they still explode or do they fizzle?
2) How does this move compare to the normal ability of the dragon to produce fire? How wide of a path is this that it covers? How high up does this wave of fire go?

Bankai: Again, this fusion is really an ability. You’re gaining a large amount of strength and a new attack that you can use, though the form change itself is not an ability. The improved abilities from bankai are also at least one ability, though I’d say the improvements make these basically another 2 abilities added in. Gotta be careful on the limitations in numbers of abilities.
1) How much of a distance exists between the reiatsu arcs?
2) Does this do anything regarding the blood lost from the initial injury? Would this work on any piece of the limb being cut off, or just the whole limb?
3) What is the level this “incredible power” creates by comparison to the one he has in bankai regularly? Explain further on the damage this causes if he hangs onto the energy – give some idea of what kind of pain he’s feeling after a minute, and when it becomes unbearable. Does this cero-like attack have the same speed, size and range as a cero? Can it be blocked or deflected? Does it just destroy whatever it touches, and if so, does it corrode tissue near what it hits directly? Is the wielder forced to release the energy after starting this ability at some point, or are they able to reabsorb the energy if they choose?

Overall, it’s not what I would call tremendously overpowered, but I’m taking into account a reduction in the number of abilities. You should give it some thought and bring each of these down to 3 abilities, and provide a good deal more specificity as to the power boosts you get. Those can be a problem, but I’m not certain without seeing more about them.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
Answers to Whiteflame's post on Akumu Yona:

Shikai: No, the flames don't serve any other purpose than to activate Mosu. I don't quite understand what you meant by "Make one a full ability," but I made it so the wielder can use the claw ability whenever he pleases. The dragon's size when standing on four legs is half that of Tengen's Bankai. As for how physically strong it is, that's a difficult question to answer. Honestly, I can't give a great answer to it. I'll have to say it's strength rivals Kojuko Tengen Myo-oh. The breath's range and speed is that of hado fifty eight, and as for the dragon's speed, I have put it in the zanpakuto post.

1. The needles would fire the direction the wielder was pointing his fingers. The hand can be moved as normal. I have answered the final question in the post. The other questions on this ability have been nullified due to my altering on the ability.

2. It moves at the same speed of the dragon's fire. I've answered the second question in the post.

Bankai: I've edited the blade further, so that there is no improvement to the shikai abilities.

1. The distance between each arc is the distance between the wielder's fingers.

2. It does nothing to affect blood loss, and anything can be reattached, so long as he's still alive.

3. This ability has been removed to make room for another.

Hope that answers everything.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu gracen_silence said…
I apologize in advance for the length. ^.^ I hope you guys enjoy it and find it good. By the way, he will seem slightly over powered, but that's how I was told to make him. Enjoy. ^.^

Squad Zero Shinigami ~
Yamato, Kira


Shinigami -

Name - Kira Yamato
Rank/Position - Zero Squad
Gender - Male
Age - He is around two hundred and fifty years old, but appears to be around twenty two years of age in appearance.
Height - He is five foot eleven in height.
Weight - He weighs approximately one hundred and fifty pounds, give or take a few.
Body Type - Kira has a slightly athletic looking body type, although somewhat slim and slender. He appears like he has little to no muscles whatsoever, but he is actually fairly muscular.

Appearance -
Kira is your almost average young adult. He has soft facial features, giving him a "cute" or "handsome" appearance. He has a slightly paled skin tone and his eyes are slightly big but sharp looking, comparable to Toshiro Hitsuguya's. His irises are a beautiful shade of forest green, somewhat dark on the outside, though the color gradually gets lighter towards his pupils. His eyebrows are normal looking and are a pitch black color. His nose is basically average, and his mouth is slightly smaller and more petite than the norm, but is usually crooked up on one side in a half smile. His hair is pitch black like his eyebrows and about two inches longer than chin length in the back, just past his ears on the sides, and his bangs, when straight, reach down to the middle of his nose. His hair is layered, shorter at the top, and spiked up in the back and sides, somewhat resemblant of Ichigo's spiky hair, but with more length. His bangs are not layered, however, and he parts most of them over his left eye, the rest lay straight on the right side of his face.

Clothing -
For clothing, he wears the normal Shinigami shihakusho uniform. His shihakusho's shirt is short sleeved, although the sleeve's lengths are closer to being sleeveless. He prefers to not wear his uniform's shirt in battle, pulling his arms out of the arm holes and letting it hang down padt his waist or he fixates it to his obi. Underneath the uniform's shirt, he wears a black, long sleeved half jacket. The jacket ends just below his pecks on his chest and the sleeves are somewhat form fitting, and he always keeps it unzipped. You can clearly see the collar and sleeves of this jacket when he is wearing his shihakusho's shirt. On his waist, he wears a normal white obi with his Zanpakutō secured on the left side by a gray belt underneath the obi. He wears the normal Shinigami hakama pants and straw sandals with knee length tabi. He always wears a necklace around his neck by a chain with a beautiful deep blue gem stone on it.

