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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Silverwolf41 said…
i know just using creative skills a little to much.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Heh, don't worry too much about it Ellejane, as you might be able to tell, I'm pretty harsh in my responses, but I'm trying to look at each blade from a lot of different angles and focus on what it's capable of doing given the specifications I see. Honestly, for your age, this is very well written, and I feel all of the abilities are intriguing, there's just some oddities here and there that got to me.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Elementalist said…
ok 3rd zanpakuto i'm really enjoying making these stuff up lol. comments would be nice :-) ok this time i'm thinking making one from a game i liked. the name will be different from the character though lol

Shikai: shusekihanji (chief judge)

Release: Guide my Blades

Shikai description and abillites: ok so in Shikai the sword changes from it's orignial state to a pair of thick braceletes that have a mid size blade coming from it. ability 1. first ability is where the two blades vibrate fast enough to be able to cut through anything in it's path. the vibration speed is increased by the amount of reiatsu being poured to it (the preset speed is as fast as the quincy's arow that he uses against that female arrancar.)ability 2. second ability the vibration increases and each swing the user makes sends powerful blades of wind that can cut the air. ability 3. the user makes the two blades touch and pushes the vibration to the limit, the vibrations in the air become so fast it causes a high pitch noise that makes the opponents hallucinate and disrupt the electrical signals they send from their brains that cause them to move. (only those that can hear are vulnerable to this attack. if you're already deaf then you'll be ok.)

Bankai: setsuri shusekihanji (devine chief judge.)

in bankai form the bracelts completely engulf the body and form into an armor. the blades ar now fully grown however they can no longer vibrate.

Ability 1. the user points the blades at his targets and creates purple beams as powerful as the Cero Oscuras.

ability 2. the user stabs his blades to the ground and leaves an unstable beam (same as ability one) set to shoot up from the ground should someone other than the user get into it's proximity range. (the user is unnafected by the blast)

Ability 3. the user stabs himself with his blades and releases both a abilty one and two. he then absorbs the two attacks into his body and gains power to make him 10X stronger and faster for 1min. at this point the finishing move is to use the new speed to close in on his opponent and put him/her into submiision. the amplified ability 2 still in the user's body then blows up taking out the opponent. (think of it as a kaikaze attack except with the user not actually dieng lol.)

Vizard: a mask to match the armo let's just say that for now lol.

here's what the armor and weapons whould look like. or the character from the game.

 ok 3rd zanpakuto i'm really enjoying making these stuff up lol. komentar would be nice :-) ok this ti
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Elementalist said…
again cmoonets or reviews would be great lol. and on the next zanpakuto i think i'll name the techniques lol. and some other things not suere what though. ah yes that's right the spirit lol
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
silverwolf41 (Koori Neko)

Shikai: Interesting name, I'm interested to see where this goes.
1) How high is the wall? Is it circular or square? How thick is it? How strong is it (i.e. what kind of physical hit would be required to get through)? How fast do they move? How far away from the opponent do they start?
2) What's the range on this? How fast does this occur? Since this automatically covers them in ice, it's important to provide limitations here. There should be a significant range issue. There should also be a pretty slow freezing time. Since, as I'm guessing, it can't miss, it can't be very powerful.

1) What does the ice rope do? How long is it? How fast does it move?
2) How can it be broken? Does it have a tiny sword, or can it be broken with a tiny sword (I don't understand which it is from the way you wrote it)? Does the cat just use physical strikes, or can it freeze the opponent? How fast is it? How strong it is?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu whiteflame55 said…
Elementalist (shusekihanji)

Shikai: I'm trying to understand how this looks. Bracelets with mid-sized blades coming out of them... Are the bracelets loose or solidly on your wrists? What side of the bracelets do these blades come from?
1) When you say cutting through anything in its path, you have to limit that. An opponent's zanpakuto should not automatically be chopped in half by this, even if you put every bit of your energy into it, because that makes it impossible to defend against. But I'm also confused by the putting energy into it thing. How long does that energy last before it dissipates? Give me some sort of idea about how much energy allows him to cut through what (i.e. 1/10th of his energy allows him to cut through metal, 1/4th allows him to cut through diamond).
2) So I'm guessing this is much shorter term than the first ability? If not, there's no reason to use the first ability, ever. How much cutting force do these blades have? What's their range? How large are they? How many can a single activation fire off? How do they "cut the air"? How does that work?
3) I get how this works, but specifics are what's missing. First off, give a range. This can't work for an infinite distance. What kinds of hallucinations are we talking about? How much effect and what kind of effect does this have on their movement? How long does this last after each usage?

Bankai: Where are the blades coming from now?
1) So each of the blades can fire this? How fast do they move? How large are they? How long do they take the form? Is there a cooldown?
2) What's its "proximity range" (i.e. how close does the opponent have to be to get hit by this)? What's the lag time between coming in range and getting hit by the blast? When you get in range, if you move, will the blast follow you, or will it come up at the original point that you entered the range? How many of these can you have planted at once? How long does it take to plant one?
3) Does stabbing himself cause any damage? Do the blasts cause any damage? So the bankai #2 is amplified within his body in this form, even though it was activated to create that form? Does it only explode at the end of 1 minute? How big of an explosion does it cause? How much damage can that explosion cause to any given opponent? Is there a lag time between usages of this (there really should be one, or there's absolutely no reason for the wielder to utilize this the entire fight long)? Is there any harm to the wielder at all from using this (there really should be some harm as well, otherwise there's no reason not to use it every single time the cooldown is up)?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Good job on using xion from bloody roar for your blade he's my best person i used him to get uriko in bloody roar 3.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu shukun_kizuku said…
so i need someone to throw me a message with a really complicated zanpakuto idea idc what it is plz and thank you
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Shukun_kizuku i put an idea on your wall that you can have.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ok this is two zanpakuto i made them for yuzu and karin kurosaki. So i would love feed back on these and review would be cool to.

First is Karin's

Neko Tsume ( cat claw )

Release command Tobikosu ( leap over)

This take the form of the boots in the pic ( beowulf from Devil may cry 3). The claws on them are as sharp as needles and during shikai she has her leg strength and speed increases by 3 times and she is able to jump 5 stories high without any injury on landing.

Buchikowasu ( crush ) This uses a level 10 kido amount of reshi.The boots pull her down, at the same speed and force as she can jump, over 2 seconds. This has a 10 seconds cooldown after she lands or hits something, she could jump off some thing high up then cast this again and again to build up speed but after she hits something she must wait 10 seconds to use this again.

Ba_Suto ( burst ) This uses about a level 5 kido worth of reshi and has a 2 min cooldown for each leg. One of the boots send out a flash of light 50% brighter then a flash bang from the shin. The user is uneffected by this flash.

Amagakeru (soar) During this the boots float about 5 feet off the ground and at the speed of her walking. She controls where they move at will and if she goes high then 5 feet or faster then her walking speed , up to her runing speed with the boots on, then this thats about a level 20 kido worth of reshi every 10 seconds.

Bankai Kira Tsume ( killer claw ) In bankai the increase to her legs is about 5 times insted of 3 and the iris of her eyes becomes yellow and the white part becomes red. She keeps shikai abilities but they take about 4 seconds to activate in bankai.

Ue_Bu Kikku ( wave kick ) This is like ichigos getsuga tensho but comes from her leg and the colors are reversed, the black becomes red and the red becomes black, it is also 25% faster and 25% slower and uses about as much reshi as a getsuga tensho

Kegaretate ( blood stained hand ) This uses a level 60 kido worth of reshi on activation. When this is activated Karin's wrist opens and blood flows over her hand covering it for 1 minute, after her hand is coverd the wound closes up. If she touches anyone for 3 seconds with the hand the blood turns to reshi and is absorbed into them after it does this it lasts 10 mintues. During this time she can, at will with no reshi cost and instantly, ether speed up or slow down a persons mind by 50%, if there mind is slowed then everything appers to move faster and if there mind is quicked then everything appers to be slower.

Fu_Wokiru ( break the seal ) This take no reshi and takes 3 seconds to activate but she must wait 10 seconds to use it again. When activated She also gains the gauntlets in the pick and they give her arms the same bonus as the boots do to her legs but while this is active she can't use any abilities other then Ue_Bu Kikku, she can now use her hands for it to, this lasts until she uses this again. If she casts a damaging kido thats a projectile, so nothing like kido 90, in this form then it is forms in her hand in a glass like cast the size of a soccer ball that she can kick or punch all the force from the hit is transferd to the kido adding to it's speed

Now for Yuzu

Ribon ( ribbon ) , lol in japanese only a b is taken out :)

Chokichoki Usu_Su ( cut thinly )

Her zanpacuto takes the form of four blue ribbons as thin as paper , 2 inches wide and 4 feet long wraped around her fore arms, two on each , She can fully control these with her mind. They are made of metal and are as hard to break as a zapakuto. She can make these grow at kido speed to a max of 40 feet.

Seiyo_Shi Chokichoki ( paper cut ) This needs about as much reshi as a level 20 kido. This makes a blue balloon in her hand about normal balloon size That move about 25% of her runing speed and she controls this with her mind. When this is poped then 5 pieces of ribbon, like the ones one her arm but 6 inches long, shoot out in that direction at kido speed.

Yubiwa ( ring, the kind you wear on your finger, )This uses a level 20 kido worth of reshi. She traces a circle in the air that forms a blue reshi ring about and inch thick and it's circumfrince is as big as she can draw. She can spin this in any direction she want but it stays in place and lasts as long as she wants but only 4 of these can be out at once. If any attack projectil attack goes through it then it stops for 5 seconds, or shorter if she wants, after that it countinues on it's way. This effects the whole attack not just the part in the ring. So if lets say Hitsugaya's hyourinmaru goes in it will stop the she could rotate the ring turning the ice dragon and sending it back at hitsugaya.

Chidjimaru ( Shrink ) This takes as much reshi as a level 20 kido to activate but can be deactivated with no cost and take 2 seconds. This allows Yuzu to shrink her body, and anything on her, up to 25% her normal size. while shrunken she can fly faster then her runing speed but proportionaly, she will cover the same distance as if she was runing but because she is smaller she is moveing faster then if she was running. When she shrinks her speed, including her flying, and strength increase by the proportion she shrinks and the amount of reshi to do anything is decreased by half the size decrease. So if she shrunk 50% then she would be 50% faster and stronger and would need 25% less reshi for anything.

Bankai : Su_Pa ribon ( super ribbon ) In bankai her ribbons turn black and she gets four more around her chest. In bankai they grow 2 times as fast and 2 times as long.

Debiru Kissu ( devil kiss ) This needs a level 50 kido amount of reshi. When she acitvates this her lips glow pink for 10 seconds if she kisses you then you have a kiss mark on you and she can use 1 of 3 effects. 1 The kiss mark detaches but dosn't move, if you jumped back it would stay there, after 3 seconds it then explodes with the force of 5 granades. 2 the kiss mark glows blue and after 3 seconds than she trades places with you. 3 The kiss mark glow green and the person gets 2 times the reshi put into the attack, this can't be used on her self and can only be use once every 30 seconds there can be 10 of these on more then 1 person or on the same person.

