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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Diggy-MO'
Composed by: Diggy-MO', JUNKOO
Arranged by: Diggy-MO', JUNKOO

Credit: link


What should I do?
naze ni isogiashi no yume oibito
demo sono mama sa kitto
I gotta go, slap my leather jaket on
sassou to ikeru hazu sa hikari kazaru Venus city ude ni

forgive me
arinomama no ore bakarashikatta to shite mo
kono mama sa zutto
let me go knowin' now the pressure is on
katarenai omoi ga aru

amata no hoshitachi yo
omae no sono kokoro koso ga sekai no subete da ze
wasurezu ni iro

SCREAM SCREAM netsujou sakebu VOICE
HEART jantung hajirau YOUR SMILE
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 Single cover
Single cover


love anda hajimete atta no wa mushaburi no ame datta ne
kimi wa ame no naka de mou wakaru naiteita

love anda sabishii kokoro wa kitsusou ugoki wa attate
Boku wa kimi no ichibyou boku o ki ni shiteiru yo

Kimi ga namida o nagasu kanashimi wa wakura kara
Boku wa soba ni itain da kimi no namida o subete uketomeru

kimi nokoto mamoru yo boku wa kimi wo kurushi meru subete nokotokara
hokani nanimodekinakunattemo bokuwa kamawanai
kanpeki niwa dekina ikeredo demo zettai kun wo shiawase nisuruyo
bokuwa chikau yodonna toki demo kimi wo mamoru kara

love anda hajimete kii ta kotoba wa naka naidedattane...
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Under that mysterious hat,

Lies a man,

Whose jantung is bigger than his stomach.

Whose hair shines in the sunlight.

Whose eyes burn deep into your skin.

He is the former captain of Squad 12,

And my lover.

He is Kisuke Urahara.
ENGLISH version
I won't be bent, and I
won't be dragged along.
I want to stay honest to how I feel
No matter how many times I'm
I will embrace my sadness,
as I run.
I was sad when anda betrayed me,
but anda couldn't catch me; I'm
right here.
It's not enough, and there's no end
to it.
Try distorting me even more.
(INFEST) This is such a crazy world,
sometimes it makes me lose sight
of who I am.
Do anda want to leave the
traditional ways?
Just don't make that decision for
I'm going down my own path.
Just standing around, waiting,
never putting stuff into motion.
I won't be bent, and...
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ENGLISH version
I can't sing
a song
honest lyrics
because I always end up sugar
coating the words
When will someone as laid-back as
realize he had something worth
Don't leave me, Sky Chord,
You would've stayed here back
then, yeah yeah...
I've lost you, Sky Chord,
It's not anyone's fault, but...
I know there are things more
important to me
than becoming an adult.
But I'll be growing up the whole
I'm trying to figure out what they
You berkata we can't stay like this
I know..
so let's take that first step.
sunao na
uta ga
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Bakudō ("way of binding")
Beginner (Unseated officers and
other shinigami)
Kidō Bakudō No. 1 Sai
1. Sai (塞, Restrain) — Locks a
target's arms in place behind
their back.
Incantation: unknown/none.
4. Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope)
— An energy rope entangles a
target's arms.
Incantation: unknown/none.
8. Seki (斥, Repulse) - Creates a
round shield that seems to
temporarily paralyze and repel
whatever strikes it.
Incantation: unknown/none.
9. Geki (撃, Strike) — Engulfs a
target in red light, completely
paralyzing them.
Incantation: "Disintegrate, you
black dog of Rondanini! Look
upon yourself...
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posted by unohana
1. “Am I still
asleep? Because
you’re way too
gorgeous to be
2. “I’m a dual
sword-user. That
means I’m good
with both hands."
3. “Let’s play a
game! If I step in
your shadow, then
I have to buy you
a drink."
4. “Your beauty is
lebih intoxicating
than a jug of sake
- and I would
5. “My motto is -
‘Make love, not
6. “I like a woman
who tells me what
to do. And man,
am I ever hoping
that you’ll tell me
to have a drink
with you!"
7. “Wow! You’re
hotter than Yama-
jii’s bankai!"
8. “Let’s not play
games. If anda like
what anda see as
much as I do,
then let’s get out
of here.
9. “I always
thought I was
good at making an
entrance. But
man! When you
walked in, it was
like the rest of the
room vanished!"
10. “My kimono
would look great
on the floor with
both of us lying
on it."
 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: MIE, AILA
Composed by: Kuromitsu Yuki
Arranged by: Kuromitsu Yuki