Personality -
His personality is very similar to Captain Ukitake. Kira is a Shinigami devoted to his duty. However, he is still nice and calm most of the time and is somewhat laid back when talking to people, laughing and smiling often. Kira tends to be a little childish at times, often making slightly immature jokes. He tries to make people happy and enjoys cheering people up. He is very loyal, but may disregard orders to pursue something his heart tells him, like if he thinks something is wrong. He is a very caring individual overall and can't stand seeing his friends or subordinates hurt or injured. He will even cause hisself to to be injured if it means protecting anyone he loves. His is quick to voice his opinions and offers wise answers. He has always been charismatic enough to be a great leader, leading teams with kindness and confidence, as well as authority. He refuses to let anybody help or do something theirselves if it may cause harm to them. He is highly respected because of this and of his high rank and power. He enjoys wandering around Soul Society aimlessly. often finding himself in strange, bizarre places. Also, he has a very keen love of rock gardens and enjoys making them. In his free time, he spends it designing Japanese style rock gardens and building them near his place or residence. He is however, despite his age, a sucker for candy. He loves sweets. Candy is also his favorite kind of present to receive from anyone, especially banana or strawberry flavored Pocky biscuit sticks.

Background -
Kira comes from a clan of people who are know for producing good Shinigami. When Kira was around ten years of age, his grandfather started training him brutally in the ways of the sword. He went through a ton of intense training and punishments, often going to bed bruised and bloody, although he did not resent him for it and seen it as his grandfather's way of helping him become stronger and a superb Shinigami. When he turned fifteen he had accidentally killed his grandfather in a sparring match with real katana and was exiled from the clan. He spent a few years training in seclusion in the forests around his home district, living in a tent, spending every day training just as hard as his grandfather made him. He soon acquired his Zanpakutō and entered the Shinigami Academy. He rose to the top of his class in a matter of days, defeating every opponent in his way. He passed through the academy with flying colors and was very soon asked to join Squad Twelve. He quickly rose through the ranks to that of lieutenant, and was asked to take the position of captain. He was planning on accepting until he was taken in to Squad Zero.

Style of Combat - For combat purposes, Kira uses a sword technique combining that of hard, balanced sword slashes with elegant flourishes. In battle, he is quite the acrobat and enjoys all kinds of movements such as twists and flips. He is also pretty flexible, allowing him to perform attacks that most could not. This is the same for when he fights hand-to-hand with an opponent, using his arial movements to his advantage. He is very precise and analytical in battle, dealing precise attacks and judging this correctly. He loves using his fast Shunpo speeds to overwhelm his opponent as well. One of his most favorite move to use includes his precise striking capabilities, his fast speed and of course, his power. This technique, which he named "Hinshi Kaze", has him grasp his sheathed Zanpakutō and take a battle stance with the left side of his body turned away from the opponent and uses his extreme speed to move forward at a high rate of speed and deal a strong, fast attack, most likely fatal if not blocked or dodged, and then moving back to his original position as if nothing had happened. To someone under a Captain's level, this would seem like nothing happened at all until the attack had been dealt.

Stats -
Offense, 100
Defense, 90
Mobility, 100
Kido/Reiatsu, 95
Intelligence, 90
Physical Strength, 95

Kira is proficient enough to be called a and have -
Master Swordsmanship Specialist

Shunpo Master
- Kira is capable of performing Utsusemi and making clones of himself

Kidō Master
- Kira can perform Bakudō up to a level 81 Danku and Hadō up to level 88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho

Hakuda Combatant (Hand-to-hand Combat)

Immense Spiritual Power

Master Tactician

Enhanced Durability

Zanpakutō - 

Zanpakutō Name -
Kazenokami Kyōfū
(Wind God's Gale)
Appearance -
Kazenokami Kyōfū takes the form of an Ōkatana with a blade length almost the length of a meter (38 inches) with only a slight curvature to the blade, a little less than the norm, and it's hilt is ten inches long, just enough to accommodate Kira using both of his hands to hold the Zanpakutō. The tsuba (hand guard or just guard) is in the shape of a silver square with small T like extensions on the sharpened side of the blade and the opposite side. The hilt's wrapping color is minty green with a silver underlying color and a silver pommel on the end. Kazenokami Kyōfū's sheath is a deep green color, almost like Kira's eyes, with a black ribbon tied near the top of the sheath and a silver plating towards the pommel that extends up a sixth of the sheaths length.

Release Command - Mōretsi ni Ikari, Kazenokami Kyōfū!"
"Rage Fiercely! Wind God's Gale!"
猛烈に怒り! 風の神々強風!
Before entering his Shikai, Kira holds Kazenokami Kyōfū above his head vertically by it's hilt and calls out "Mōretsu ni
Ikari! Kazenokami Kyōfū!". He then slashes his Zanpakutō through the air above his head in a complete circle. When he does this, a small, tornado like gust of wind envelops his arms and Zanpakutō. When the winds die  out a second later, Kazenokami Kyōfū is in it's Shikai form. Also, when entering his Shikai, the winds in his area start to blow around slightly more that what they were.