Succubus Gyo_Shi ( succubus stare ) This needs a level 60 kido worth of reshi and lasts 5 seconds. After she uses this her eyes glow blue and anyone who looks into her eyes has a strong feeling of love towards her like if she was your only child or your dream lover. This works on people of the same gender. While someone is affected by this she can , for the cost of a level 20 kido, have there brain send signals of pain, about as much as a broken finger to any place on there body, pleasure throughout there whole body or stop any pain they feel, this is per person and needs reshi for each person and only one of these can be used at once per person, they can't be compounded. This lasts for 10 minutes and can only be used once per bankai but effects anyone who looks into her eyes at any point during the 5 second period.

Succubus Fo_Mu ( succubus form) This takes as much reshi as a level 40 kido and takes 5 seconds to form. Yuzu grows a pair of bat wings from her back , a tail that looks like nightcrawlers, from the x men movies, and 3 1 foot tall creatures that look like world of warcraft imps see pic, these are as fast as her but are 1/4 her strength , all of these are red in color. The wings let her fly at 180% of her running speed and the tail is as strong as her arm. The imps she makes have no abilities of there own but they can use Yubiwa and Seiyo_Shi Chokichoki using her reshi with voice command.
 Ok this is two zanpakuto i made them for yuzu and karin kurosaki. So i would cinta feed back on these
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
OK! Got a new idea! Hope you like it.

Shinigami: Luke Shinsai

Name: Souseiji Kiseki(Twin Miracle)

Zanpakutou Spirit: A women in about her mid 20's, very ellegant looking. She wears the shikai gloves on her all the time.
She has a split personallity: one which she is very calm and nice, and the other which she is very loud and tomboyish.
When she is in her calm state Luke calls her Kise, and in her loud form he calls her Seki.
When she is calm her hair is gathered in a sort of long ponytail, and when she is loud her hair is free and looks a bit darker and shorter.

Sealed State: The blade is short, about 12 inchs, and the handle is dark blue. The guard is in the shape of an empty ring with spikes going in and out of it.

Shikai: His shikai is very special: When he activates it, He has to do it in steps: First He activates his first ability using the command:
Asshukusuru! Tengokuno Hirate! (Compress! Heavenly Palm!).
While he does so, he takes his sword in his left hand and sticks it in his right. When the blade touchs him, it begins to melt around his hand,
creating a glove looking like pure white silk that goes all the way to his knuckles, there it ends by a kind of braclet mad of yellow balls.
This gloves ability is the ability to compress any thing it touchs, making even trees into small balls or other shapes.
These balls or shapes are not small versions of the thing they were, but compressed versions: their wheigth is the same, and all there traits are the same.
One more thing: The bigger the object he wants to compress, the longer his hand must touch it.

Haretsusuru! Jigokuno Hirate! ( Burst up! Infernal Palm!)
While saying this, he moves his glove over his left hand. THe hand is then covered in a similar glove to his right hand,
only it is black and red and has spikes laying in a circle instead of the ball bracelet.
This Glove gives him the ability to hold any compressed item. "Hold" means here levetate close to his left hand.
His other ability is his main offensive one: He can decompress any thing he previosly touched with his left glove, at any given time.
The rule for compressing applies for decompressing: He must touch what he wants to decompress for a certain ammount of time before he can decompress it.
The bigger it is, the longer he has to touch it.

Bankai: Tebukurooshita Souseiji Kiseki (Gloved Twin Miracle {Although i wanted it to be called "UNGloved Twin Miracle", but couldnt find the translation :( })
In Bankai, he hold his hand to the sides of his body. THen a burst of reitsu emits and his braclets dissolve.
Also, on the palm of his white glove, A golden sun appears, only the spikes or flames of the sun are pointing inwards.
Also, on the palm of his black glove, A red sun appears, only the spikes or flames of the sun are pointing outwards.
In bankai, his abilitys improve greatly in many ways:
1) His compression and decompression times shorten greatly, although big objects still take alot of time.
2) Secondly, He can now send a wave out from his white glove, which lets him compress anything that it hits. It takes more time to compress this way,
but his range and amount he can compress grows. He uses this with smaller objects like rocks or arrows, etc etc...
3) Thirdly, from his black hand, he can control compressed objects from up to 5 meters. this means he can now throw them easly and much more.

He also gains acsess to his ultimate attack:
Shinseina Yaridetsuku ( Divine Lance ):
In activating this, he puts himself into great danger: This attack can backfire easily.
In this mode, a bright yellow sort of long traingle made of what seem like light.
With this, He can stab his opponent, thus compressing him in seconds to a compressed shape of himself.
The opponent doesnt die but loses his powers. This is a great sealing technique. It can cut through any sheild.
It has a few problems: He cant retain it for a long time, as he needs to control it in order for it not to lose its form,
thus compressing any thing around him.
It also drains him from alot of power, and when he exits the state, he reverts to shikai.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Elementalist said…
@whiteflame55 thanks for ur review on my next zanpakuto i'll try to be more specific. i would try and fix my last one but i prefer to learn from my mistakes so when my new one comes out out i'll try to be more specific in the attacks and such. but the Bracelet is supposed to be like well think of it as tight at least 4 inches thick and the blades would be pretty miuch the same way as shown on the pic. but again i'll try to be more specific next time. and thanks for the review.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Elementalist said…
@ddarksonic675 yeah xion was my favorite also well at least until Nagi came into the picture in part 4 lol
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Ichigosuke i have some questions about Souseiji Kiseki

First off i like how you got creative with releaseing it.

For the first one can he compress people ? if he can how does that work do they just die instantly sence they are being compressed into a ball? If you can the how long would it take to compress the average person and about how long does it need for a object like a 10 meter tall tree. Also does it compress after the time is up or while he has his hand on it?

For Haretsusuru Jigokuno Hirate how fast can he make them levitate and how close is close ? For decompressing does what ever he decompressed go back to it's original shape and if it was something living like a tree or person is it alive again and dose it take the same time as compressing

banaki Tebukurooshita Souseiji Kiseki

1) how much time is taken away for this

2) For this how big is the shockwave and i guess it is constantly going out so it can last for the time needed to compress or decompress things so does this use reshi and if something goes out of the shockwave is the time for it to compress reset.

Shinseina Yaridetsuku i don't really get what this attack looks like is it a triangle around his hands or what for this it seems kinda op to compress someone in seconds if it is a large attack and how long dose the attack last about and if he loses control it compresses everything around him does that include him and is there any way to decompress your self or for someone to decompress you?

Overall a really cool Zanpakuto
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
big smile
thanx ddarksonic!
Ok! lets begin!
HE can compress people, it just takes him a very long time, depending on who he is trying to compress:
If he tries to compress someone with high reitsu,it will take him about 10 minutes. He has to have his hand on the person all this time for it to succeed. This way only if a strong person is binded to the spot and unable to move for all these 10 minutes, he gets decompressed. Weaker people take him less time, with a minimum of 1 minute.
Next! Compressing 10 meter high objects takes him about 30 seconds.
This applies only to reitsu free forms. If the object has the reitsu of someone else, it can take him up to a minute.
He can compress only while he has his hand on what he wants to compress. If he leaves his hand, the time to compress is reset.

OK! Next to Haretsusuru Jigokuno Hirate!
He can make them levitate the instant he gets his hand close to them, about 15 centimeters.
When he decompresses, any people/animals he decompressed will go back to their original state, while other stuff like trees and rocks will sort of explode very fast from every direction of the decompressed ball.
Now, Decompressing takes him a second at most and he can do it at any range or given time. The problem is to get thing to compress before hand.

Now, i just want to add something extra to him: He carries a belt holding previously compressed items for use in combat.

OK now for bankai:
1)It takes him a few seconds to activate bankai, about 5.
2) The shock wave is just 1.5 meters wide, and the time is reset if something exits it. The shock-wave is constantly going out as you said, and it takes him about 20 seconds longer from his usual bankai time to compress things with this.
In bankai, his compressing time shortens by 42 seconds for everything.

Shinseina Yaridetsuku :
Imagine his fist. From it goes out a sort of log, bended triangle, almost like a blade of light 1 meter long. Now, he has about 13 seconds of holding it still before it explodes, compressing anything near (about 10 meter range) him except stuff with reitsu in them. It doesnt compress him but leaves him unconscious on the crater created.

Ok, thats all. I usually need people to point out stuff for me when i make these, because i just imagine what they can do in my head.
So thanx.
This was my 18th zanpakuto. Im starting to run out of ideas...

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Hagashi_Yuki said…
wow.. that's a lot of zanpakuto..
how did u come up with lots of ideas?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Dont know.
I just walk around, and when i see something happen, i try to think is it an original zanpakuto? can i make one?
I have a few unfinished ones that i just couldn't finish for some reason.
Ill try and post the page numbers on which i posted ideas.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
18 is a good amount i just finished 15 a few minutes ago but i think i'll wait until my two on 166 get reviewed so it dosen't get backed up making whiteflame comatose again lol
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
yeah great number and cool ideas ddarksonic!
And yeah good point we should set the pace to be a bit slower for whiteflames health XD
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Ok. And by sating what i said earlier i actually mean lets post to death!
Ive got 5 ideas coming up, although they are actually more of a family of zanpakutos rather than 5 diffarent ideas.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu theoverlord said…
Zanpakuto- Ranmyaku Ken Enkatsu (Chaos and Harmony) the blade is about 73 cm in length with an imprint of a cross on one side and a pentagram on the other, and the hilt is shaped like a spiral starting from the center and circling around about 3 times.

Zanpakuto Release- Kaimetsu Ken Houkai (Annihilate and Disintergrate)

Shikia- Ranmyaku Ken Enkatsu splits into two swords, one a 60cm long blood-red broad sword that has three points near the top of the blade. one jutting out of either side and one sticking out the top. There is an imprint of a large black pentagram at the top of the blade and the hilt is in the shape of a demon weilding a large axe, and the hilt gaurd is the demons wings, this is Ranmyaku (Chaos).

Enkatsu (Harmony) appears as a 78cm long deep blue long sword that actually has no point except for two razer prongs sticking up at each side at the top. there is an imprint of a large golden cross at the top of the blade. the hilt is that of an angle wielding a giant sword and the hilt gaurd is the angles wings.

Shikia abilities- 1) Konpaku Sunacchi (Soul Snatch)- This ability is used automaticly and does not need to be said. this ability allows whatever sword to steal 1% of the enemies spiritual pressure every time a sword wounds them (does not matter what sort of wound, it will still be 1%). the user does not have the spiritual pressure added to his but instead whatever sword did the damage instead gets that spiritual to use for that weapons ability. Also whenever an opponent loses 25% of their total spiritual pressure, after that the next percent that is taken is only 1% of the total of what's left for the next 25 cuts and so on. And when an ability has not been used for 10 minutes the spiritual pressure that a sword holds will start to "leak". the leak rate is 1% a minute (and not 1% of the max total but a one percent that was taken from an enemy). the only way to postpone this is by deactivating the Shikia, this will put the leaking proccess on hold until it is activated agian. also i should mention that if the user needs to he can cut himself to give his weapons spiritual pressure.