Credit: link


mijikai yoru ni mayoikonda MEERU heya to kodoku terasu mabushii gamen
onaji toki onaji kimochi no ureshi setsunasa
ima kono kyori jikan sae mo tobikoete

naki warai SUKI kimi no kokoro wa ima donna e no gu no iro shitteru no?
naki warai SUKI egao hajikeru futari wa
taiyou mitai KIRA KIRA na ORENJI

futari deatta koto ima wa tooi kako
nigitta sono te no nukumori ni nareta koro
kuuki ni tatoe hajimeta koto de miidaseta kanjou shinjiaeru kokoro
ima KIMI ga egaitai yume no ue
soko wa hate shinaku hiroku mayoi...
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posted by unohana
531 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい:2010/12/18(土) 17:52:25 ID:wn/5oIzu0 794 名前:マロン名無しさん[sage] 投稿日:2010/12/18(土) 16:40:31 ID:??? >>788 続き

森田さん 折笠さん登場⇒久保先生登場⇒中井さん古谷さん登場

Morita, Oririn, Kubo, Nakai, Furuya’s appearance.


Beginning stage greeting, picture preview.


Various parts about the movie.


Ichigo’s complete hollow seiyuu Morita made it(yell?)...
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 Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer/Ulquiorra Schiffer - 4th espada
read as Urukiora Shifā

Espada cuatro (4) in Aizen's army of Arrancar, and is one of the series' central antagonists. He is responsible for much of the conflict currently taking place in the show's continuity, as he is one of Ichigo's principal Arrancar rivals; the other differentially being Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

-He is typically slender and melancholic in appearance. He appears somewhat like a cold hearted person. He is believed to be the only arrancar/espada to have a 2nd ressurecion form. he was also able to kill ichigo twice.His cero is green...
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ENGLISH version
I can't
With these eyes of black and white
I tried my best
There is nothing I can do for you
The way I used to be
Something touched my heart
Something made me feel content
Did I understand myself?
Please don't go anywhere
please don't go anywhere
I never meant to hurt you
I was running from emotions I
wasn't ready for.
But what am I supposed to do next
if I don't have anda to depend on?
Please don't go anymore
please don't go anymore
nanimo te
shirokuru no hito mi de
watashi wa ta da hita sura
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A little after ten years
and BLEACH is nearing
the end of its story.
According to Kubo
Tite–creator of the
much beloved manga
series–the selanjutnya arc,
presumably dubbed the
“Ice Palace Arc” is
the last arc in the
bleach komik jepang series.
Fans are pretty miffed
about it. After all,
BLEACH is one of the
“Big Three” manga
series featured in
Shounen Jump.
Rumors are already
flying abound in the
world wide web
concerning this final
arc. Some are saying
that the arc is going to
last ten years (after all,
the Arrancar Arc lasted
a total of four years),
some are saying it
would be around four
years as well. If it does
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This year's 35th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is revealing on Monday that the selanjutnya game inspired oleh Tite Kubo's Bleach komik jepang will be for the LINE social media and messaging app. The game, titled Bleach: Paradise Lost, is slated to launch for iOS and Android devices this year.

The "Bankai 3D tag role-playing game" will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. In the game, players will become Shinigami (Soul Reapers) to protect the real world from Hollows. The game will use GPS location data to allow players to defend their own neighborhoods from Hollows.