Shikai -
In Shikai, Kazenokami Kyōfū's keeps the same general shape and appearance that it's sealed form had. The blade stays the same, but the tsuba's T like extensions extend out a little longer than what they were in it's sealed state. Now, at the pommel of his Zanpakutō, is a long chain that wraps around his right arm and waist, with a pointed chain link at the end. It generally stays at his arm and waist, but it can be used to swing the Zanpakutō and attack from a distance. Kira is quite proficient at using this method of attacking when he needs to, and can pull the Zanpakutō back to him almost instantly. Along the length of the Zanpakutō and the chain runs a whirlwind like aura from where the winds are slightly pulled towards his slightly Zanpakutō. The wind like aura helps to repel things from his Zanpakutō, adding to his defensive capabilities, but not by much. Whenever he swings his Zanpakutō, he can utilize the wind like aura to extend the attack range of his blade up to fifteen feet away. The air acts like his Zanpakutō's blade and is just as strong and can be used for cutting and piercing. This is only really used for longer range and can be blocked or dodged just like his Zanpakutō's actual blade. This small amount of wind never leaves his blade even if he uses one of his abilities.

Shikai Abilities -

Shikai First Ability - Fūryoku
Kira calls the name of the ability and wind immediately starts to form around his Zanpakutō's blade. This wind is more fierce than when the ability is not activated, behaving somewhat like a mini tornado. At this point, he has two options. He can keep the wind attached to his blade for about fifteen seconds to increase his attacking and defending capabilities by half or he can release it in a gust of wind. To release it, he simply swings his Zanpakutō. When he does this, the wind flies off his Zanpakutō in an arc about fifteen feet long and a foot wide. This amplified slash like move has power enhanced by times two of what his normal attack power is, and has the same cutting potential as his Zanpakutō, but with more power backing it. When it's released, the slash goes on for a distance of about three hundred feet, then starts to lose size, mass, and power until it completely dissipates about fifty feet later. This attack travels at about eighty miles per hour. If blocked, the winds will immediately dissipate but cause the target to be blown back about thirty feet.

Shikai Second Ability - Tatsumaki
To activate this move, Kira calls out it's name. The same winds like from the previous ability then almost immediately form onto his Zanpakutō's, but rage more fiercely than the first ability, so he can't keep it on his Zanpakutō for very long. He then has a few choices on what he can do with it. He can point his Zanpakutō in the air and the wind loves the blade. The wind forms a small tornado around the target about twenty feet in diameter and stretches as high as the clouds. This can be dodged if the enemy moves approximately fourth feet away from where he/she was standing when this ability was activates. This move can be used to slam the opponent on the ground below, engulf the area around him and blow him away a couple hundred feet, giving he/she a slight dizzy feel, or envelop them for about five seconds. While in the tornado, small "blades" of wind will attack the enemy randomly from any direction, somewhat similar to Byakuya Kuchiki's Gokei, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi Bankai ability. He can also call down the tornado upon himself and have it act as a sort of shield to attacks, blowing them away or redirecting their path by it's high winds. The small blades of winds do not effect him, though. This lasts about five seconds for both kinds of uses. The tornadoes and only be formed about the intended target. 

Shikai Third Ability - Toppū
Kira activates this ability by calling out it's name and pointing his Zanpakutō forward. Winds then immediately gather around his entire Zanpakutō and body. Kira can then redirect these winds at a specific area. This ability doesn't really have a size or mass. A seemingly endless wall of wind flies towards the intended target. The winds rage at about eighty miles and hour, and blow everything away from Kira. This ability can cause the enemy to slam hard into other objects such as building unless they have a really tight grip on something. He generally uses this to keep his enemy at bay for a little while, as they cannot proceed through the winds. The winds die down about fifteen seconds later, and Kira has to wait fifteen seconds to use this ability again.

Bankai -

Bankai Name - Kazenokami Kyōfū no Arashi
"Wind God's Gale Storm"
When activating his Bankai, Kira stands still and holds his Zanpakutō straight up in the air and calls out his Bankai's name. Then, high winds from every direction gather around him a form a massive tornado around him that's about five hundred feet in diameter and stretches as high as the sky. Storm clouds start to float in and the winds rage at about sixty miles per hour constantly. On top of that, the area around Kira (about five thousands feet from him in any direction) starts to become dark and cloudy, and rain started to fall. Lightning also shoots out at random times that Kira cannot control. When the tornado formed by the release of his Bankai dies down, Kira appears in his Bankai form. In Bankai, Kira loses his Zanpakutō's physical form completely and winds seem to envelop his body, giving him a goof increase in his offensive and defensive powers. This wind like aura behaves somewhat like Lady Yoruichi's Shunko ability. He uses the winds that are blowing around him as his weapon and can slash waves of high speed winds just with a though of his mind, but is more effective when he uses his hands to direct it. He usually forms the winds into blades taking on the shape and form of his Shikai, except made of wind, to use as his blade to attack. In his Bankai, he can use all of his previous Shikai abilities, but they are more powerful. His Fūryoku doubles in size and width and flies forty miles faster and the distance doubles. His Tatsumaki also doubles in size and the winds double in fierceness, but has mostly the same effect as before, only enhanced. Toppū now sends gusts of winds that go one hundred and twenty miles per hour and goes in all directions just when he calls it's name. He also gains new Bankai abilities.

Bankai Abilities -

Bankai First Ability - Shōshitsu Kaze
"Vanishing Wind"
When he calls out the name of this ability, a fierce torrent of wind gathers around Kira's body. He then utilizes this wind to use as a sort of camouflage, combining his Shunpo speed and uses some of the wind to project himself at higher speeds. These winds project him about sixty miles faster than his Shunpo speed, making it very difficult to track him. He can then move freely about, disguised, until he attacks. When he decides to attack, the wind around him dissipates, revealing his location a second before his strike comes, so the opponent has a about a second to block or evade the attack. When in Bankai, he uses this move to form an even more powerful and advanced form of his Hinshi Kaze, making it difficult for even Captain leveled Shinigami to detect his movements and attack.