2) Konpaku Sen (Soul Beam)- this ability can only be used by Enkatsu (Harmony). the user points Enkatsu in the direction of the enemy and says the command Konpaku Sen. this shoots out a beam about a meter and a half in diamater and has a range of about 150 meters. when an enemy is hit with this ability directly the damages can be anywhere from 1st to 3rd degree burns debending on how long the enemy was being hit with this (if the enemy is under fire for an extensive period of time however, then the damage will be much worse). when getting hit with this ability it is like getting hit by a truck so it will push an enemy back if they get hit or are defending agianst it, so if there is nothing behind you than this move will just push you out of it's raideus. but if there is something behind you than you had better pray that it can break easily otherwise you will be crushed unless you can find a way out of this. this ability uses a one percent per shot but if used without stopping then it will use a percent every 5 seconds (single shot is a two second beam). Also before i forget, this can only go in a straight line. what i mean about this is that the user can not wave the sword around and the beam will still shoot out, the sword must be relitivly straight and cannot move.

3) Konpaku Nami (Soul Wave)- Only Ranmyaku (Chaos) can use this ability,and to activate this ability the user just has to say the command prase Konpaku Nami and then he can wave his sword to his hearts content. a dark fog like substance spews forth from the tips of Ranmyaku. this has a range of five feet and after that it just drifts in the direction it was shot (wind has no affect on it) for about 8 seconds before it dissipates. what this fog does is that it can provide a foliage giving you preciuse seconds to do something that could help you. the second part of this ability is that it slowly dissintergrates any solid object it touches. this fog only dissintergrates you while you are touching this fog, i repeat, ONLY while you are touching the fog. so this means that if you were only touching the fog for a second than it probably just gave you a small burn. the user (or whoever is holding the sword at the time) is immune to this fog. the cost of using this ability is 2% to start up and 1% every 6 seconds.

Bankia- Kenpai (Unity) is a double sided sword comprised of different purpleish hues. each blade is about 70cm long (not counting the hilt). anyways the hilt itself is 30cm long and also the hilt look to be angle/demon hybrids with the wings as the hilt gaurd. Also the symbols are both at the top of each blade and both the cross and the pentagram are on each side.

Bankia abilities-1) Hitono Tanran (Humans Greed)- this is just like the Shikia ability Konpaku Sunacchi (Soul Snatch) only instead of taking 1% its 3% that is being taken.

2) Kamigami Doki (Gods Wrath)- a corporeal bow apears in hand and the user uses Kenpai as an arrow. the force of this bow gives Kenpai a range of about 2 km. While Kenpai is traveling this distance it spews out a stronger version of Konpaku Nami (Soul Wave) where instead of a slow disintergration, the proccess is quadroupled (it disintergrates objects at four times the rate it used to), after it reaches the max distince that it was shot to Kenpai will come flying back into the hands of the user. the cost to summon the bow is 10% and to use the fog is another 6% and to have Kenpai fly back to the users hand is 2% giving this a total of 18% to use this ability

3) Akuma's Kimagur (Devils Whim) is very much like the ability Konpaku Sen (Soul Beam) only instead the user realeases some of Konpaku Nami (Soul wave) which he then draws into the shape of a spiral. depending on how many levels of the spiral there are (sorry if the wording is confusing) this ability can be weaker or stornger than the original. for example:

1 Spiral- 1/3 the power of Konpaku Sen: 2%

2 Spirals- 2/3 The power of Konpaku Sen: 4%

3 Spirals- basicly Konpaku Sen: 8%

4 spirals- 2x the power of Konpaku Sen: 16%

5 spirals- 4x the power of Konpaku Sen: 50%

After drawing the spiral the user then thrusts his sword through the middle which causes the beam to shoot out. if there is only one spiral then it is a thin beam of about 10 cm in daimater, if it is 3 spirals then it is basicly Konpaku Sen, and if its 5 spirals then it has a daimater of 2 and a half meters. Warning: with the 5 spiral beam when shot it has a deadly recoil so if the user is holding Kenpai in front of him he will probably stab himself (how embaressing) and even if he holds it so that Kenpai wont stab him, if the recoil forces him to let go of his sword it will not come flying back to his hand, he will have to fetch it him self. also do not look at this beam directly, it can cause temporary blindness (kind of like when you look at the sun to long). the range is about 300 meters, also the user can not draw more than 5 spirals otherwise nothing will happen.

anybody can review this not just WhiteFlame
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
hmmm.... Im not the reviewing type as i get lost in to much information. Overall nice one.

So, i mentioned earlier that i have 5 new ideas.
I got so absorbed in them i actually wrote a story of how 4 of them got their powers.
Im thinking of making them always shikai ones, like ichigo's.
Their Zanpakuto dont really have a spirit, rather they are somewhat incarnations of inner desires.
Ill post the story soon.
I got the idea for the 4 from another zanpakuto i made and published here, in which the bankai included the user turning himself into lightning, an idea i like so much i decided to make 4
more of these.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Well, heres the story/intro i wrote. Im not a writer so dont expect it to be a high class story.

The Ri group:
THis group consists of 4 members: Kaen the Flame Lord, Sazanami the Water Godness, Sora the Azure Sky and Kouyo the Tranquil.
These 4 children were envolved in a very special event, in which nature itself gave them their powers.
they have always been together, and although they are known as group, they act as a family.
The Incident:
They were on a field trip to a very special place in the world, called the Cliffs of Eden, A valley in which nature hold its strongest hold in the world.
Crstal blue water in the lake surrounded with large forests and high cliffs. In the canter of the lake was a large diamond covered in ice.
It was said that whoever holds the diamond holds power over nature itself.
Our 4 just went on a trip to sightsee, as they were great nature lovers.
The Other group, called The V-Phantom, wanted to try and steal the jewel, and thus take contol over nature.
Kaen was the first to hear about this. He and sora, who were best friends, just went exploring, as they both found
Kouyos habit to sit and draw the scenery very boring, and they also didnt want Sazanami slowing them down.
The whole group was 10 at the time, except Kouyo which was already 11.
Sora, which although he was much faster than Kaen, was way behind Kaen, as he had a very very poor sense of direction.
Kaen Kept climbing until he found a small cavern in the side of the cliff. He found it odd, as it was very straight and curved, looking man made.
When he entered he heard voices speaking. He went even closer to the source of the voices, and over heard the V-Phantoms group meeting and plans.
When he realized what they were planning to do, He went immidiatly to warn his friends, but when he turned around,
He found himself face to face with a young 16 year old boy. What he found wierd was that the boy had dark blue wings, as dark as his eyes...
And then the boy vanished with a gust of wind.
The next moment, he was found by the V-Phantom group, which heard the sudden gust of wind and found the young spy.
As they Considered what to do with him, A man withlong dark hair and a huge scar going from his left eye to his right foot,
which looked like the leader, order them to throw him out and get rid of him.
As they haistly did his command, Kaen found himself thrown into the air and down the cliff.
Kaen saw the ground coming towards him very fast, but at the last moment he was saved by the winged boy.
The boy let him drop safely into a bush and flew away.
Kaen, although shocked by the experiance, went right ahead back to camp and informed Sazanami and Kouyo about the events.
They immidiatly started planning how they could gaurd the diamond, when suddeny Sazanami came up with a good question: where is Sora?
At the time, Sora was having a very hard time........ Finding his way back to the camp..........
Meanwhile, Kaen, Kouyo and Sazanami each took some sticks they found on the gound, hoping to use them as weapons.
They began swimming to the diamond in order to protect it.
As they reached the icy shore of the Diamonds "Nest", they heard a cry behing them: "Look boss there ere more of those kids!".
They turned around to find the V-Phantom group sailing toward them in 2 boats.
They waited till they reached the shore, and then started attacking them with thier sticks.
After about 5 minutes of pointless fighting, in which the V-Phantom just toyed around with them, the Boss grew tired and ordered his minions to
catch them. Kaen and Sazanami were both captured, but Koyo kept on fighting until the Boss, Called VAN, slashed at him, creating a cut going from
Kouyos left eye to his right side of the neck.
Koyo fell unconscious immidiatly.
Sazanami, having seen Koyos fall, thought he was dead, had a sort of mental breakdown. She pulled out one of the groups swords when he wasnt sespecting,
and stabbed him, the turned around swiftly and killde three more before she was stopped and hit till she was unconscious.
Kaen was tied tightly and couldnt do anything for his friends. He started crawling towards the diamond, hoping for something sharp to cut his ropes on.
When he was almost there, VAN stood before him, and put his blade near kaens neck. "So the Sneaky spy is the last one standing eh? Well, better cut off your
ears so you wont overhear anything ever again (Insert evil laugh here)".
Just when he raised his sword to strike, a blade clashed against his, knocking him over to the ground.
There, with his back to the diamond, and a stolen sword in his hands, stood Sora.
He quickly tried to cut Van, but VAN dogded and retreated a few meters in to between his minions.
Van was sure Sora was an adult because of the diamond light from behind Sora, so he retreated a bit.
Meanwhile, Sora cut Kaens ropes and told him to bring Koyo and Sazanami to the diamond, while he fights off V-Phantom.
Kaen did as he was told, and quickly brought Koyo and Sazanami and lent them against the Diamond Ice covering.
Up close, they could see the diamond was actually very small (about 5 centimeters), and opal shaped.
Only the ice was creating the illusion of a big Diamond.
Meanwhile, Sora, although his inexperience, managed to kill 2 Minions and hurt another, thus leaving him and VAn the only ones standing,
as the other V-Phantom group was still on its way in the other ship, now closing in.
Sora was soon dissarmed by VAN, which earned his BOSS position for his skills and not looks.
Sora slowly backed up until his back was on the Diamonds ice. Van followed him quickly, and with one fast movment stabbed Sora through the chest,
and right through the ice into the diamond. The diamond had no sign that it was stabbed with such force, but the next moment,
A Dark shadow appeared from the sky, and with a blast of unnatural dark lightning, VAN was dead, peirced right between the eyes.
As the winged boy landed, THe Other V-Phantom minions arrived on thier boat: they were at least 30 of them.
The Winged boy folded his wings, and then they dissapeared. He then dissappeared in a flash, then appeared between the minions.
With the flash of a lighting they were gone, and so was the winged boy.
Meanwhile, the diamond started showing signs of late cracking. With a flash of light that surrounded the whole lake, the crystal burst.
All 4 were almost touching it when that accured. They all were flown by the blast and Kaen and sora fell unconscious.
When the Kaen woke up, He saw that It was daytime already, and that they were laying on the shore of the lake, ecxept Sazanami, which was floating
on her back in the low water.
When he looked around, he realized something very weird: The Diamond on the island was complete and unshattered in its ice casing.
Also, he saw the winged boy standing looking at them from the island. He had a sad face on him as he looked at them.
Kaen ignored him, and swiftly started tending to his friends injurys. Koyo was okay, although his cut might leave a scar.
As for Sora, he was in a bad state: He was peirced right through his chest, and just barely missed a fatal injury.
Sazanami was the weirdest: Although she was beaten up by V-Phantom, She had no injurys and no scars.
After a day, Koyo woke up, and so did Sazanami, and they began helping Kaen Take car of Sora.
A few days later, Sora awaykened, but he still couldnt move.
Afew days leter, kaen and Sora were sitting by the campfire, trying to actually light a fire. Koyo and Sazanami were both out gahtering wood.
Kaen felt very chilly, and so He thought about how nice it would be to light the fire. As he thought so, a fire suddenly burst out of his hand,
and flew right into the logs, igniting them.
Sora and him looked dumbfounded at each other for a second, before Kaen's body burst into flames, scorching the ground near him.
Sora, who was already very suprised by this, suddenly realized something wierd: His hands were almost like wind. When he saw the look on Kaens face,
He quickly ran to the lake, only to see that his whole body has been turned into wind.
He heard a shout. Looking around, He Saw Sazanami, when her body is made of water, and Koyo, which seemed as though his wole body was full
of cracks.
That was How THe 4 of them got their powers.
To control them, each of them walks around with a pendant around his neck, which has his Elements symbol on it.
These pendants seal their power almost completely, leaving them basic contol over their Element.
Since then, 4 years have passed....
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Well Ichigosuke i'll need a few gold rings and an emerald or two before i can review a story but it was pretty good

I however can review Ranmyaku Ken Enkatsu by Theoverlord

For Shikia ability Konpaku Sunacchi can the user just use shikai cut themself a bunch then release shikai heal and repeat to store up a lot of reshu for the abilities ?

