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Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World will be released on the 4th of August 2017, on Jump j Books. This new novel follows on on Bleach manga, it’s created oleh Durarara!!’s penulis Ryohgo Narita, which will be serialised every other Friday on their Jump+ digital platform. New visuals and the novels antagonists are also shown below!

The story of Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World follows Hisagi Shuhei, vice captain of the 9th Squad and editor and chief of the Seireitei communication. He investigates a mystery leading newly revealed secrets about the Nobel Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Preparing the release of the new novel, Tite Kubo draws gambar of the villain’s of the novel: Tokinada Tsunayashiro, and his protege, Hikone
posted by whiteflame55
The city gleamed in the late afternoon sunset, windows reflecting the berwarna merah muda, merah muda and red hues of the sky to create a panoply of of color as it refracted off of a jungle of metal buildings that twisted across the breadth of the island. The sky was ablaze with that natural light, but the ground level was lit oleh the electric, despite the early hour. Neon and holographic gambar glowed brightly on every street, virtually ignored oleh the passersby in spite of their common purpose being advertisement. Crystal screens flickered on with gambar of all sorts, speaking in all manner of languages to convey a bevy...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: SCANDAL, Noriyasu Isshiki
Composed by: Noriyasu Isshiki
Arranged by: ATSUSHI

Credit: link


Tooku e itte shimau mae ni tsutaenakya to omoinagara
Kyou mo sugiteyuku jikan
Waraiatte sukoshi muneitamete

Harukaze ga fuku yoru "Hanaretakunai naa" tte
Sonna koto wo omotte nanka yokei ienakunatte
"Ashita ne" tte sayonara shite
Hitori aruku namiki no shita de
Futo omou, yume no ato

Maiochiru hanabira hirahira
Kokoro no sukima surinuketeku
Sunao ni nannakya
Donna itami ga mata boku no kokoro osottemo
Tozasareta doa no mukougawa wo mi ni iku kara

Marude seihantai no futari
Demo nande darou issho ni iru...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Lover: Aizen Best Friend: Tousen On the upside anda can be versatile, inquisitive, whimsical, nimble, articulate, lively, active, curious, talkative, sociable, mercurial. On the downside anda can be restless, scattered, dual atau two-faced, inconstant, gullible, gossipy and superficial. anda are a Shinigami, but betrayed Soul Society alongside Aizen, and now live in Las Noches. anda cannot brag about your shunpo atau psychical abilities, but anda excel in kidou. Aizen loves anda for your natural curiosty towards the unknown, yet your innocent nature towards life itself. He finds your light heartedness...
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ENGLISH version
The wishes
I want
have always dwelt
deep, deep down inside my heart,
as they hold their breath and wait
for the hari they can fly.
Letting go, I no longer need the
I used to believe that a bluebird
would bring me happiness, just
like in the fairy-tale.
I prayed that I could send my
wishes with it
as it flew freely through the blue
But one hari it was sure to
like an illusion.
Though I've never once forgotten
its blurry form.
It will slip out of my hands,
fall and vanish like a bubble.
Even so, though my feelings will lie
deep, deep in my jantung as if asleep,
they will only be...
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Warning! This is a yaoi fanfic! If anda do NOT approve of the guyxguy relationships, DONOT READ!
This is an attempt to recreate the actual life of a soul reaper before they entered the soul society. This is also my first Bleach fanfic so; please do not be too critical….
Also, while the setting was realistic 1920’s I added the technology of today!

Forward-The life and death of Yumichika Aiyasagawa

The clouds rolled in and covered the sky with their ominous forms. Cold rain fell from the heavens and met the lifeless masses on the ground as the last man fell. This was it. He was sure of...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Shi-Kai → Katen Kyoukotsu
- release command → "Hana Kaze Midarete Kashin Haki Tenpuu Midarete Tenma Warau" ("Flowers Fall In The Wind, The God Of bunga Weeps The Winds Of Heaven Are Falling Buddah's Laughing")
Shunsui has two zanpakutou's.