Bankai Second Ability - Kyūryū
When he activates this move, he holds out the palm of his hand and moves his wrist in a circle. If he is using a wind generated form of his Shikai Zanpakutō, he twirls it around in a circle motion. When he does this, wind rushes from behind his back and spirals down his right arm. He then makes a punching/stabbing motion and sends a torrent of wind in the shape of a spiraling funnel in any direction he wants. This torrent of winds is about thirty feet in diameter and can stretch as far as four hundred feet if he needs it to and has speeds of about eighty miles per hour. This attack does damage comparable to a top three Espada's Cero, and is somewhat similar in shape. When/ if it hits, the target is blasted back a couple hundred feet and withstands some minor, sometimes major injuries. This torrent of winds also uses wind like blades in it, similar to Kira's Tatsumake ability, leaving a few cuts on the targets body here and there.

Bankai Third Ability - Arashi

This is his ultimate technique, so to speak. Kira holds his Zanpakutō out in front of him and twists it to the left by ninety degrees and announces the name of the ability. Almost immediately, a large tornado like wind forms around Kira in all directions five hundred feet away from him. The person he wishes to use this ability on cannot escape this, as the winds rushing in from the surrounding area pull him to the center of the large tornado. This can also be used on multiple people. The tornado like storms creates a ten foot thick wall of high winds covering the entire length of the tornado, keeping the people that are in it in and others out. Someone cannot go over the wall, as it domes at it's top, which is in the clouds, without being sweep away. This area affecting ability stays active until Kira releases it or he himself dies or kills of everyone inside. In this tornado like dome, all of Kira abilities are increased in power and effectiveness by half. He can summon blades of wind to fly from the wall of wind to attack the target(s) with a flick of his hand.

Done. :P I think this one is pretty overpowered for my tastes, but still, making it was indeed fun! :DD I hope it's not too overpowered though. Comments? ^.^ 
lebih dari setahun yang lalu yingyo43 said…
It isnt much.. but this is mine ^.^
Character Name: Emiko Tanaka
Zanpakto:Hishou Shuno-Hato

Discription&Meaning: Flight of the Snow Dove a very white blade with a black hilt with dove feathers on the tip, if it hits light it can almost blind the opponent just by looking at it.

Release Command:Tsuiraku-Feza ( Falling Feather)
1)Boosts the user's speed and agilty increases with every step,( for about 3 min) lighter on feet, also makes user invisible ( limetless time).
2) Shukketsu Sukai ( Bleeding Sky)
User having shed blood onto Zanpakto (willingly) is able to control the sky and its gravity and stars, meteors etc (tires the user out used as a last resort.)
3) Togire-Hare (Broken Wing) With every slice onto the opponent that bone and muscle it cuts is automatically broken.

Bankai: Tsubasa Tomoshibi ( Wings of Light) User grows angel wings made of light and Zanpakto turns into snow exept its shaped like a blade and makes it snow as the snow falls upon the opponent if a large amount falls it freezes the opp if the battle lasts that long the snow goes on until either the opp dies or the User does,the wings use Reishi to regenerate any dmg done to the User also makes User able to fly at high speeds. (wings cant be dmgd by any ice or snow if opp has a Ice or Snow based Zanpakto then it absorbs the power thus making User stronger.)

Character Apperance: Short spiky dark purple hair usually quiet, exept in battle, is a Captain in the 13 CGS, usually not messed with but apperance intimadates opponents. Oh and my Bankai abillity is all 3 put together. so its not numbered. Oh and 1 more thing.. i need ppl to tell me wat they think of this.. its just a rough draft kinda thing i put together cuz i thought the idea was cool... i think i'm going to make another one.... and this pic is to show u kinda wat my char looks like ^.^
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 It isnt much.. but this is mine ^.^ Character Name: Emiko Tanaka Zanpakto:Hishou Shuno-Hato Discr
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
thanx whiteflame. I dont think ill enter the competition, mainly becuase im no good in rp and also becuase i never create zanpakuto that are that strong to be commander captain. I like my zanpakuto just strong enough to be able to defeat the opponent, not overpower them. Im looking forward though to see the results of this competition. Later this day ill post a new zanpakuto.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Ok, here it is. My new Zanpakuto. Hope you like it. This will be my 55th zanpakuto.

Shinigami: Ikumi Sarou
Appearance: Brown spiky hair, green eyes.
Personality: He is loud and funny, and likes to think of himself as "cool". Although hes like that, and looks so young and acts so as well, he
has actually known Yoruichi since they were kids. He likes to act all tough and "cool", but usually screws it up.
He acts like a 14 year old all the time, but he has moments when he reflects his age and wisdom, although they usually end in him pretending he was just acting cool.
He cares very much for people, and that is why he likes to fight alone, in open spaces away from society, becuase of his zanpakutos deadly effects on building and people.
he is very fast, and can use hand to hand combat very well, usually in unison with is zanpakuto abilities.
Pic below.
Name: Ichirin no Haretsu (Flower of Explosion)

Sealed State:
The blade is 32 inchs long. Its color is a bit brighter than other blades.
The Tsuba looks like a circle with 8 spikes coming out of it, all equal in size and in equal distance from one another.
The Handle is red with yellow lines circulating around it.