For Konpaku sen Is the burn a effect from the beam or is the beam hot and how fast does the beam travel ?

For the 3rd ability how fast does the fog come out and how tick does it have to be layered to stop light from passing through also how fast is the drift.


With Hitono Tanran does the reshi still leak and can the user save it by leaving bankai and shikai ?

With Kamigami Doki once again how fast the fog comes out matters also does this work the same as the fog from before execpt the speed it disintergrates like the 1% every 6 seconds? With the returning how fast does it come back and what happens if it has something in it's way? Also does the fog come out during the return as well?

With Akuma's Kimagur This is a little confusing. After the sword is put in the spiral does the sword still need to be in it and not move like the shikai one if so how would level 5 work with the recoil? If they don't then how does like beam keep shooting out for example, at the users command, till the sword runs out of reshi, do they put a amount of reshi in it to have it shoot out and if so can more then one be out at once or what? Also can the user draw spirals and wait before shooting the beam ?

Btw feedback or reviews for mine on the page 166 for Yuzu and karin would be awesome and i'd like to know how fitting anyone thinks the zanpakuto are for there charectors
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Hagashi_Yuki said…
i hope whiteflame don't die at his early age... :P
and by the way, ichigosuke..
nice story... :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ellejane said…
@whiteflame55 thanks for the compliment. and i don't think you're harsh. you were just criticizing me in a not-so-kind way...hehe....besides, i should be thanking you for reading my post so, thanks. :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
damn.. THanx for the compliments, but actually making the characters abilities turned out to be hard: All their attacks are normal element manipulation. the only thing that makes them special is that they are made of their elements.
Anyway heres Kaen's: (I still want to change them a bit to make it more original)

Shinigami: Kaen Ri, The Flame Lord
Yound boy of about 14. He has blazing spiky red hair and golden eyes. He usually wears short cloth, as he tends to burn others,
and actually he practically hates long cloth.
As part of the Ri, his shikai is always active.
As part of the Ri, he is partially infused with Nature itself.
Since THAt time, he hated his powers, becuause they could bring the most harm to Nature than any of his friends powers.
He was Defender yet Destroyer of Nature at the same time.

Name: Honoo Kimi (Flame Lord)

Shikai: Honoo Kimi (Flame Lord)
Kaen's Shikai is always active, in the shape of a golden necklace around his neck with the symbol of a red flame hangin from it.
He can control fire in a minumum level in this state, and can create fireballs in sizes that go up to a meter large.
When Entering combat, flames surround his fists and feet, so he can create fire and shoot it faster.
His ultimate attack in this state is HonooKiru, Flame Punch.
He basically just creates a fire ball around his hand and shoots it from zero distance at the moment of the impact of his fist with the opponent.

Bankai: Kazannno Honoo Kimi (Volcanic Flame Lord)
When he enters Bankai, the pendant around his neck busts into Flames, enveloping him.
When the flames dissapear, His body is now shown to be made of flames, yet he retains his bodys proportions and looks. He is just very flamish colloured
and made of flames. Also, 6 Blades of fire sort of fly behind him at all times, forming sort of wings of 3 by 3.
In this mode, He can create huge flames.
His fire creation rate is also increased.
He is He is immune to physical damage in this form, and any non-physical damage must be something that can beat fire.
His main weakness is of course water. Any contact with water can force him to revert to shikai or he will be left unconscious or dead.
Wind can also affect him: By taking away the air around him or by blowing to much air he will have to exit this state.
Sand is also effective against him.
Basically, in this form, he has many diffarent attacks, each and every one of them based upon shapeshifting his fire.
Being a close quarters type, he prefers attacks as his HonooKiru, which now are twice as effective.
He usually justs bursts his flames anywhere to defeat his opponent.
His ultimate Attack is Kazandan (Volcanic Bomb).
He gathers alot of flames into a small ball, then shoots it at the opponent, preferably at point blank distance.
This causes a huge eruption of flames to come out and burn anything it hits.
The burst takes the shape of a huge pheonix made of flames before it dissapears.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu 6Grimmjow6 said…
this is what i have so far
 this is what i have so far
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Honoo Kimi by ichigosuke

For shikai i only have a few questions

One does controling the fire it's self cost any reshi?

Two how well can he control fire? How much at a time and how articulate is he with it? For example can he make the flames spell out words in the air or make the flames look like a giant flame flower, and could he control a huge wall of fire like the captin commander's fire cage he put aizen ? Also how well can he control the heat of the fire?

Three With making fire how fast can he make it, how much can he make, does this cost reshi, if there is a limit to how much he can make or a limit fast he can make is to slow could he set something on fire and let it spread then just control that to attack? Also does he need to make any movements to control the fire and can he only make fire from or body or can he make it some other way for example Zelman Clock form black blood brothers can use his eye ignite to make fire at a distance and control it with his eyes can Kaen do anything like this?

For Hoonookiru this a technique not an ability right.Is he putting fire on his hand then making it expaned on contact or just using a flame cover hand to punch someone?

Bankai Kazannno Honoo Kimi
This confuses me a lot the biggest cuase of this is his new form. Due to the fact that he is fire can he merge with the fire he makes, if his body can't doesn't he always have the risk of making to much flame around him self and burning up all the oxygen in the area and put him self out? Also if he is fire can't he just be put in lets say a barrier and run the oxygen out? also are the blades solid and covered in fire or just fire. Also i understand that due to fire being a non solid so physical attacks would just go through him but wouldn't that also mean he would just have anything he tries to punch just go through him only burning them? Also fire irl fire needs oxygen heat and fuel does his body and flames need these if so is the fuel for them his reshi or what? Also can let say rukia uses Some no mai, Tsukishiro ( first dance, white moon ) on him wouldn't he have to go to shikai instantly or die from the cold and lack on oxygen or cold or if he melted it the water. From what i read this would seem like an instant kill for him

For Kazandan can he make the explosion of flames larger by putting more fire into it?

Overall this is cool and neat to have a whole story to explain Kaen's history. Btw i'll try to get to Sazanami, sora, and Kouyo's sooner then i did for Kaen's, i was making zan number 16 :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
OK ddarksonic.
I ment Kaen to be a all out fire type. He is the Blaze Duke after all.
So. Lets begin.
1) Being very special, the 4 dont have any reishi, but another force which we will call Shizenkai (Natural World).
This force isn't connected to them, but to nature.
This is why if they fight anywhere where nature is weak, like a city, their force is very weak.
So, there attacks cost them, but they have huge masses of energy when in nature.
2) Technically, he can do every thing that you said, but he is a close combat type, so he usually goes in with projectiles from very short range. He is a feisty one, so making huge shapes of fire is hard for him, as it goes out of control easy.
Although huge fire manipulating is out of bounds for him, he compensates for that with very fast fire creating.
He can create small fireballs at a rate of 3 for a second.
They fly as fast as the punch thing that arrancars have(forgot its name), and have a range of about 100 meters.
Kaen can control fire simply by thinking of it. He doesnt have to look at the fire.
(By the way, now i wanna check that manga you mentioned XD)

3)Hoonookiru: Its a technique he uses all the time.
He simply creates a fireball around his hand, sending it at full power pointblank range at his enemy.

4)Wow. You really have alot of questions XD.
Ok. HE is made of fire, but when he punchs, he usually uses Hoonookiru, so being fire doesnt get in the way.
Also, if he is put in a barrier he cant break, he can deactivate the bankai for start. Also, running out of oxygen will be a problem for anybody, not just him.
The blades are solid, made out of very hard magma rock. They are covered in flames.
THe fuel he uses is Shizenkai, so he will probably keep going for a long time outside citys.
As for rukias attack, yes, it would be very bad to him if he cwa cought by it in surprise.
Luckly, He has a defense against water and ice.
Im adding this now, because after what you said i really think he should have one.
This is called Overheat.
In this state, he relinquishes any fire attacks, conserving all the fire inside himself, until he outbursts with fire and heat.
His temperature rises to a 1000 degrees ("zelzius"), and he evaporates almost anything by touch.
He can maintain the state for only 10 seconds.
Kazandan is basically a overpowered form of Hoonoo kiru.
He cant make it burst, but he can prepare it and make it stronger by continually inserting flames in it before launching it. By this it differs from Hoonookiru.
Also, This attack looks more like magam surrounding his hand then fire. When the magma hits, it coveres the body of the attacked, attempting to melt him away.

So, this is it. Im aiming to make them very strong in their element. Kaen is still not close to Yamamoto's level.

And by the way cant wait to see youre new zanpakuto!

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
wow, i actually just realized that i really turned the 4 into some sort of other being than a shinigami. My bad, but hope you dont mind forum. Ive still got to finish Koyo and Sora, The winged boys too.
And another gun-type zanpakuto that i really like. (I just love Guns.. Drooling....)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu bleachintheuk said…
Ok here's my second try after my scandalous first attempt
name: Noburukatta (noble cutter)
release: is pierce noburukatta
form: a double edged sword with a sharp thrusting point and the swords name engraved up the the blade the hilt is maroon wrapped in white and the guard is an upward facing v in the color of gold and the pommel is shaped like a 3 pointed star
abilities: before all abilities the engravings on the side glow maroon
Chi ha ( blood blade): user cuts his own finger on his blade then swings with incredible force releasing a wave of maroon energy that cuts through anything

Mikazuki dansu (crescent moon dance): user performs a series of attacks that don't make contactwhile gracefully doing acrobatics so fast it seems there are a dozen of him finishing off with a thrust causing all of his
attacks to take effect

gekido suiryoko (furious thrust): user thrusts at his opponent 50 times in 5 seconds each thrust sending off waves of spiritual
bankai: igirisusuraisa (kingdom slicer)
all of the symbols on the blade ignite and suddenly there is an explosion and the user is surrounded by marron and white
energy swirling around him when he emerges he is wielding his prievious blade but is wearing a breast plate grieves and
shinguards and is much faster
shi no ichi sen-ren ( a thousand years of death): stabs opponent disorienting their time balance until they have been hit one thousand times or until they break it by releasing enough spiritual pressure

Noburu jama ( noble way out): a technique that allows user to strike out with extra force and speed for a limited time ( only works when injured)

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Ok forum. Im going to post a fixed version of Kaen+ Sazanami.
Shinigami: Kaen Ri, The Flame Lord
Yound boy of about 14. He has blazing spiky red hair and golden eyes. He usually wears short cloth, as he tends to burn others,
and actually he practically hates long cloth.
As part of the Ri, his shikai is always active.
As part of the Ri, he is partially infused with Nature itself.
Since THAt time, he hated his powers, becuause they could bring the most harm to Nature than any of his friends powers.
He was Defender yet Destroyer of Nature at the same time.