The Soul Society's 13...
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posted by DarkJules
Sternritter- D (The Demon)

Name: Damien Sterben

    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black with the tips of his hair purple.
    Standard Quincy Outfit (but without sleeves).
    With Quincy jubah that covers his left side.
    Tattoos on both arms.
    Black Fingerless Gloves (Removes when going into battle.)
    Kanji for Hate written on the palm of his right hand & Black on his left.

Fighting Style:
    Not physically strong,...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Skoop On Somebody
Composed by: Skoop On Somebody

Credit: link


Everybody Stand Up!
Minna tatakattenda!
Naishin wa fuan da demo
Keep Your Head Right Up! To tha Sky!

Donna toki mo (Oh Yeah!)
Doko ni itemo (Oh Yeah!)
Call me anytime! (Oh Yeah!)
Chikara ni naru yo

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Tafu na egao de
Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Ikite yuku no sa

Ki ni sunna My Brother!
Kimi rashikute iin da!
Nai tatte My Sister!
Mata waraeba iinda!

Shinkokyuu shite (Oh Yeah!)
Yorimichi shite (Oh Yeah!)
It’s All In Your Mind (Oh Yeah!)
Kaze ni fukarete

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Rafu na yasashisa...
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1. Ikkaku: Foot fetish.
“The reason he doesn’t
wear socks is because he’s
looking for someone like him
- someone who will stare
lustfully at his feet. Plus that
‘lucky dance’ is totally
his way of tampilkan off his
manly toes.”
2. Orhime: Likes to eat
food off of people.
“Especially sweets. Her
dream is to eat something
sweet off of Ichigo’s
stomach. anda know it’s
3. Gin: Sex in a
completely dark room.
“Weirdly, he then opens his
4. Yumichika: Mirrors
“And yes, it’s because he
wants to watch himself. The
guy is into himself -
there’s nothing wrong
with that.”
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posted by badcats10
I am makeing an espada rp si i wan t anda to make up your own espada the nummber of espad depends on who comes here first

heres mine

Name: muerte(means death)Schiffer 2nd espada her dad is ulqiurra shiffer
Age:288/looks 17
Appearence: long black hair down to her nees with a mask that covers half of the puncak, atas of her head with a sake like tale bone that reaches as long as her hair. Her eyes are two different warna ones purple ones green and she has to stripes that go down her eyes like her dads.
Wepon: a sword that has two snake like fangs a the end, its black
Hates:1st espada,4th espada,and arrogance...
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Hadō ("way of destruction")
Beginner (Unseated officer and
other shinigami)
1. Shō (衝, Thrust) — Pushes the
a target away from the caster.
Incantation: unknown/none.
4. Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning) -
The user fires a concentrated,
powerful lightning bolt from
their finger.
Incantation: unknown/none.
11. Tsuzuri Raiden (Reading
Lightning) - Electric current
flows through any object the
user touches and is able to lead
electricity, damaging any target
that is in contact with the object
the current runs through.
Incantation: unknown/none.
31. Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of Red
Fire) — Fires a ball...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Suzumebachi (Sparrow Hornet)
- release command: "Jinteki Syakusetsu!" (Sting All Your Enemies to Death)
First seen when fighting with Yoruichi, Soi Fong’s zanpakutou changes drastically in appearance and ability. When transformed, Suzumbachi takes the form of a sarung tangan that fits to Soi Fong’s Right Hand, with a chain attaching the “stinger” to the puncak, atas of the glove. With a cone-like shape, the “stinger” sits on Soi Fong’s middle finger, extending at a length about twice as far as the normal extension of the finger, allowing Soi Fong’s striking...
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posted by blackpanther666
(Raijin strolls through the trees, noting that a batlle had taken place here recently, though he wasn't sure what kind of battle it had been; whether it had involved the Radicals, atau the Shinigami. Raijin had heard from Gaishima and Shishira that the Shinigami had exiled some Shinigami, atau pseudo-Shinigami, whatever they were. Apparently Captain Chevalier had been among them, somewhat harsh, considering the loss of her Vice-Captain, Acelin, during the Hueco Mundo battle. Raijin stops suddenly, noticing a block of ice, which is slowly melting. There is a shape hidden among the fractured pieces...
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