Release Command: Kaika! Ichirin no Haretsu (Bloom! Flower of Explosion)
To activate, he sweeps his fingers from the top of the blade down to the Tsuba. When he reachs the tsuba, the blade starts glowing, and he says the release command.
When the light disappears, the blade seems to have th ereflection of the sun on all of it, like its color is sun, and moving.
It doesnt light the area though, its just a color.
In shikai, ha gains the ability, to produce samll, floating mines from the edge of the blade. He decides wether they just float in one place or fly in lesser kido
speed towards one direction. After he sends them he has no control over them, except commanding them to explode.
The mines look like red spheres, each 6 Inchs Long. EAch Mine has small, but wide sun colored spikes on it.
These mines explode upon command from him, or on contact.
He can also place mines in the ground or in other objects, by sweeping the edge of his sword on them.
He created 2 techniques utilizing his Ability:
1) Tsuruno Bakudan (Bomb Vine): He drags his sword on the ground while running towards the oponent. Then, he drags it off and sweeps it upwards,
shooting out mines at the enemy. This is just a distraction. When he dragged the sword behind him, he planted mines in the ground around where his sword touched.
When the oponent gets close enough to the trail left behind him, he explodes the mines and gets the enemy.
2) Jiraino GUN (Mine Gun {He says gun in english}): THis is his ultimate shikai ability.
He alot of mines in one place, shooting them out like a big ball of mines at the enemy.
He then Explodes them all together to create a bigger, stronger explosion.

Bankai: Mankai! Ichirin no Haretsu! (Full Blossom! Flower of Explosion!)
When he enters bankai, the sword explodes in a flash of light. When the light dissolves, he is seen wearing black robes,
but wherever its supposed to be white, instead it shines like the sun.
In bankai, he gets a deffinent improve in his abilities:
1) He can now create differant sized mines: They can go from 0.5 inchs wide to 42 inchs wide. The larger the mine, the bigger the explosion,
but the lesser the ammuont of mines he can have at a time. This means, that he can have almost infinte amounts of 0.5 inchs wide mines, but only 13 42 inchs wide mines at a time.
2) He now has 4 Kinds of explosions:
A- Used only for mines hidden in objects, its an explosion that gos out like a big beam of light towards the direction it was touched.
B- A sphere like explosion. Becuase of its more contained explosion, it deals alot more damdge, but its range shortens.
C- A smaller version of the first explosion (A), it gos out of all the small spikes in very thin beams, but it effects more places and has a bigger range.
Its weaker than the others thou.
D) A normal explosion like in shikai. Has normal range and normal Damadge. Normal...Normal.

He can now produce mines from his fingers as well. He can control mines that are up to 4 feet away from him.
He also gains a few more techniques:
1) Sakeru (Explode): When activated, his sword shines for a moment. Then, he rushs forward to strike the enemy.
When he strikes something with his sword, for example the enemys blade, there is a huge sphere explosion that erupts from the colliding point of his blade with the object.
Of course, he isnt harmed, but anyone in the near vicinity is. It has a 15 feet range. He can use this technique with very small intervals in between.
2) Chijouha (Terrastial Wave): To activate, he sticks his sword into the ground. Then, the whole area is filled with mines. Up to a 500 meters range.
THen, he explodes it all using the beam explosion, making it look like the whole area just explodes with light flying into the sky.
He has another, semi-ultimate attack using the same technique:
THis is called "Tengokuno Chijouha" (Heavenly Terrastial Wave): This time, instead of spreading small bombs in a wide area, he burys bigger bombs,
all concentrated in a 50 meter wide area. THen, he explodes it all, sending a huge beam of light into the sky. It creates a sort of wormhole in the sky after its gone,
an area with no clouds or anything in it. THis usually creates storms after wards, as the clouds rush in and collide with each other in the area he left behind.
It doesnt always create storms, he has no control over it.
3) Tengokuno Saiban (Heavens Judgment): When he uses this, he sends out alot of bigger mines into the sky. When they are high enough, usually over cloud level,
they all explode and send their beams down to earth, so it looks as though huge 5 meter wide beams of light fall down from the skys, destroying everything in their path.

4) His Ultimate Attack: Tengokuno Saigono Hana Saku (Heavens Final Flower Blossom): When he activates this, alot of tiny mines gather in his hand, till they create a small sphere
that looks like a small sun. Then, he rushs forward and pushs it onyo his opponent. The explosion is huge, and the damadge level is very high.
It leaves behind it a 200 meters wide crater.
THe down side of this attack is, it hurts him too. When the explosion clears, he is shown bearing bad burns all over his body.
Also, All his robes are burnt and gone as well, which creates very ackward and funny situations for those who need to come heal him afterwards.
He only has a few seconds after the attack to remain conscious before he faints.
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 Ok, here it is. My new Zanpakuto. Hope anda like it. This will be my 55th zanpakuto. Shinigami: Ikum
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mewlover4 said…
umm...i kind of have my own zanpakuto but i didn't really think of any abilities or like that^^''
lebih dari setahun yang lalu supersoul322 said…
mine would be an ice one named nanukapik (which means great ice bear or polar bear in inuit) and when i say Freeze nanukapik it will grow and the blade will freeze. when the blade touches anything, it will freeze the object. when bankai iz activated it will become a giant polar bear called savalik sedna nanukapik whoever weilds the sword can morph with the bear! yea vivid imagination
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Gracen_silence (Kazenokami Kyōfū) –

Shikai: The extended range of the blade, depending on whether that’s easily visible, might be an ability here. Just mention whether or not you can see this extension easily, since it’s pretty much just making the blade longer.
1) I’m guessing this is easily visible, but you should make that clear.
2) I think you mean “forty” feet and not “fourth.” How long does the opponent have between activation and the tornado coming down on them? Also, can this only have one target, or can the tornado be made larger and encompass more opponents?
3) Give some idea of the angle from the wielder that is affected by this. Since its main effect is just to push the target hard, you don’t have to make that area small.

