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posted by yemi_hikari
Six months yang lalu I received a review on one of my Bleach fanfics that critiqued the characterization within one of my stories that caused me and my readers to slam our heads. I couldn't give this reviewer a response for two reasons. First, the review was left anonymously and second, they left a lengthy critique that would have bogged down my author's note at the end, which wasn't fair to my other readers. One of the things that was off about this review was the fact that they pointed out that Ichigo wasn't an adultish, big brother type when canon makes it clear that he is this way with Yuzu and...
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posted by blackpanther666
(They stood facing each other, the distant blink of spiritual pressure fading away. Starrk avoided a potentially dangerous attack from Ulquiorra and parried the Zanpakuto away from his face. They let off another Cero each, and the two different coloured energies collided and exploded with a bright flash.)

Starrk: You're pretty good, Ulquiorra, but anda are quite weak without your Resurreccion... I'd suggest that anda use it, because I'm actually getting pretty fired up for once. I know, pretty unusual for one as relaxed as me, right?

Ulquiorra: Quite... weak? I don't think I have shown any of my...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: YUI
Composed by: YUI
Arranged by: northa+

Credit: link


Mou gaman bakka shiterannai yo
Iitai koto wa iwanakucha
Kaerimichi yuugure no basutei
Ochikonda senaka ni Bye Bye Bye

Kimi no Fighting Pose misenakya oh oh

Yume ni made mita anda na sekai wa
Arasoi mo naku heiwa na nichijou
Demo genjitsu wa hibi to rabu de
Tama ni kuyandari shiteru
Sonna Rolling Days

Koronjattatte iin ja nai no
Son toki wa waratte ageru
Norikonda basu no oku kara
Chiisaku hohoemi ga mieta

Kimi wo tayori ni shiteru yo

Yume ni made mita anda na Sweet cinta
Koibitotachi wa kakure ga wo sagasu no
Demo genjitsu wa aenai...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Name - Jet
Appearance - He has short clean cut black hair. Bright yellow eyes (somewhat cat-like). A small nose and a thin smiling mouth. He is very pale, almost bone white. He has a scar on his left cheek in the shape of an X. He is lean, yet muscular. He has very long fingers and a small wrist. He always wears a long sleeved white tee and rugged black jeans. He has a white chain kalung that he always wears. He wears a black snake ring on his right hand middle finger.

Personality - Jet is a very confused person. He’s very kind and sweet. Yet he doesn’t tampil very much emotion. He always...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
 Yup. Only the eyes would be green.
Yup. Only the eyes would be green.
I'm going to start menulis a fan fic in the world of Bleach with my own character. Tell me what anda think of her!

My Zanpaktou.
Name-不安の風 (Unsettling winds) *Fuan no Kaze*
Shikai name-引き裂かれた空 (Torn sky) *Hikisaka re ta sora*
Release-人生のオークから秋 (Fall from the oak of life) *Jinsei no ōku kara aki*
Description of Shikai abilities- Hikisaka re ta sora has a pulling effect that makes it the center of gravity for enemies. It pulls all oxygen from the air and suffocates the enemy while they cannot get to the wielder, for the wielder has made Hikisaka re ta sora the...
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Tentaisenkō (Celestial Flash)
#: 22
Incantation: Gather the feelings and ready to fight! gabung them powerfully with its might! Fill the darkness with the light!
Description: The user tightly clasps their hands together and then releases a flash of exceedingly blinding bright white light from their entire body; the flash of light can also be restricted to be emitted from just the user’s hands. The flash of light lasts for just over a second; the duration is longer if the incantation is used. The user’s vision is unaffected oleh the bright light while this spell is used.