Name: Honoo Kimi (Flame Lord)

Shikai: Honoo Kimi (Flame Lord)
Kaen's Shikai is always active, in the shape of a golden necklace around his neck with the symbol of a red flame hangin from it.
He can control fire in a minumum level in this state, and can create fireballs in sizes that go up to a meter large.
When Entering combat, flames surround his fists and feet, so he can create fire and shoot it faster.
His ultimate attack in this state is HonooKiru, Flame Punch.
He basically just creates a fire ball around his hand and shoots it from zero distance at the moment of the impact of his fist with the opponent.

Bankai: Kazannno Honoo Kimi (Volcanic Flame Lord)
When he enters Bankai, the pendant around his neck busts into Flames, enveloping him.
When the flames dissapear, His body is now shown to be made of flames, yet he retains his bodys proportions and looks. He is just very flamish colloured
and made of flames. Also, 6 Blades of fire sort of fly behind him at all times, forming sort of wings of 3 by 3.
In this mode, He can create huge flames.
His fire creation rate is also increased.
He is He is immune to physical damage in this form, and any non-physical damage must be something that can beat fire.
His main weakness is of course water. Any contact with water can force him to revert to shikai or he will be left unconscious or dead.
Wind can also affect him: By taking away the air around him or by blowing to much air he will have to exit this state.
Sand is also effective against him.
Basically, in this form, he has many diffarent attacks, each and every one of them based upon shapeshifting his fire.
Being a close quarters type, he prefers attacks as his HonooKiru, which now are twice as effective.
He usually justs bursts his flames anywhere to defeat his opponent.
Some Attacks:
1)Kazandan (Volcanic Bomb):
He gathers alot of flames into a small ball, then shoots it at the opponent, preferably at point blank distance.
This causes a huge eruption of flames to come out and burn anything it hits.
The burst takes the shape of a huge pheonix made of flames before it dissapears.
2) Youganryuu (Stream of Lava):
Using this attack, he can shoot out streams of lava from the ground anywhere within a 500 meter radius.
A big form of this attack is creating sort of like a semi-volcano to errupt from the ground, sending a 100 meter wide stream of lava out of it.
3) OverHeat: In this state, he relinquishes any fire attacks, conserving all the fire inside himself, until he outbursts with fire and heat.
His temperature rises to a 1000 degrees ("zelzius"), and he evaporates almost anything by touch.
He can maintain the state for only 10 seconds.

Shinigami: Sazanami Ri, The Water Goddess.
Young girl. Age 14. She has long silky blue hair that goes down to her waist.
She is very kind in nature, but has an evil side to her. Whenever she is very angry, She will sort of have a mental breakdown,
and become very evil and sadisctic towards her enemys, prefering to torture them before killing them.

Shikai: Mizu Megami (Water Goddess )
Sazanami's Shikai is always active, in the shape of a golden necklace around her neck with the symbol of a blue rain drop hanging from it.
In shikai, She can control water and create wiggly balls of water to shoot at the enemy.
She is mainly a defensive type so she creates tides of water to go around her to create a barrier.
He ultimate attack in this form is Kyo Mizu Inryokukento (9 Water Spheres of Gravitation):
She creates 9 spheres of water, which shoot at her target from diffarent directions, enveloping him in water and drawning him.

Bankai: Ennyou Mizu Megami (Ocean Water Goddess )
When she enters Bankai, the pendant around her neck bursts into water, enveloping her.
When the water clears away, she is shown to be made from water.
Her whole body is stabl water. She can control and create huge masses of water in this state.
She is now shown to have 9 spheres of water in a circle behing he back.
She has a few Techniques:
1) Ennyou Megumu (Water Blessing):
She creates an orb of water around her. The water is 8 meters wide, and swirls around constantly.
This attack has offensive and defensive uses.
Offensive: She can try and run out towards the enemy, and get him caught up in the sphere and drown.
Defensive: While she is in it, almost every attack will get slowed down by the water, leaving her enough time to dodge it.
She can only maintain this for 1 minute if she moves(Offensive), and 10 minutes if she stands in place (Defensive).

2) Megami Ipponnyari (Goddess Lance Thrust):
This is a very powerfull attack, which she and Sora invented together.
She shoots out a streaam of water.
The water in this stream swirl around so fast it looks like a solid blade of water.
This stream can cut through almost anything: Iron, Rock, Sheilds, etc etc etc.
It also has a big range, reaching out for about 500 meters. The longer the range, the weaker it is.
She can only shoot one out at a time.

3) Tsunami Yari (Tsunami Lance):
This is her Ultimate attack: She creates a huge whirlpool of swirling water, with the tip of the whirlpool near her hand.
She then rushes out toward he enemy, the whirlpool following, until she is 100 meters away from her enemy.
Then, she kinda of throws the whirlpool at him. The Whirlpool is about 10 meters wide, but is fast and strong like her Megami Ipponnyari.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Shinigami: Kouyou (Koyo) Ri, The Tranquil.
He has green eyes and dark brown hair. He has a scar that goes from above his left eye to his right cheek.
He is the strategist beteen the 4. They dont call him "The Tranquil" for nothing. He is very calm and can wait hours, days and even months for a plan to succeed.
He always fights his enemys first in shikai, to see their attack style and techniques, and then he goes into his best suited bankai mode for the enemy.
He is very smart and plans ahead in aa fight. His strong resolve lets him let himself keep getting hit alot of times for his plan to succeed.
He is 15 years old, a year older then the rest. He thinks of himself as their mentor and Shield.
Since the incident, He always tries to take care of the other 3. He is the one to stop Sazanami when she goes beserk.

Shikai: Seijakuna (Tranquil):
Koyo's Shikai is always active, in the shape of a golden necklace around his neck with the symbol of a green leaf hanging from it.
In Shikai, Koyo can create vines and rocks and shoot them at his enemy. He can also talk to any animal or creature, and make it do his wish.

Unlike the others, Koyo Has 3 Different modes to go into when entering bankai. He cant switch between them in bankai.

Fisrt Form: Kashiwa Seijakuna (Tranquil Oak):
In this form, His whole body becomes made out of wood. His hair becomes leaves.
He can control perfectly any plant whithin a 250 meter range. He can bring the plants to life and make them stretch and attack the enemy.
He cant control any uprooted plant. The plants roots must be in the ground in order for him to control them.
Naturally, his weakness is Fire.
He has 2 techniques in this form:
1) Tsurugahau (A vine Creeps): Using this attack, he sends the roots of each and every plant in the area to bind his opponent and pull him to the ground.
2) Shokubutsusaishu ( Plant Collection): This isnt really an attack. It merely enables him to create a seed of any plant he has ever seen,
and make it grow instantly into a full grown form once he plants it in the ground. In battle, He uses this technique in order to create
samples of usefull plants he has seen, For example:
(These are made up by me, THey are not real)
*The Nimble Thorn Tree: Merely a big tree with thorns all over it, even in the roots. He can control the roots and branches and fight with them.
*The Aquatic SunFlower: A flower that has strong healing powers, and can mend huge cuts.
*The Poisen Lotus: A lotus which has very strong poisen in its thin roots. This poisen cuts reitsu flow by alot when affected.
*THe Rain Oak: A blue colored oak with purple leaves that rain constantly.
*His ultimate, The Gaias Bane: A massive tree with a trunk radius of 300 meters. Its vines are between 35 meters to 100 meters large. The leaves are huge and heavy.
THe branchs are as big as the roots.Controling one of these is sure to inflict alot of damage.

Second Form: Sakyuu Mimizu Seijakuna (Tranquil Dune Worm)
In this form, His body transfers into sand. This form is best for fighting against large groups of land enemys.
He only has 3 attacks in this form:
1) Sakyuu Misairu (Dune Missile): He shoots out long, worm like sand missles from the ground to attack.
He can create up to 100 of these at a time. They are 3 centimeters wide.

2) Sakyuu Sakaba (Dune Gravyard): THis attack can only be activated if there is sand covering the area.
This attack is simply him moving fast through the sand in his sand form, and catching people by there feet and taking them down into the sand,
where they are crushed from all sides by the pressure.

3) Sakyuu Shindousuru (Dune Quake): His ultimate attack in this form. He creates a wave of sand that burries anything.
It is 300 meters wide and 10 meters high.

Third Form: Sangaku Seijakuna (Tranquil Mountain):
Probably his strongest form. His whole body turns into very hard stone.
In this form, He maybe a lot slower than his other forms, but his strength and defence are incredible.
In this form, he has a few Techniques:
1) Chijouha (Terrestrial Wave): Using this attack, He sends a shockwave that makes the ground go up, creating like a wave of stone pillars.
He can either make the pillars simply crush against his enemy or send stones flying from the ground at the enemy.
2) Ganseki Tsubusu (Rock Crush): When he says this, Stone pillars appear from the ground arounf the target, then close in on him fast, crushing him.
3) Jishin Kyojin (Earthquake Collosus): His final, strongest attack: HE unites with the land, ad then rises with the land as a huge giant made out of stone.
Each punch has the force of an earthquake. This attack is best used when breaking into fortresses or fighting lots of weak enemys.
As he is so big, his atacks and movment is very slow, so fast enemys can dodge him very easily, although beating him is another story.
He is 300 meters tall. HE can use his Ganseki Tsubusu ina much bigger scale, crushing whole towns.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
And unfinished version of Sora.
Shikai: Konpeki no Sora (Azure Sky)
Sora's Shikai is always active. It takes the shape of a white bracelet made of white orbs, each about 5 milimeters wide.
In shikai, Sora can contol the air around him.
Ruriiro Shinkuu (Azure Void\Vacuum):
This is his only technique in shikai. By controling the air around his palm, he creates a little ball of nothing, a void, which combined with
his Shizenkai (The Ri's Special reitsu), looks like an azure coloured outlined orb when the inside is black.
He can throw this at the enemy, but he usually decides to go for close range. When it hits, the void dissapears, creating a fast intake of air to fill the space,
which is alot more than you think. This causes huge damage and ca even make one hit KO's.