Bankai: I get that the blade is basically replaced by being able to form wind into blades, but once again, has to be made clear that these are easily visible. The improved shikai abilities are basically an ability in and of itself, so you might either want to remove that portion of it or replace a bankai ability (given what I’m seeing in the bankai moves, I’d suggest just nixing the shikai out of bankai entirely).
1) I understand that this obscures vision and sound pretty heavily. Does it also dramatically effect sensing energy from him?
2) Makes sense.
3) What’s the size of the dome this creates? Does it just repel people who try to get out or in, or does it do some form of damage as a result of trying? I am having some trouble determining whether the final part of this ability is overpowered or not, but it sort of depends on how much room they’re allowed and how many of these blades you can bring out at once.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Yingyo43 (Hishou Shuno-Hato) –

Shikai: Blinding the opponent who looks at it is an ability, so this technically has 4. Also, how long does the blinding last?
1) If the user is permanently invisible, why does it matter whether the opponent is blinded? Also, how much is the user’s speed and agility increased with each step?
2) This seems like…a lot. I get that this tires him out, but if we’re talking about controlling meteors, stars and gravity (and I’m guessing, basically ignoring the light years of distance between them and you), it won’t really matter. I’m not sure just how much control over gravity they would have, though that by itself could be too much if it’s unlimited. Controlling stars, however, is certainly too much. Realize that a star is bigger than the planet. There’s no way anyone’s surviving that if you use it even close to right.
3) I don’t get this one. Are you saying that anything you hit or get close to hitting will be cleaved and broken, or what?

1) Give some idea of the amount of snow required to cause freezing here, and whether this can be avoided at all.
2) Is this regeneration infinite? Can you regenerate life threatening damage? That is overpowered, it basically makes you impossible to kill if that’s the case. You should set some restrictions on this.
3) How fast does flight make you by comparison to normal?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu gracen_silence said…
Shikai - Yes, the wind is clearly visible. For appearance, it appears somewhat like Captain Kyoraku's Bushōgoma ability in visibility.

1) As above stated, it is pretty visible. Sorry for leaving that obvious part out.

2) Yes, I did indeed mean forty. I blame autocorrect. >.>
It takes approximately three seconds for the tornado to descend onto the target. This ability only really affects one target, but if another Shinigami were pretty close to the target, he/she could be sucked into the attack as well.

3) This ability affects anything in front of Kira, about forty feet to his sides and three hundred feet ahead of him.

Bankai - For his Bankai, I'm changing it to where he cannot use his second and third Shikai abilities. I like for him to still be able to use Fūryoku, seeing as his Bankai abilities don't have much variety.

1) This doesn't drastically change others' potential of sensing his energy, but it does make it harder.

3) This ability forms a dome that reaches as high as the clouds. The walls of the dome form five hundred feet away from Kira in all directions, giving it a diameter of a thousand feet. If someone tries to get out/in, the winds blow them back and he/she may sustain slight injuries at the most.

I hope that clarified it enough and improved it. Thanks! ^.^
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kuroiyuki1192 said…
ok so whiteflame. on my shikai:
1. I'd kinda figured it explained itself how it fell since it's Firey Rain. it's more in the form of Dropetls than anything else, and it falls at the same general speed as typical rain. The area can be moved but not changed in shape and only one can be formed.
2. while acting as a prison no there is no way out. It's about 3 meters in diameter. no people cannot be attacked while withing, it's more of a way to remove factors from the feild or alowing for someone to be healed or to rest. I'd say it's difficult to evade but not completely imposible.
3. it depends on what made contact with the feather(s). If it's not something the Shinigami chooses it's pretty much a plane feather. If say a piece of clothing is what is burning and that part of the clothing is removed that's all that will burn. The feathers float as if in wind, not particularly fast,but not like really slow either.