Sanka Kashi (Three...
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posted by Sasunaru120
You just moved in to Karakura town. Your parents were shinigami and so where you. But anda had a mission in the real world so anda decided to live there for a while. It was anda first hari at school. anda stood in front of the class and introduced yourself. As anda stood there anda were scaning the classroom...Someone caught your eye. It’s was the jeruk, orange hair kid...“orange weird...but he is cute“ anda thought. anda sat behind him. As anda were about to sit he turned around and look at anda „Kurosaki Ichigo,nice to meet you“ „_____,nice to meet anda too“...“Weir hair and a weird...
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posted by Animeanimal
The weakness of his knees. The pain that plagued his entire body. He was always tired and tired of it all. The fighting of a millenia had torn his soul and made him feel immense pitty. The feelings up till now, what were they to him if soon even he would cease to exist.

The days seemed even longer now and with every passing detik the universe was collapsing in on itself. But hadnt it been determined from the beginning that the Soul Society would only destroy itself?

Aizen had finally done it. After so long of living with an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth he had defeated the king of...
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 Ulquiorra and Orihime
Ulquiorra and Orihime
While staring out the schools windows I sigh and stared out at the horizon. The sun shimmers onto the school making it look so bright i had to look away. I wondered why ive been feeling this way, so... dead.
The lunch bel, bell rang, making me jump so high that I hit my knee on the desk, i cryed in agony.
"Orihime are anda alright?" Ichigo walks towards me pushing back his spiky jeruk, orange hair that use to make my jantung soar to eternity. But it doesn't, now i dont feel anything, just a dead shell, ever since we came back from Hueco Mundo...
"Yeah im alright, Ive always been clumsy," I laugh half-heartly....
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juuroku de
kimi to ai
Hyakunen no koi wo
shita ne
Hirahira to maiochiru
Sakura no hanabira no shita de
Aitakute kakenoketa
Hi no ataru kyuu na sakamichi ya
Kouen no sumi futari no kage wa
Ima mo kawaranu mama
Kimi to boku to sakurabiyori
Kaze ni yurete maimodoru
Mada minu mirai wo mune ni daite
Miageta saki wa ha momoiro no
I met you
at 16
And we shared a cinta a
hundred years old
Under the fluttering, dancing down
petals of the sakura tree
I wanted to meet you, so I ran
up the steep bukit, hill road where
sunlight lands
In the corner of the park our two
shadows are
unchanging even now
You, and me, and the sakura
We sway in the wind and dance
back where we were
Holding to my chest a future I can't
yet see
I look up and see a berwarna merah muda, merah muda sky
*Ulquiorra sits across the meja from Orhime watching her eat the tacos that he (forcefully) lovinly gave to her*
*Orhime eats with sweat down her face and staring at the 12 other taco sitting on the plate in front of her*

Ulquiorra:......*staring intently*

Orhime: *talking with mouth full* Havnt I eaten anof

Ulquiorra: ..Chew with anda mouth closed....and no

Orhime:*swallows her 5 taco still having to eat the other 12* do anda want me to get fat?! allready are thats why those are low in fat...*seriuse face*

Orhime: *stares at him with mout open* i am not!!*goes to throw a taco at...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Okano Akihito
Composed by: Okano Akihito
Arranged by: ak.homma, Porno Graffitti

Credit: link


kaze o kiru tsubame no anda ni
isshun de mezasu aoi umi e ikeru nara
konna ni doro to hokori ni mamireta
ibara no michi o yukazu sunda no ni
senaka ni wa tsubasa wa haezu
kono ashi wa motsure tsumazuki saki wa mada nagai

soredemo otokotachi wa hitamuki ni arukitsuzukeru

kimi ga koko ni iru koto de boku wa kono tabi no saki o shiru darou
ashimoto o terashitekureru hikari no anda ni kagayaiteru
kimi to koko ni iru koto o boku wa sore o ai to yonde ii no kai?
kono karada kono kokoro kimi o zutto...
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posted by AkumaKami
Let's start a RP ^_^. It is very simple, make your own character. There are no limits, as long as anda are making it to your standards so it is just anda in the Bleach word. Only rules are be kind and respectful, and if anda do battle, keep it honorable and respective please ^_^. Don't need any arguments on who wins atau lose, just be brave and accept the actions in the end. These are what anda need to fill out to make your character (pictures can come later when anda have a design).

Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Blood Type:





If any prefer I can do it with my character so anda can get an idea ^_^.
posted by RizingSun13
This is a fan fiction I wrote for a local contest that it won. A friend of mine, wanted me to upload it to here so she might read it. I will be doing it in chapters so it's not to much to read all at once hope anda enjoy. So without further ado let's explorer the origins to our favorit story.


* Long before Central 46, and the Shinigami battled hollows.While Seireitei, and the Shinigami order were still young. Seireitei was divided between 3 major houses first the house of Sakura who controlled the lands to the South of East, and made their living from the orchards, and the Sakura trees....
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posted by rusty746454
Name: Kurotshuchi Mayuri
Division: 12th
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai: Ashisogi Jizou (Beast-Killing Jizou)
- release command → "Kakimushire!" ("Tear off!")
Mayuri's zanpakutou turns into a weird staff like weapon with three prongs coming out the top. Ashisogi uses poison to sever the neural connections that transfer mobility signals from your brain to your arms and legs, it produces this drug all on it's own.

Ban-Kai: Golden Ashisogi Jizou (Golden Beaste-Killing Jizou)
Mayuri's Ban-Kai is strange it looks like a giant babyish alien with a ring around it's head and a pile of swords coming...
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posted by Aul
This is a brief excerpt from a book I'm writing. My book has been heavily inspired oleh Bleach and I think any fan of Bleach would enjoy it!

Protagonist: John Hedekira

I am surprised when I wake up. I cough as I regain consciousness, which hurts to do so. I am still in pain, but all I can think about is why I am not dead. I should have bled to death. I am uncertain what to make of this.
But one thing is certain. My mood has changed. “What am I doing?” I think furiously to myself. “Those beasts left anda to die, to die a slow death. They mencuri Soror and Frater. And I don’t...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)
- release command: "Souten ni Zase!" ("Soar In The Frozen Sky!")
Creates a dragon of water and ice formed oleh spiritual energy, it can even control the weather. The pressure from Hyourinmaru's water attack is so fierce that it peels the ememies flesh from their bones.

Ban-Kai: Dai Guren Hyourin Maru (Great Red Ice Ring)

Hitsugaya Toushirou is the 10th Squad Captain with Matsumoto Rangiku, one of the eight major female shinigami, as his Vice Captain. Hitsugaya and Hinamori Momo, Vice Captain of 5th Squad, have a history together,...
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posted by blackpanther666
(Ulquiorra watched Starrk emerge from the Garganta, holding 'that woman'. The other looked nonchalant as per usual, but his face was evidently hiding some true emotions, something that Ulquiorra had no real way of understanding, nor comprehending. Starrk was a strange one; he had principles and feelings, yet he was lazy, atau unconcerned about the comings and goings of others and never seemed interested in fighting, an odd temperament for one whom had been chosen as Primera Espada. Ulquiorra had hoped to menyeberang, salib blades with him one day.)

Ulquiorra nodded to him and motioned at the woman. 'You can...
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As she waited for the final minutes
of the 4 hours to end, Orihime
wondered what she should do. It
seemed that food had an influence
that needed to be controlled. If they
ate the fast food, the additives
made her act strangely. She was
sure about that if they went to the
Italian Restaurant, Ichigo would eat
too much and fall asleep. So, she
should insist they eat something
else. Ichigo did not want to go to
the Sushi bar last time. She'd have
to come up with another
As she remembered the events of
the last 4 hours, she noticed that
some things did not change. Ichigo
said he hated science projects...
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Orihime Inoue is a student from
Karakura High. She goes to the same
class as Ichigo. She likes to
daydream a lot which makes her a
little hyper. Her crush is Ichigo and
her best friend is Tatsuki. Orihime
also had an older brother named
Sora. (In the VIZ manga, Orihime's
brother was named Kakei.)
When Orihime was still a baby her
parents would give her beatings to
make her stop crying. Kakei is 15
years older than her. When he turned
18 he took Orihime with him and
moved to a different place. He then
died in a car accident when Orihime
was 12 years old. She got angry at
him because he gave her some
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