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posted by Clowninthevenus
29/04/2021 Towards Sir Kevin Spacey filming project "The Den":

- Some Brits prefer living in Russia for one particular reason - RF is not covered oleh WHO and NSA policies, that's why RF is considered to be a country free of Psychiatric Mafia.
- WHO didn't bother Britain much in baru saja years...
- Oh, yes, they did.
- Who told anda this?
- Mrs Olga Alexandra Taggart.
- She doesn't know anything about WHO. What, actually, she told you?
- When her sister with her detik husband Mr Muhortov, her husband Mr David Terence Taggart and she met famous British musician Sir Harold Budd in St Albans after his concert...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
28/04/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson/Blackadder filming project “The Magic Flute”:

The God Sun R.A. called his Japanese colleague:

- What else should I ask Alex? Some intricate question?

- My dear R.A. San, ask her something simple, say, about the happiest hari in her life...

Sun R.A. dialed Alex’s number:

- Alex, Mrs Taggart, what was the happiest hari of your life?

- Probably the hari of our marriage with David.

- Where was it?

- In Barnet. The hari was warm and sunny on the 5th of Sep 1990, and we flu to Paris later in the same day. Mr David Wesley and my sister Lucy were our vitnesses at the...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
All material belongs to MI5 Cyber Security
28/04/2021 Towards Sir Robert Carlyle/Bruce Willis/Sir Pierce Brosnan filming project “The Dutch Page”:

All three of them went to Edward’s. Edward didn’t appear happy meeting them in his bed. His bedroom was spacious, his night assistant brought drinks.
Paul sipped his night coffee and entered:
- Where else they can be? Earl’s Court Elton John’s flat? Alex’s “empty” studio in Hyde Park?
- Their small groups, yes. Have anda brought down UFO hovering above Buckingham Palace?
- Not yet. Was bothered about Mr Johnson’s health. I’m afraid,...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
20 /04/2021 Towards Sir Pierce Brosnan/Robert De Niro filming project “My granddad’s pencils”:

- Vanessa ? Alex isn’t Vanessa!
- Vanessa considers her as “her Dog”...Alex is MI5 fine artist, she only wanted to help her...
- What Alex just found for Vanessa? It was a member of NSA and Psychiatric Mafia Dr L. smoking something together with the New Bond in absence of cocaine...
- Yeh...I remember Alex mentioned that rosy cheeks of Dr L. On their appointment...I told you, that in the Latino American countries only doctors and Police have right to trade narcotics...
posted by Clowninthevenus
18/04/2021 Towards Sir Robert Carlyle/Bruce Willis/Sir Pierce Brosnan filming project "The Dutch Page":
( material belongs to MI5 Cyber Security)

Alex put on music, went to her canvas and brought in blue and orange. She wished she had model for two ginger girls and riding Eperess between them. She disn't see Paul walking beside Edward in the wheelchair passing her halaman awal in The Drive...
The Best Relaxing Classical musik Ever oleh Bach - Relaxation Meditation Focus Reading

The Best Relaxing Classical musik Ever oleh Bach - Relaxation Meditation F...
posted by Clowninthevenus
16/04/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson/Blackadder Club filming project “The Magic Flute”:

- What is your dream, Alex. Mrs Olga Alexandra Taggart? – asked Sun R.A.
- To have an artist studio in the Hyde Park area...
- Has our Dinasaur Wish-Bone help?
- I still had no telephone calls...
- Right now, at this very moment, there is a serigala made his sarang, den in that studio. He’s not always there, some Gypsies practice smudging paper with colours, looking after that property while he’s hunting for the Squirrels like you...
- I’m not a Squirrel... I’m a Creator working for Apollo.
- anda could be a Creator working for God, anda are still a Squirrel...
posted by Clowninthevenus
11/04/2021 Towards Akira Sakamoto/Sir Kevin Spacey filming project “Remember me, Mishima”:

- anda know what just has crossed my mind? Could it be possible that someone lied to USA Military Command before the detik World War like that so-called “Military MI6 Advisor” lies today?
- He lied so much, what exactly do anda mean?
- I mean Japan. He continuously sets them about jepang when, in fact, that is South Korea which plays dirty...
- I’ve thought of it as well...Nobody else could have been interested lebih than them bombing us...
- Do anda mean...
- I mean Koreans.
posted by Clowninthevenus
Towards Sir Kevin Spacey filming project "The Den":