About the Bankai:
1. I guess I was thinking the direction is kind of a fan like shape but not very broad. They start at the base of the tail feathers and spread outward. It's a much hotter burn, and it can't be put out by smothering/patting.
2. Oh no death blows are not going to be effected, really just injuries that can be healed later on. And it doesn't keep someone from being hurt it's just temorary relief I guess you could call it.
3. By 'sin' agaisn't someone I mean they have hurt , killed, etc. It's against people who have harmed me, friends, other shinigami, people like that. But there is a fail safe I guess you could call it, it doesn't work on allies who like hit another ally, or had like a fight with one, stuff like that. It forms directly below my feet, instantly once Jigoku Hinotori finishes the cirlce, and as I said in a 20 meter diameter. I'd put in a little area below that it's a last resort because it uses a lot of reiatsu, it leaves about 1/4 of what there was before it's use. And as you said it's an 'instant kill' so there's another reason it's a last resort.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu yingyo43 said…
Wow so there are rlly tht many flaws in mine huh? heh...i kinda feel stupid now.... ill fix it ^.^
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Heh, don't feel stupid, I give a lot of extensive reviews, often based on my own subjective viewpoints, and they shouldn't reflect badly on your abilities. I've been proven wrong before, and my own blades are hardly spun gold themselves.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu yingyo43 said…
Oh? Well ok then, anyways ill be sure to answer those questions for u,ill edit it ^.^
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Kalysta123 said…
Character Name: Akina Genji
Zanpakto Name: Safaia San(Sapphire Sun)
Discription: It has a blue tinted blade,with a yellow hilt.has a sapphire on the end of the hilt,it isnt very long of a blade.
Release Command: Karameki Safaia San( Sparkle Sapphire Sun)
1)Genwaku Ranpu ( Blinding Light) When hitting light it blinds opp for 5 minutes lowering the opp accuracy by 60%.
2)Iyashii Jemusoto-n ( Greedy Gemstone) Zanpakto changes form in this attack to a gauntlet that can shoot multiple poisonous shuriken from the knuckles of the gauntlet,for about 4 attacks,one scratch is fatal the user has to be very cautious while using this attack, the shuriken shoots at a very high speed, almost 230 mph.

Bankai: Sakaia Keji (Sapphire Revelation)
1) Any light that hits the blade is absorbed ( power useless if in gauntlet form)
2) Can shoot a cero like sphere of light to the opp and can disinegrate anything it touches, even shadow.

The Pic below is wat my "cero" like bankai looks like, just yellow and my char isnt a hollow, shes a luietenant in the 13 court guard squads. ( Sq.0)
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Character Name: Akina Genji Zanpakto Name: Safaia San(Sapphire Sun) Discription: It has a blue tinted
lebih dari setahun yang lalu yingyo43 said…
Um Kalysta123, I dont get some of your Zanpakto, only a Hollow can produce a cero, unless your a Vizard i dont think you can do that,but the poisonous shuriken is creative
lebih dari setahun yang lalu yingyo43 said…
Answers to WhiteFlame55's questions: well the invisability doesnt rlly need to be there now tht i think about it, and the blinding can last as long as there is light, mostly sun but if i had to put a time limit, only 30 min and it can reduce the opp defense and accuracy by at least 40%. the user's speed and agility is increased by 5% with each step may not sound like much at first, but in a long battle it comes in handy.

the power to my Bankai Wings Of Light is very limited, first of all i kinda over exaggerated on that one, i can control time sort of like Orihime Inoue's power, exept its more of a attacking power, i can make a meteor blast onto my opp however it has serious draw backs and should only be used in emergencies.
and gravity, well i dont know if this counts as ripping off Bleach characters but, i can make my opp feel heavier but its limited and only lasts for 4 minutes. yeah your right though controlling stars is a bit much.

And, like with every cut or slice onto the opp tht part i hit of him/her gets dislocated or broken if the attack is strong enough to cut through the muscle but if the opp has regeneration its pretty much useless.

The snow thing cant be stopped unless either my zanpakto is broken, i make it stop or i die, and its as if the snow is sub 0 tempature so if maybe a mound of snow lands onto the opp it can freeze them to death, but if i die the snow automatically evaporates and fire has no effect on it.The regen has its draw backs too, it can only be ativated if i'm in a state of emergency so if i have a arm cut off that wont activate it but, a slice to the head or through the body can result in regeneration, just not fully and i can die, i have many openings some opponents dont realize until i release my bankai and if they are clever enough to figure it out even though some of this is obvious.

I can fly at jet speeds if i use enough spiritual pressure but it can tire me out very quickly its good for running away at times.
This is sort of what my wings look like, exept made of light and shadow is actually very effective on them if used right lol. Oh and i hope i answered all your questions, i hope i didnt make more then answered but if i do ill try and and answer the best i can :) I'm also thinking of making another Zanpakto, yeah i think i will and it probably will have flaws in it but i did learn somthing, dont over exaggerate. lol as if tht wont happen :P
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 jawaban to WhiteFlame55's questions: well the invisability doesnt rlly need to be there now tht i thi
lebih dari setahun yang lalu RAWRimmaMonzter said…
Oh, this does have to do with Bleach but If anyone reading this also watches Durarara on Adult Swim, then Walker Yumasaki is a total rip off... i'm starting to wonder if that was Gin in the world of the living, as a blonde... with a totally different name, but anyways yeah i needed to point that out... if u dont know wat i'm talking about and probably think i'm crazy ( ok i am a lil :P in a good way tho)google Walker and then with his eyes open its all just a rip off i have nothing against dRRR, but still i had to point that out.Oh right, i was gonna make a Zanpakto, well i got dictracted anyways... ON WITH THE ZANPAKTO CREATING THINGY SORTAAAAaaaa... yeah ill just make one instead of talking, oh u dont even need to google it ill just add a image of wat he loooks like with his eyes closed or open. this is closed..
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Oh, this does have to do with Bleach but If anyone membaca this also watches Durarara on Adult Swim,
lebih dari setahun yang lalu RAWRimmaMonzter said…
and open TA DA lol see the same thing with Gin Ichimaru?
 and open TA DA lol see the same thing with gin Ichimaru?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
big smile
Hey guys, since i see there is a competition going on with the rp forum, if i may suggest, lets make another competition, just for fun:
The Most Original Zanpakuto Idea.
THat means it has to be something new, unique, not something along the lines of it shoots a getsuga tensho like thing, it shoots a cero, it controls the blood (ive seen tons of those),
it has an evil and good side (very popular idea, thou to me they all seem the same).
I just want to see what great new ideas we can come up with. If you have already posted an idea you think fits, post the page number.
Thank you. I know im gonna tweak a little my very first zanpakuto, so it will be fitting for this.
In the end, i think everybody should decide together which is the most original idea. THis is just for fun, dont expect any prizes! XD.
Well, except knowing you are original.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu celiowolfcosta said…
Ok guys im back! hehe it's my birthday and im looking forward for my fresh new ideas for a zanpakuto!!! hehe check out my previous zanpakuto on page 180, dedicated to LINKKINUZUMA13
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
Sounds fun, Ichigosuke! I'll try my hand at this.