When he enters bankai, the bracelet dissapears, and suddenly, the sky turns Zaure coloured in a 100 meter raduis circle around him.
When the sky clears, He is shown to become wind. Although his body is made of wind, he can still punch and touch things., using air pressure
He is very fast and very hard to hit.
He can now control not only the air but its pressure and attributes, making for one his Ruriiro Shinkuu alot stronger.
He has a few techniques:
1) Kaze Katchuu (Wind Armor):
He activates this most of the time. By using this, he creates strong pressure flows of air that gow around his body.
This prevents him from being hit by alot of stuff.
When attacked by a sword for example, the wind will push the sword only a bit, so that the attack misses him by a few centimeters.
2) Shinkuu Tsubusu (Void Crush):
Using this technique, he creates a much larger version of Ruriiro Shinkuu. He then throws it at the enemy. If it hits, the pressure alone can crush every thing in its path.
The burst of air following will send the enemy flying away.
3) Ruriiro Tachi (Azure Long Sword)
THis technique he ivented with Sazanami. He creates A very high pressure swirling air lance, that can cut through anything.
It has a 100 meter range.
He can also make it look like a azure long sword with which he can fight in close range. It is Azure colored and much stronger then the long range version.
4) Saidaihuusoku (Max Wind Speed):
Using this technique, is like a scecial shunpo: He creates 2 voidss under his feet, and then releases the void, bursting him
in above shunpo speed to where he wants.
5) Ruriiro Hoshizora (Azure Starry Sky):
Sora's ultimate attack. When he activates it, the sky turns azure like when he enters bankai.
Suddenly, Azure winds start flowing around him in a 1 kilometer radius.
He can combine himself with the winds, and travel on them. He can strike from anywhere within the azure winds radius.
He can use Ruriiro Tachi like this also.
When He isnt combined with the wind, his attacks grow stronger and his Kaze Katchuu can negate almost anything.
This attack takes up so much energy from him, that after 7 minutes, he faints and exits bankai.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ichigosuke Mizu Megami

With controling water can she control water someone already has control over for example Tia Halibel the thrid arrancar could she just take water shes already using in an attack or what also does this count for non liquid water. For the wiggly balls of water, why is this ball of water wiggly, how large is this and how fast does it go and how quick can she send these out.
For these barriers how big are they and how hard does something have to hit it to go through it?
With Kyo Mizu Inryokukento how fast are these how big are they how far away can if be before she can't control them any more, if there is a range, also does the ball of water follow the person if they get out and how fast does the ball move.

Bankai Ennyou Mizu Megami With her being water can she control her tempature or her state of matter or shape and if she gets hot does this hurt her of if she freezes can she do anything or does she have to wait melt first and what if she goes through sublimation or evaperation does she die or what?

1)For Ennyou Megumu how fast is it spining can she control it's spining and if it surounds her how does she run? is she not in the center or does it not stay in it's shape while shes on the ground?
2)In Megami Ipponnyari how big is the stream of water and what shape is it in , a sword shape a cylander etc. , how fast is it and how fast can she turn the beam while it's going out.
3)With Tsunami Yari i don't really think i understand this attack. So i'll take a shot at it This creates a mass of water that looks like a tornado 10 meters wide that floats in the air above her hand then she throws it from a distance of 100 meters at her enemy. If this is the case then how fast does it go when she throws it and how fast does it spin is 100 meters a max distance or what why is she that far away? Also how tall is it and does it keep it's shape and spin speed also does it just hit them and then stop or does it catch them and stay there for a while if so how long does it stay?

With making rocks and vines how fast can he make them and where are they made, in his hand in the air around him etc.. Also for this animal and creature thing what counts as a creature is this mind control or is he just talking them into helping him? if it is mind control how strong is it and does it have any limits like a time limit or do things resist it after a while or can something stop this ? Also could he take control over something that is already under control from somthing else for example for the zanpakuto i made for yuzu in her bankai she can call out 3 imps that she controls so could he just take them over and use them to help kill her assuming they count as creatures/animals?

Bankai kashiwa seijakuna With controling plants can he control plants somone else is already controling or plants that are part of someone elses zanpakuto for example with my Mokuhon zanpakuto on page 164 it allows the user to make plants and control them could he just hijack them make this zanpakuto worthless? Also with cotroling them perfectly can he make them do things they can't normaly do? Also how far can he make plants stretch and how does bringing them to life work.
1) Tsurugahau How fast do the roots move, how strong are they, how long does this last and how large is the area?
2) Shokubutsusaishu What counts as seen can he just go on the internet and look up plants? Also what if the plant normaly has no seeds like one made by someone or one that usess spores, how fast are them made and does he have the ability to accelerate growth ?for the plants they are just examples so i won't get into reviewing them

Bankai form 2 Sakyuu Mimizu
1) How fast are these missles do they follow people how long are they is there any form of cooldown and does this work if there is no sand near by?
2) With this how fast is he how strong can he pull people and how does the crushing work is it just the weight of the sand or is he making it crush them and if he is how hard does it crush them.
3) Where does the sand come from how fast is it does it have to charge how much sand is there and how far does it go?

Bankai form 3 Sangaku Seijakuna How hard is this stone and if he gets broken can he fix him self how much slower is he and how much is his strength increased?
1) How does this work does he send the shockwave then a chunk of ground moves up then down then a chunk of ground in front of it move up like hulk's gamma wave in capcom VS marvel if this is so how does it hurt someone or is it chunks of rock poking out of the ground like spikes i don't really understand this attack vary well
2) Ganseki Tsubusu How far away from the person do the pillars come up from how big are they how fast are they and how hard do they crush them.
3) no real questions about this one other then what magnitude earthquake? But this is kinda op due to the strength of it even if someone moved then hitting the ground near them could hurt them.

Konpeki no Sora With controling the air around him how far does this go and how well can he control this air?
Ruriiro Shinkuu With this how big is the ball and how fast can it go when he throws it? Also from what i read he is just crating a small vacuum witch at first i tought would be like the scene in alians when the space ship got a hole in it and the vacuum killed that alian but after thinking about it instead of matter going through a small hole into a vacuum it is a small vacuum letting in matter in to it from all sides so if it hit someone from what i understand just suck in air from the other sides of the vacuum. Unless i'm wrong this wouldn't all that strong.

Bankai With this how fast is he and how would you hit him anyway? With this upgraded control how much can he effect the pressure and what attributes can he control?

With the abilities i think it's 3 for shikai and 3 for bankai not just a total of 6 , not that i really mind or anything.

1) With this do you mean he's useing air to push the blade aside or that hes increasing the air presure around him to make it harder to go through or what ether way how strong of an attack can it redirect?
2) For this how much bigger is it and how fast does it go. Like with the first one if what ever is there is durable enough wouldn't it only be damaged a little due to the fact that air would be filling in the space?
3) With this how fast does it swirl and if it can cut through any thing at 100 meters why does it need to be any stronger in sword form?
4) How would creating thoses void not just pull him towards them once he releases it why would it "burst him" ? Also with this void thing i'm no physicist so i may have no idea what i'm talking about so if i'm wrong just say so.
5) With this how fast does he move in it and when hes not combiined with it how much is this increase?

This group of zanpakutos in my opinion are vary OverPowerd. For starters the level they can control there elements at is pretty high. They don't use reshi but the force of nature so from what i read if they are in a place wear nature it strong they have a lot of power they can use also you don't say how fast nature recovers it's power if it doesn't need to then couldn't they just go on forever? Also with there bankai's turning into an element is by it self vary useful due to the fact that most types of attacks can't even hurt them, if they can even feel pain as elements. Also a lot of abilities are could be op due to the fact that they have Shizenkai not reshi.But overall these are pretty cool and the fact that they are a collection of zanpakuto's that is cool also :) so 2 thumbs up.

If anyone else wants a review let me know and i'll try my best also if anyone wants to ry reviewing it's not that hard just look for holes in the description, anything that you don't get or anything you want to know. No ones really asked many questions about my Magnunamu pg 163 Swarm pg 163 Tsurukusa pg 163 Mokuhon pg 164 Neko Tsume pg 166 or Ribon pg 166 so if you want practice go ahead and try reviewing out on those i love indepth reviews and i try to answer any questions you have :) and more points of view don't hurt.

Ps ichigosuke my i'll post my next one soon i have them, 3 not posted total, on a notepad in my desktop.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
ok guys, heres a new one. My 23rd.

Shinigami: Takagi Tsurugi

Name: Ankokuno Kenjuu (Pitch Dark Revolver)

Zanpakutou Spirit: A yound women that wears dark clothes.
She acts very closed and cold, so getting his shikai and bankai was hard for him.

Shikai: His shikai is active constantly.
His shikai takes the form of a black handgun.
He has unlimited ammo, as each bullet takes so little of his reitsu that it doesnt count.
He has a few techniques, all which involve special bullets:
Every technique he must reload the gun in between bullet types, although he can still shoot normal bullets always.

1) Hazumu Teppoudama (Bounce Bullet):
THis bullet is a special bullet that bounces of every thing, until it hits what he wants.
Its mazimum of bounces is 10. He improves it all the time. He is an expert in using this, making very soffisticated moves, and immposible shots.

2) Kage Dangan (Shadow Bullet):
This is a very soffisticated bullet. When he shoots, 2 bullets come out: one above the other. The special thing is that no matter where the light source is,
or where the shadow of the top bullet, the other bullet is shot in the shadow.
Meaning, 2 shots: 1 normal and the other in the others shadow. The one in the shadow is almost invisible, so the enemy will be hit a few times before
he realises by what.

Bankai: Nijuuno Ankokuno Kenjuu (Dual Pitch-Dark Revolver)
{Actually, i based his looks in bankai after the picture below, i found when googleing gunner. If anyone knows from what manga this is, please tell me.}
When he enters bankai, he gets another gun. They both look like in the picture below, but without the blade.
He doesnt need to reload now to change techniques.
1) Sokusha (Quick Fire): Using this, his shooting speed is faster, alot faster. For every shot he could shoot before he can now shoot 10.
2) Kousen Tanken (Light Dagger): In this form, His guns look like in the picture below: THey have blades made out of light coming out of them.
In this form, He can fight close range alot better. Further more, his shooting power is increased.
3) Bakuhatsubutsu Teppoudama (Exsplosive Bullet):
4) Dengeki Dangan (Electric Shock Bullet): He puts his guns next to each other,
and Sends out a single shot, that goes so fast it creates electrical currets in the air.
When it hits, it just passes through what it hit, sending an electric shock as it passes.
He can only shoot this once every 5 minutes.
5) Dangan Huuu (Bullet Storm): This technique mis his ultimate showdown of skill. First, he shoots out thousands of bullets using Sokusha,
only thing is, each bullet has the traits of both bounce bullets and shadow bullets.
Now, that there is practically a storm of bullets heading at the enemy, He shoots a single Dengeki Dangan, that goes through the storm and probably hits the
enemy, killing him or at least hurt him very badly.
After using this technique, he reverts to shikai, and cant return to bankai for at least 5 hours, minimum.