Broken-off petals were everywhere in the grass, on the pavement, a rich smell of bunga trained the procession. The ladies broke from them and went into an open cafe for a cup of tea.
- His Royal Highness funeral is almost another D-Day...
- It is D-Day. Prince Phillip won the war on the hari he died. He won as a Greek.
- About Greece, anda know...Not about Greece as such but about Cyprus. The scammers have worked on Internet pages again. Sir Winston Churchill had some disagreements with His Royal Highness about the Turks murdering the Greeks...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
06/04/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson/Blackadder filming project “The Magic Flute”:
God Sun R.A. cast his burning gaze at Alex:
- Mr Taggart, have anda ever sold Russia to Sir John Suchet?
- Spare me, spare me, my Lord! – berkata Alex, - Don’t punish me too hard, I’ve done it in favour of love!
- cinta to Mommy Russia atau to John?
-John, John, I confess...- Alex started tearing prepared for the God to strike.
At that time Royal Philarmonic burst with a couple of strong accords: link
- Mrs Taggart, have anda ever lied?
- Always lied, always lied, lied all the time, I confess! Don’t kill me, spare me!
- anda are a liar! – the God’s face expressed extreme fury, - from now on anda will be punished and sent to the Kingdom of Apollo to the rest of your life!
Alex fainted. The Royal Opera House made a strong accord and the truthful God Em curse fell:
posted by Clowninthevenus
13/03/2021 Towards Sir David Attenborough/Tom Cruise filming project “Jesus Travels to India”:

Yesus put the Holy Grail back into his rack sack. It still was unknown what sort of an egg this egg holder could contain. It seemed that the native bird of India who we know as a turkey bird – their eggs were too small, extinct Kiwi bird? Ancient travelers of India could bring Australian larger birds and breed them...That metaphysical thought possessed Yesus for another two days when his disciple turned his attention to the Biblical subject of the Word.
It- Interesting that the African word for a woman “baba” and the Sanscrit word for a witch “yaha” has travelled to East eropa and remains in the fairy tales about “Baba Yaha”, how possible it could be for the Indo-European race to get “baba”? I understand why “yaha”, still don’t understand how “baba” could get as far as Syberia...
- Could come with humans following the mammoth herds...
posted by Clowninthevenus
01/04/2021 Towards Sir Adrian Lester filming project “The ceri, cherry On The Cake”( “The Hustle” series):

The Black investigator looked first at the detik World War documents, then turned to link and was still talking on the phone:
- Here...Surgeons...I cannot see anyone who could be responsible for the Medical supply...Wait a minute...
And, he opened the original: link
- They say his offspring looked like him, and their descendants of today still look like him...
- How could we combine it with link
- Through the sales of the weapons...
- I wouldn’t imagine that they still live in Canada...
posted by Clowninthevenus
29/03/2021 Towards Sir Sean O’Connery filming project “Three-Headed Dragon”:

- That which I know –any investigator atau detective will avoid watching a video that wasn’t made oleh a Police camera atau CCTV. Computer graphics technology is so advanced nowadays that any existing equipment that can check its authenticity will be obsolete in comparison. I knew a guy, a photographer who worked with a computer graphics artist. There was a moment when they worked together, and the photographer was his model. The task was to place his head instead of another man’s head. The photographer was astounded...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
28/03/2021 Towards Sir Kevin Spacey filming project “The Den”:
- I heard myself that Yaha drives some black rather large car herself and doesn’t use a driver. Though, nobody has really seen her atau her car close enough. Any signs of her appearance?
- None since the winter of 2020.
- Any signs of the Spider?
- Only a metal figure in the photograph of a huge sculpture of him the Brent Council intends to install for the public to start admiring the greatest. anda can see this foto on some fences protecting the unfinished building sites of Wembley.
- What should we expect? Yaha killing the Spider? Or?
- Yaha can kill the labah-labah, laba-laba only in AA and the Olympic 1 Radio office.
- Where’s our Atlas Moth?
- She organized Jury for one atau the other British Football Club to win the tender and manage Wembley National Stadium.
posted by Clowninthevenus
28/03/2021 Towards Sir Timothy Dalton filming project “The Wild Turkey Run”:

- So, A. R. on one side and N. W. on the other side...Must be Mommy and Daddy, Mom in the R. and Dad is in the N. W...
-Aha. anda know, anda can marry with one and the same person as many times as many countries exist in this world, that is a well-known indulgence of the rich – to marry in the USA, then in Paris and then to organize their marriage underwater in Australia a tahun later...
- Marry and re-marry if divorced...Who is Mommy?
- Must be the kayaking Mom.
- And, Dad?
- Could be Dave. They should invite close...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
26/03/2021 Towards Absolutely Fabulous Club filming project “The Theatre Of The Crooked Mirrors”:
Realizing that she never was lost but all of these were the lies of the Crooked Mirrors Olice looked back and remembered Zorro. Zorro then took her around the demolition site with a lot of rubble, broken blocks of bricks scattered around and laying in huge heaps, and he was driven to several places oleh some smell...Between the rubble in many of these places the dog pointed at broken and intact ampulas with clear and dark liquid. Olice found out much later that this demolition site once was a prison and the torture place for many animals, hundreds of them in fact. One of the Crooked Mirror blazed its reflection again – she saw herself as a Fairy again saving a monkey from the human swinishness and the progress in medical science...”The whole knowledge whatever the humans had got recently aren’t worth tears of this single monkey” – she thought.
posted by Clowninthevenus
07/07/2017 Towards Absolutely Fabulous Club filming project “Clown in the Venus”:

Like in the sebelumnya night the Venus shone a little bit lower than the Moon. The Evening star, or, the others call it the morning bintang expressed heavenly joy.
She smiled at the bright bintang in the pale blue Wembley sky and whispered to herself: “I want to be your Star, David” – because she loved her husband very much. Then Lucy started barking at another dog. Olice turned her face towards the sound and saw a tiny creature. The owner with the creature disappeared in the dusk, and Olice turned her face back to Venus. Then...She focused her eyes better – it wasn’t the Venus but a drone...
posted by Clowninthevenus
25/03/2021 Towards Sir Pierce Brosnan filming project "The Remedy":

- Once it was berkata that that one who controls the flow of drugs, that one who promotes pharmacy of that atau the other system - that one controls as the world.
- Who berkata it?
- I believe it was one of the greatest psychiatrists of all - Dr Zigmund Freud.
- Probably, it was before his colleagues put him on cocaine to damage his career.
- They put him on cocaine for his other opinion - to never use electrical atau electromagnetic equipment, nothing mechanical to cure psychiatric patients, he thought it is a way of the Satanists.
- Where have anda read it?
- In one of the disappearing google articles...
- Did that artikel say we should value our own psychiatry first of all?
- Yes. Though, I cannot repeat the words. Something about the lack of Darwinism training in our schools and society...
posted by sardines
Melchett: Grey, I suspect, your Majesty.
Queen Elizabeth: I think you'll find they were orange, Lord Melchett.
Melchett: Grey is lebih usual, Ma'am.
Queen Elizabeth: Who's Queen?
Melchett: As anda say, Majesty. There were these magnificent jeruk, orange elephants...

[Blackadder is menulis a letter to Amy, as dictated oleh the Prince.]
Prince George: Tally ho, my fine, saucy young trollop. Your luck's in. Trip along here with all your cash and some naughty night attire, and you'll be staring at my bedroom ceiling from now till Christmas, anda lucky tart. Yours with the deepest respect etc. Signed George. PS Woof,...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
19/03/2021 Towards Sir Jim Davidson filming series “Meeting CIA”:
- They say Alex sold Russia to sir John Suchet.
- And, where else she should have sold it?
- To Zurich.
- Ah-h...Pity. They brought emas to Zurich and made Bitcoins money. What they will do now with them?
- They wanted a Casino in Brighton...Pity.
- Where the emas came from? I heard that it should be the emas of the Aztecs.
- anda are not far from the right answer. Mr. Elzin mencuri it from the Soviet emas Reserve and shipped it to the Aztecs in 1987 from Estonia. They say it was an icebreaker marked 102K. Mr Putin tried with CIA later...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
16/03/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson filming project “The Magic Flute”:

God R.A. shined softly through her white foggy window that morning:

- Alex, Mrs Olga Alexandra Taggart, what is your dream? I know, it was one and the same dream from the very start - to be paid through Sir Michael Caine agents and? How have anda intended to spend this money? What is your dream?

- The dream is the same, to have an artist studio with large sunny windows in the Hyde Park area.

- Some delicate obstacles concerning time lay before that...Sir John Suchet signed an agreement for your material to be used oleh Mr...
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