Zanpakuto name: Akuma Buresu
Sealed appearance: The blade shares the length of a normal katana, but the curve at the end is to a very high degree. While not lengthening the sword towards the wielder, the very point would be facing him. The hilt wrap is orange. The tsuba is in the form of a square, with flame like designs coming off each side. These designs are sharp.
Release command: Tokete, Akuma Buresu! (Melt away, Akuma Buresu)

Shikai description: The wielder holds his hand out at his opponent, as though saying stop, with the blade balanced on his middle finger. Upon uttering the release command, the blade immediately turns to violent red transparent flames that engulf his primary hand, making it the hilt. The flames then form the shape of a blade. This blade can, despite being made out of flames, still parry a zanpakuto like normal, but will burn through anything else like a hot knife through butter. The wielder also gains some new abilities:

Tameiki (Sigh): The wielder points his blade at the target. Then, for about one second, seemingly from the air, red energies pour into the blade, increasing the size to about twenty meters length and seven meters width. The blade then fires out at the opponent at about eighty miles an hour. While the blade won't cut the opponent, it will inflict severe burns. It can burn away skin in only a second. The blade can be blocked by a zanpakuto, and will lose one half a meter of length every five meters it travels. This ability can be interrupted if the wielder is hit while charging up the energies. The wielder cannot keep the large flame blade on his hand and, after shooting the large blade, another small flame blade will form on his hand almost instantly.

Hakidasu (Exhale): The blade splits into ten different "tendrils" still attached to the wielder's hand (Think a banana peeling), and begin to move at a speed of thirty miles an hour. Each tendril moves according to where the wielder wills them to, and can extend the length of one hundred swords. While unable to cut, these tendrils have the burning capabilities of Tameiki. They can be severed by a zanpakuto and, after having been severed, will disappear.

Bankai: Kusatta Akuma Buresu (Corpse Rotting Demon Breath)
Bankai description: The flame blade disconnects itself from the wielder's hand. It lengthens itself to two meters. One meter of length then solidifies into a dark red, opaque reiatsu handle. The other half meter of transparent red reiatsu on either side behave the same as the shikai blade. The wielder now has the ability to create fissures in the ground, roughly ten by three meters, twenty deep, and freely summon decaying corpses from them. These corpses do not have to be in the area where the wielder made the fissure, but they will surface from the fissure. The wielder can have up to ten of these corpses active at a time. Any time he attempts to create another once he already has ten, his chance of success goes down five percent. If he fails to do so, his corpses will see a weakness in him and burn up, returning to the ground where they must be summoned again. The corpses take about ten seconds each to climb out of the fissures, and only three corpses can be summoned from each fissure. The corpses have the strength of a large hollow and, due to their undeath, cannot be killed. If they are hit fatally, they will simply get back up.

Fukai Temeiki (Deep sigh): The wielder performs the Tameiki technique with a side of his staff. At the same time, the wielder can cause any number of his zombies to suddenly burst into a flaming sword as seen in the Tameiki technique, and fire at the opponent with the same effects as Tameiki. Once a zombie is used for this technique, it cannot further participate in the battle, and so a new one must be summoned.

Rinju (Dying Breath): The wielder performs the Hakidasu technique with a side of his staff. At the same time, he can cause ten of the same tendrils to burst out of a zombie's chest and perform all of the abilities of the Hakidasu technique. The zombie must remain stationary while using this technique and, after chanelling through a zombie for two minutes, the zombie will incinerate, and will no longer participate in the battle, meaning a new one must be summoned.

Finally! If it seems overpowered, let me know. I might still have some squad zero-itus.
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
So zordiak, nice one.
I dont want to insult anybody, because my expectation are way 2 high from human beings. Its so hard to create a original idea because it will always resemble others before it. BUT, in this case, look at zordiak. He took the idea of a flame controlling. blade, and infused it with a corpse summon one. I for one, never saw an idea like this before, so zordiak, good GOB! Not only is it Original, but i dont thibnk its Overpowered in any way. Its perfectly balanced, and you can see that the bankai is truly the full form of shikai, like its supposed to be.
Again, good gob.
People, Zordiaks blade is very good, and now you will need to try and surpass it.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Zordaik said…
Thank you for the compliment!