Ban-Kai → Unknown

With his old-style hat and his flashy bunga coat, Kyouraku Shunsui strikes a rather different appearance from all the other Taicho, who wear the white mantel symbolizing the Taicho rank on puncak, atas of their normal Shinigami attire. Kyouraku wears his bunga mantel on puncak, atas of that.

Kyouraku is among the first Taicho to encounter...
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Bleach Episode 155,"Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kidou" Snapshots can be found here.

Bleach is an anime series that follows the life of a 15 tahun old boy oleh the name of Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo is not any average boy; he has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. This stems from his other unusual trait: awesome, untapped Spiritual energy. Ichigo does what he can for the spirits he meets, until a Hollow (evil soul spirit) attacks him and his family. To the rescue comes a female Shinigami (Death God) named Kuchiki Rukia. Rukia chases the Hollow off, and is astounded...
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1. Kyoraku
blames himself
for what
happened to
Perhaps the most
likely explanation
is that the last
time Kyoraku sent
out his lieutenant,
she was turned
into a hollow
monster and
exiled. And
because that
happened to Lisa,
Kyoraku can’t bear
to take any risks
with Nanao. He
keeps her away
from the fights,
lest he be forced
to shoulder the
guilt of another
lost lieutenant.
Ukitake: Really?
Because my last
lieutenant died ,
and I totally let
my new lieutenant
Kyoraku: Yeah,
well, we can’t all
be as emotionally
stable as you,
2. Kyoraku
doesn’t think
Nanao is suited
for combat.
It’s also possible
that Kyoraku...
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Ah, hell. I was late again. Soul reaper atau no soul reaper I had to still follow the education steps to blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. I glanced at the clock. 8:34 AM. I shrugged thinking that it would be okay to be late again. I mencuri a glance at my closet door. Nothing. The door was closed and there was no sound coming from it. I started toward the closet but stopped myself. No! Scolding myself to be less desperate I hurried out of the door. I could hear my dad crying and yelling his heads off. I didn't even wanna know why. Yeah, my dad was one hysterical...
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posted by blackpanther666

Shunsui raised his eyebrow, unwilling to admit that he was impressed. Even so, he hadn't exactly released his Bankai yet, so would leave him a back-up if Starrk's new ability was too powerful. Either way, it wouldn't make any difference - Shunsui would not lose to him. He would not let Toshiro down, atau allow Aizen's minions to defeat him here and now, in the Seireitei.

[Start musik 1]

'Busogoma!' Shunsui shunpoed rapidly, heading Starrk's counter-attack off and spun in the air, landing with his face to Starrk's back. The Espada twirled gracefully, firing off a Cero. Shunsui avoided this...
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Ts: rangicku did anda take my hair jell again

rangicku: no i thank ichigo did

ts: danm him i told him allready he cant get his hair like me

toshiro travle to the human world in cari of his hair jell


ichigo: (just woke up) hmmm ........(toshiro is wrigth in his face) wwwww-what the hell!!!!!???? TOSHIRO WHAT DO anda WANT!!!!!

ts: my hair jell what did anda do with it

ichigo: nothing and i didnt take your hair jell

ts: yes u did (takes out sword) and i will fight anda till anda give it back

ichigo: ......oh shit !!!! (takes out sword) fine but im telling...
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 Ulquiorra and Orihime
Ulquiorra and Orihime
As the last bel, bell rings, I try to walk casually down the hall knowing that every step I took feels like 100 pounds where added. I look around the hall trying to find something, something in my jantung that’s yearning for something for so long... I find Uryu selanjutnya to the lockers putting his stuff in. I ignore the pain in my jantung to keep searching and run up to Uryu.
"Uryu, Uryu!!!" I yelled. Uryu jolted up dropping his school books. "Jeez, Orihime don’t scare me like that."
"Sorry Uryu, I was just wondering..." I took my eyes away from his face and took a deep breath, " w-why is Ulquiorra...
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Yamamoto has become softer
He is still without his left arm
Though he has not changed physically, he does have some inner changes.


Her hair is shorter and straight now
Her arm was restored due to new technology in the Gotei 13.