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 ok guys, heres a new one. My 23rd. Shinigami: Takagi Tsurugi Name: Ankokuno Kenjuu (Pitch Dark Revo
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
damn it. i answered you ddarksonic in detail, and it didn't post because of my stupid internet.....
Im personally working now on my newset gun zanpakuto little bother, a sniper type. Ill post it, and then answer everything.. again...
Its a lot to write twice.... sad face... but ill do it! crazy face...
Yes, im utterly and completely insane. Now on with your lives.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Roku-Fukutaicho said…
My Zanpakuto:

Shikai: Kurogetsu (Black Moon)
Release command: Subete no hikari no sekai o kuraku (Darken the world of all its light)
Bankai: Kurogetsu tsuki no ryū hime (Dragon Princess of the Black Moon)
Shikia abilities: Tengoku - shokkinguna kuro kiba (Heanly-Shocking Black Fang) and Kuroi chi no sora no senkō (Black Blood Sky-Piercer)
Bankai abilities: Ryū no kuroi kiri (Black Fog of the Dragon), Kuro wa naki ōjo no bara (Black Rose of the Dead princess) and Doragon no burakkuraito no sen-ya (1000 Nights of the Dragon's Black Light)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Famguy50 said…
Zanpakuto-Kaminosaba(Server Of God)
Release Command-Kōkan anata no tsumi(Redeem Your Sins)

Discription-It looks like the staff of moses but it is made of steel and except for the hand holds it has curved blades that are all around it randomly it is all white but the top and bottom have red crosses on them

Ability-It can relese sort bursts of anormas spericual presere making the opponent fall to his knees ulness he is obove captain rank this move is called Yumi-shin no kao ni(Bow in the face of god)

Bankai-Iesukirisutonochi(The Blood Of Jesus)

Discription-10(for the ten comandments) cross looking swords appere stabbed into the ground all of them are pure crimsin like Jesus's blood that was spilt on the cross(hints the name)

Bankai Ability-Makes all the sins the opponents ever done flash before there eyes making him feel gilty and most not able to fight no longer this move is called Anata no tsumi wa nanidesu ka(What Are Your Sins?)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Roku-FukuTaicho, we need a little more information, not just the name.
For shikai, does he have to stand in place or can he move while using Yumi-shin no kao ni? Cant lower level enemys release themselves unless they are captain level?
For bankai, kinda reminds me of bringing worst fears into life, but never mind. Is there no way to avoid the attack? Is it just, he activates it and the opponent is immediately beaten? Seems a bit overpowered.
Any way, good idea, religion zanpakuto.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
Well, remember my guner zanpakuto? I made his brother:

Shinigami: Tazuna Tsurugi
He has long dark black hair and golden eyes.
He is very quite, and only speaks to his brother.
Although he is so silent, he draws people to him. He is quite because he is shy, not cold.
This doesnt make him inept in battle. Nor does his sniper.
He is able to fight enemys at any range, although ofcourse long range is best for him.
His sniper has a huge range. It can shoot from about 13 kilometers far and still hit with alot of power.
Between him and his brother, He is the more responsible one, and he manages their money.
When they take a mission, he is usually incharge of covering fire, although his brother doesnt really need it, but they just compete who kills the most.
THe assasination target is worth more "points". He usually gets the assasination target as long as hes above ground.
They arent that evil, just have a weird way of enjoying themselves.
If his brother is hurt, he can turn very evil, and basically murder everyone in his way.
Name: Sogekihei (Sniper)

His shikai is always active. It takes the form of a long sniper gun.
He has unlimited ammo.
His abilitys in this mode are:
1) Meate (Aim): He points the gun at aims through the scope at the target.
His opponent is marked by this attack. This means that now, until he calls it off, he knows the location of his opponent at all times,
on a small radar that he has in his belt. He can see the radars pointer in the air, and his opponent glows in red light.
Both the pointer and the red light are only visible to Tazuna.
2) Dankou Dangan (Rupture Bullet): This bullet is very strong, and can pass through almost anything once. After it passes through, it keeps shooting as
a regular bullet of his, although still amking more damage on impact.

Bankai: Souchi Sogekihei ( Gadget Sniper)
In bankai, his reload speed is increased. He can now shoot 1 bullet every 2 seconds, as apposed to his previos 1 every 5 seconds.
Also, like his brother, he gets a sort of light blade coming out of the tip of the gun, and curving backwards below the gun towards him.
Also, he gets a lot of new attacks:
1) Enmaku (Smoke Screen): As the name, he creates a smokescreen 30 meters wide where he targets. Like his aim attack, people and animals glow red in the smokecreen.
The downside is he cant know if it is enemy or friend, but he usually keeps track on everybodys movment before he sets the smokescreen,
so he overcomes the downside.
2) Kaitensuru Dangen (Revolving Bullet): THis is a much stronger version of Dankou Dangan: It doesnt loose its ability to pass through things until its
5th hit in something, then its still a strong bullet that can deal massive amounts of damage.
3) Kasokudono Dangan ( Accelerating Bullet): THis is a great bullet to use against moving enemys:
It flys at incredible speed, above sound speed (and shunpo speed), hitting the fastest target. It is alot weaker in terms of strength then
his other bullets, but is still strong. Also, it tears every thing around it in a 10 centimeter range.
4) Rensa Dangen (Chain Bullet): He loads, then shoots out 8 bullets one after the other, with barly half a second intervals between them.
This is excelent against energy shielded enemys. It tears down any shield, making assasination misions easier.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…

Shinigami: Ray Hoshizawa
17 years old. Dark Brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.
In nature, Ray is a battle lover. Since he was little, living alone on the streets of rukungai (thats how you spell it?),
He was always cousing trouble and picking fight whenever he could. When he was 9 years old, he saw Zaraki kenpachi beat up a bunch of enemys.
Since that day, he took it for a aim to beat Kenpachi and make him acknowlage his powers.
When he fights, he is never afraid to get hurt, and is usually laughing his ass off every time he hits.

Name: Kyuuketsuki (Vampire)

Sealed State: A long, curved red blade. THe handle is red. The gaurd is a normal elipse with a zigzag pattern.

Shikai: Nodoouruosu! Kyuuketsuki! (Appease your Thirst! Vampire!)
In shikai, Rays eyes glow red, and vampire teeth appear.
His sword turns into a blood red scythe. The tip of the scythes handle is pointed.
In shikai, He has one ability: The more blood touches the scythe, the stronger and faster he becomes.
Also, his scythe can do more damage the more it touched blood.
The above ability is activated every single time his scyhte touches blood. When it does so, it sucks the blood into the blade.

Bankai: Kyuuketsuki Kami (Vampire God)
When in bankai, His hair becomes white, and his eyes glow redder then ever.
In bankai, he retains his shikai abilitys, including the scythe, only now he has a few newer ones:
1) Shihaiyoku (Thirst for Power): In this state, His blood absorving nature changes: Instead of hightning both his speed and strength at the same time,
He now gets a triple dose of strength boost each time his scythe touches blood, be it his own or others. He doesnt get any speed boost.
2) Yanoyouni (Swift as an Arrow): In this state, His blood absorving nature changes: Instead of hightning both his speed and strength at the same time,
He now gets a triple dose of speed boost each time his scythe touches blood, be it his own or others. He doesnt get any strength boost.
3) Chizome Kama (Blood Stained Scythe): In this mode, he absorbs his scythe into him. Now, He is super fast and strong. Purely invinsible.
When he touchs blood, he absorbs it. This enables him to have a super fast regrenation. Sadly, He is still new to this state, and can only keep it for 5 minutes
before collapsing.
4) Nameru Ketsueki (Blood Suck): When he activates this, his scythe glows dark red. When he hits with it, the targets blood is sucked up a little, depending on how
long the scythe touched the target. For a normal cut for example, the scythe would be connected just a second at most, and so it will drain
just about 0.5% of the targets blood. He can dry a fully grown bear dry in about half a minute. He can dry someone of bankai level in about 4.2+ minutes,
depending on the reitsu.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
hey i'll get back to reviewing soon but i just got digimon world dusk and the world ends with you for ds and ninja gidan 2 for xbox360. i beat the world ends with yo and will be working on ninja gaidan for a bit but sence i already have my next 3 zanpakuto's made in notepad i'll post them soon
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Mizu ( water )

Release command: Bochabocha ( splash )

When the user activates shiaki The gaurd falls off, the blade shrinks into the handle and the top of the handle becomes a neon blue. When the user wants the blade comes out of the handle it is like a neon blue whip that is about 1 1/2 inches thick. This is as strong as the users zanpakuto and can grow to a max of 20 feet long at kido speed. If someone touches it burns them like acid strong enough to burn through a persons wrist, if warped around it, in 2 minutes but this doesn't burn through bone or the user.

Fukuramasu ( expand ) This needs about a level 20 kido worth of reshi to use. When this is use the whip retracts into the handle the shoots out at kido speed, or slower if the user wants, and detatches after 5 feet. The user can have up to 5 of these out at once and if the user wants they can pick them up and use them as whips but after it has been shot if it is broken any piece smaller then 1 foot disappers. When the user wants the whip pieces explode with the strength of a granade for no extra reshi cost.

Supuritto ( split ) This needs about a level 15 kido amount of reshi. When the user uses this the whip splits to 5 whips all of these are all the same size and are 1/5 of the normal whips size.

Suraisu ( slice ) This takes no reshi but takes 3 seconds and has a 3 second cooldown. The whip retracts into the handle them comes out as a blade made of the same stuff as the whip but is only the length of a normal katana. It has blades on both sides and is 2 inches from edge to edge this blade also can't cut the user. The user can still use both of the other abilities for Ability 1 any whip peices still out don't change and can still be used but still count to the 5 total. For ability 2 the blade splits at the handle, it splits the way a book opens so it is still 2 inches from edge to edge, and there is a foot of space between the tips of the blades.

Bankai Akudoi Mezu ( vicious water )

When the user activates bankai the user gains a second whip and they both turn black and the whip part turns red. During bankai the user keeps ability 3 of shikai and can have each turn into a blade or whip regardless of what the other is and it still can't cut or burn the user.

Furo ( flow ) During bankai the user has the ability to control water with there mind, within 30 meters but they can't control the state, they can move it at about kido speed for about 10 gallons without needing reshi for every additional 2 gallons about a level 10 kido worth of reshi is used every 10 seconds.

Meruto ( melt ) This uses a level 30 kido amount of reshi and takes about 5 seconds. The user put there hand on something, not alive, that is at least a 2 meter square cube, a car would be no but the ground would work, and after five seconds it turns to pure water. This can only be used every 10 seconds.

Ryu_jin ( dragon king ) The user stabs the whip or whips, each whip can be used to make one. Into the ground water then pours out and forms into a water dragon that the zanpakuto spirit controls. This moves at 220% of the users speed and is 300% as strong as the user. This has full control over it's body so it can change it's shape and break apart at will or change it's state of matter back to liquid if it is changed and shoot water out of it's own mouth, the water it's made of unless it is in water it then can shoot water around it, at kido speed. This is a cylander or ball shape both with a diameter of 2.5 feet. The dragon is about 5 feet thick and 75 feet long

P.S I was thinking about making a vampire zanpakuto as well :) great minds think alike, even though mine was a little bit slower lol.
 Mizu ( water ) Release command: Bochabocha ( splash ) When the user activates shiaki The gaurd
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I'm stuck on a BS water boss and sence i can't affored to get mad and break my new controler i'll take a break from ninja gidan 2 for a bit :(

Sooooo Ankikuno Kenjuu and it's brother Sogekihei by ichigosuke

For starters the big questions are does he have to reload his normal bullet fire as well as the specal ones and how long in between shots? This is vary important becuase if he does not have to reload normal bullets and they come out at a normal pace then this is vary op due to the fact that if not he can keep shooting a barrage of bullets without needing to stop. if the bullets cost a resonable amount of reshi or after a clip sized amount of bullets were shot he was charged a decent amount of reshi to shoot another clip without reloading then this would tire him out but you said the use so little reshi they don't count which is op.