His look is modeled after an English gentleman
Kubo chose to re-add Rose to the Third Division because he and Kira are well suited for each other


Kubo says he feels his bankai would be a little nauseating


Unohana will fight in the upcoming arc
The true form of her Zanpakuto will be seen
When she fights, she unravels her braid...
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 Ichigo Kurosaki as (Shinsuke Sato)
Ichigo Kurosaki as (Shinsuke Sato)
The official Bleach website for the upcoming Live-Action Bleach film diposting up a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie today. The teaser trailer displays Ichigo Kurosaki (Shinsuke Sato) gaining Shinigami abilities and cutting of a Hollow’s hand.

The film will centre around the Substitute Shinigami Arc which was the manga’s first, running from volume 1 to volume 8.

As revealed , Live-Action Bleach movie will open in jepang in Summer 2018. Alongside this, we see Ichigo Kurosaki played oleh Sota Fukushi

The text on the visual above says “Shinigami, Meeting” which seems to point at Ichigo and...
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Sunao na uta ga utaenai,Kazari tsuketeshimau kara.

Itsu kara konna ni raku ni jibun mamoru koto o
oboeta no?

koutei kara mieru sora. kimi ni wa nani iro no utsuru?

tada masshiro na kumo demo....toki ni makkuro kaetaku naru.

mikkanai,sky chord!
mukashi nara atta no ni,yeah yeah...
nakushita,sky chord!
dare no sei demo naku jibun.

kitto otona ni naru koto nanka yori
taisetsu na mono ga aru no

kitto sore o mitsukerannai mama otona ni natte yukunda.

asa made okiteitakatta,modokashii kodomo no koro

ima wa jikan ni owarete nemuru,koto sura dekinai
de iru

mikkannai,sky chord
mukashi nara atta no ni,yeah yeah...
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Confronted oleh a halaman awal intruder, Jake Terrey tipped the odds in his favour oleh pulling down the replica anime sword hanging on his dinding and brandishing it.

"It's not that dangerous but it's quite intimidating," the 21-year-old berkata of the timber ornament, modelled on Japanese komik jepang series Bleach.

Mr Terrey, a fan of manga, told ninemsn he came upon the alleged burglar after returning halaman awal to his ground floor apartment in Summer Hill, in Sydney's inner west, after a jog shortly before midday on December 20.

As a professional fashion photographer, his first concern was his laptop and the $10,000 worth...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Shindo Haruichi
Composed by: Okano Akihito
Arranged by: ak.homma, Porno Graffitti

Credit: link


Koyoi, tsuki wa doko o terasu no? Atsui kumo ni oowareta sora
Koyoi, kimi wa dare ni dakarete iru no ka ame ni hitori nakou ka

Subete o wakariaeru to omoi kitai nado shita jibun o hajireba
Dazai o te ni okujou ni agari kono yo nado wa to ureite miseru
Sora ni tsuba o haitara jibun ni kakatta

Tabibito kidori de itai kuse ni mayoimichi mawarimichi ga kirai de
Amekaze shinogeru yane no shita de guuguru kensaku de sekai o miru
Kimi ni todokazu ai no kotoba

Koyoi, tsuki wa doko o terasu no? Atsui...
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Starrk looked around, his jantung beating rapidly - he couldn't hear Lilinette any more! 'Lilinette! Oy, Lilinette!!!'

Shunsui glanced at him, that cool, calm look still on his face, mixed with an expression that almost looked like ~pity~?

'You know... I didn't expect those serigala to come after my shadow. But, that same explosion helped me to understand your powers... Those serigala can only drag, what they bite, into the explosion. Finally, it's one on one!' Shunsui attacked, his blades clashing Starrk's and blue fragments of energy came glancing off, leaving an eerie glow before his face.

I'm alone......
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Everyone anda meet appears to have tentacles growing out of places that anda wouldn't expect tentacles to be growing from.

You start out each morning with a 30-minute jog around the bathroom to practise your shunpo power.

You write to your mother in Karakura, jepang every week, even though she sends anda mail from Iowa asking why anda never write.

Every time anda see a jalan, street sign, anda have a tremendous urge to relieve yourself on it.

You put oranges on your head because anda heard it will ward of evil dandruff spirits.

You're always having to apologize to your selanjutnya door neighbour for setting api to his...
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