1) For this my only real question is how do the bullets bounce? Do they hit somthing then reflect off it without damaging it or does this cause damage to what ever it hits and if it does then does it lose speed?

2) Nice idea no questions for this one.

Bankai for this how quickly can he change bullet types does he need to say the types name or what? Also do both guns have the same ammo or can he have one kind on one and another on the other?

1) No questions about this one

2) With the shooting power increase how much is it and do the guns fire any slower with this power increase?

3) Umm you didn't write anthing in this one

4) This is cool but how strong are the shocks?

5) I'm guessing the user has good aim and good timing to do this. But just so i know i'm not wrong the ability part is the dubble effected bullets and the rest is just the user right?


1) with this one question can he see the red glow through stuff.

2) With this how often can he use it.


1) with this does the smokescreen shoot out from his gun like a bullet that the pours out smoke or does it just form on the spot also can the people it it seeout, how fast does the smoke form, can he have more then one out, and is there any cooldown?

2) Same questions as before witn 2) of shikai

3) With this how fast can he shoot them out also with the tearing do you mean after it hits something it tears it like how real bullets crumple on impact to increase injury or what?

4)With this do you mean it has a special effect to tear down shield or they are so strong and theres so little timw between shots that shields would be destroyed?

Now last but not least Kyuuketsuki

With this blood touching thing this seems op. does this Stack or does it reset when he absorbs blood again also what counts as a new time for the effect can he just dip it in blood again and again to gain an infinite amount of strength and speed or does only a certin amount work or is there a timw in between the effcts. Also how much faster and stronger does he get?


1) For this no questions other then the ones for the shikai one

2) same as above

3) With this one how much faster and stronger does he get also what it purely invsable does that mean he can't be seen by any type of vision. For the regeneration how much most he absorb to recover from lets say a 4 inch cut or a removed limb. Also i don't really think the user newness really helps power this ability down any due to the fact that that isn't the abilities weakness but even if it was 5 minutes is a vary long time to have super speed, strength, pure invisability, and super fast regeneration time.

4) For this no question other then does this count to the blood absorbing increase?

Overall it like your zanpakuto's they are vary cool in style and ability.

P.S i just learned how to spell which instad of using witch at 20 years old lol :(
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ichigosuke said…
im sorry ddark sonic. Every time i try to reply it just jumps of a page. Im writing this from my ipod. Ill try and reply in the following days. Any way i loved your Mizu zanpakuto, especially his Meruto ability in bankai. Now thats cool.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Don't sweat it but are you using a i phone because my iphone 3 dosen't work right when i go to post on this
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Here is my next one

Heki ( pierce )

Fukkieru ( break through )

When released the zanpakuto takes the of a drill that is 1 meter long and 1 foot thick at the bottom , near the handle, the handle is also one meter long and the drill part can spin when the user wants with no reshi cost at about 600 rpms.

Sashitoosu ( stab ) This needs a level 5 kido worth of reshi. The user forms a kunai made of rock in front of there hand that floats in the air and points at the person they want it to, they can't change targets and they stop pointing if they move 50 meters away. When the user wants they fly at that person in a straight line at kido speed the user can have as many out as they want and there is no cool down before it can be used again but if there are more then one out no matter who there targeting they all go at once.

Ichigeki ( poke ) This needs about as much reshi as a level 20 kido. The user stabs the ground and a line of brown reshi moves in a straight line, this can turn but always moves in a straight line, this goes at kido speed and when the user wants it sends a 3 meter tall and 2 foot thick spike of ground up at half kido speed any when on the line each of these costs a level 20 kido worth of reshi. This has a 20 second cooldown that starts as soon as the line is formed.

Kone ( pull ) This takes about a level 15 kido worth of reshi. The user stomps on the ground then from where they stomped a stone hand the size of the users connected by a stone chain shoots out of the ground in the direction the user wants at kido speed this can only go 30 meters but if it hits something it grabs it and pulls, the chain goes back into the ground, it with the same strength as the user.

Agari Heki ( spinning pierce ) In bankai this looks the same as before but it is black. Now it spins at 1600 rpms

Shi_Rudo ( shield ) This uses about a level 40 kido worth of reshi to use. The user puts there hand on the ground and the ground forms around there arm to make a 3 foot in diameter round shield on there fore arm that is about 500 degrees, the heat from this does not hurt the user or anything they are waring. They can use this more then once each time they do the same amount of ground is taken and it is compresed to the same size making it more dense. this can be used 50 times before the shield can't get any more dense but it always keeps the same tempature.

Oshikorosu ( crush to death ) This uses about a level 15 kido worth of reshi and has no cooldown. This works like stab form shikai but instead of kunai 1 meter in diameter balls of stone are formed and they and about 300 degrees but after they are made they cooldown. After 5 minutes they are room tempature.

Kyozo ( colossus ) This uses all but 1% of the users reshi. Reshi pours out of the user and the user takes the form of the colossus in the pic, 3rd colossus from shadow of the colossus sorry about pic's quality, This is as strong and large as Sajin Komamura's Kokujo Tengen Myo'o , the dog looking captain's zanpakuto, but is as fast as the user. This form is made of dirt and stone and can regenerate, 15 seconds for a small wound 10 min for a lost limb, The user can mantain this form for 30 seconds for every level 50 kido worth of reshi. While like this the user can't use any abilities but can shoot a 600 degree 1 meter long and 2 foot thick spike of stone from there hand or mouth. This takes 15 seconds away for this form.

left pic is bottom half right one is top half
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 Here is my selanjutnya one Heki ( pierce ) Fukkieru ( break through ) When released the zanpakuto t
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ddarksonic675 said…
Ryu ( dragon )

Release command Kuchinsuru ( eat )

Once released the sword dissapers, the users reshi doubles and the first dragon in the pic is formed it is about 16 feet long, it can fly at kido speed, is as strong as the user, it's skin is 6 inches thick and 2 times as hard as leather and it's teeth and claws are as hard as steel. This is controled by the user as if it was the users body due to this the user's body and the dragons share all there senses. Also they share the same reshi pool.

Ittai ( one body ) This uses no reshi but if used can't be turned off. Any damage done to the user or dragon is cut in half and half is givin to the other this applies also to any effects for example if Orihime started to heal the user the dragon would also be heal or if Szayel Aporro Granz used his vodoo thing on the user the dragon would be effected as well.

Fukasu ( accelerate ) This ability uses about a level 30 kido worth of reshi and has a 1 minute cooldown that starts after it ends. This ability gives the user or dragon the effect randomly. The user, or dragon, has there movment speed and thinking speed increased by 50% for 8 seconds.

Bakufu ( blast ) This uses about a level 40 kido amount of reshi and has a 5 second cooldown, Once this is activated the user or the dragon, randomly selected, can shoot out a cero from there mouth that is deep blue and in the shape of a ball about 2 meters in diameter. This moves at the speed of a bala and the user or dragon has to shoot it out within 3 seconds of gaining the ability to shoot it or the reshi is wasted.

Bankai Ko_Ryo ( dragon ,that has ascended to the heavens, )

In bankai the user's skin becomes as hard as an average arrancar's Hierro and the dragon changes to one of 3 forms chosen by the user, all from monster hunter, or the sword from the pic. If it is a dragon they no longer share reshi or senses and the dragon is controled by the zanpakuto spirit. Also the form can't change after bankai unless they leave then re enter bankai. If the user picked the sword then it is a normal sword but it can change at the users will to any of the dragons. It can only change once and if the user changes it back to sword form, or it changes to sword form from the dragon runing out of reshi or dieing, it can't change to a dragon again.

Pic 2 Jinouga: this is about 20 feet long and 10 feet tall. It's stats are 350% strength, 300% speed, and 70% reshi. It's outer scales, green ones, are about as strong as the users skin in bankai form and it's claws and teeth are as strong as titanium. This has the ability to flow electricity through it's claws and teeth at a level 15 kido worth of reshi every second this has the strength of a taser. This also has a sense of smell as strong as a Silvertip Grizzly's, about 7 time stronger then a bloodhounds.

Pic 3 Lagiacruz: this is about 40 feet long and 6 feet tall, not including it lifting it's head up, from head to tail. It's Stats are based on the uers and are as follows, 200% strength 80% speed, on land, 600% speed in water, and 130% reshi. It's scales are the same as the first ones. Lagiacruz has the ability to produce electricity from the spikes on it's back to make a electic barriar around it's self about 4 meters off it's body for 4 second with a 30 second cooldown or shoot a ball of electricity from it's mouth at kido speed about the size of a beach ball. Both of these are about 1/3 the strength of a lightning bolt and they cost a level 80 kido and a level 40 kido amount of reshi.

Pic 4 Azure Rathalos: this is about 24 feet long and 15 feet tall. It's stats are 180% strength, 150% speed on land 400% speed in air, and 130% reshi. It's claws and scales are as strong as the others. This has the ability to shoot a 1 meter in diameter fire ball that moves at kido speed that takes a level 30 kido worth of reshi. Azure Rathalos's claws have a coating or poison that causes people to have there reshi leak out of them at a speed of 5% over 20 seconds while it's on them or 15% if is gets in there blood stream over 15 seconds however it needs to get in it's bloodstream again for it to effect them that way again.

Shitabininaru ( burn down ) This uses a level 35 kido worth of reshi every second and can be used by ether dragon or user but not at the same time. This shoots blue beams of reshi from the eyes , that are the size of the eyes, these are about 450 degrees, move at kido speed and who ever is using can only turn there head at an inch every 2 seconds and before this is used the eyes glow blue for 3 seconds.

Ho_Ko ( roar ) This uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi has a 20 second cooldown and can be used by ether dragon or user. The user or dragon let out a 5 second roar that is 140 dB, this is the amount physical pain starts at and hearing loss can start at 90dB , this does not effect the user or dragon.

Ma_Ji ( merge ) This uses no reshi. The user touches the dragon or sword and is absorbed into it. It's body then over 3 seconds changes to the dragon from pic 5, Alatreon from monster hunter. This is about 35 feet long and 20 feet tall. It's stats are based off the users 400% strength, 500% speed while flying, 140% walking speed, 300% reshi. It's whole body is as strong as nnoitra's hierro and it's claws and teeth are as strong as titanium. This for can last for 20 minutes. In this form the user can conrtol the wind around it, it's Speed and direction, within 40 meters of it, this needs a level 30 kido worth of reshi a second it usess this and it can make the wind go up to tornado speed. This also has all the abilities of the other dragons but they have 2x the cooldown and reshi cost.

well with the pics i need to post more to fit them in this is the shikai dragon and the bankai sword.
 Ryu ( dragon ) Release command Kuchinsuru ( eat ) Once released the sword dissapers, the users