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posted by juurizero
yuki:...listen music
yori:write a sms
ryuga:hello whats up?
yori:nothing new ryuga!*she blush*
ryuga:what anda listen there yuki?*he berkata happy*
yuki:nothing!is my favorit song SNOW SNOW LITTLE SNOW
ryuga:really i cinta SAKARAJYU is my favorit band
yuki:oh i cinta this because i listen from sasuke and i was surprised because he said:this is for you!
yori:you like SAKARAJYU?i cinta this band!
ryuga:and what is the best single from SAKARAJYU?
ryuga:you like this songs?
yuki:i cinta this songs...
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added by juurizero
added by juurizero
posted by juurizero
sasuke:yori,yori!you!the best friend of yuki!want to kill her?
yori:you know!i'm not guilty for this!
sasuke:yes,I know,you know but......they don't know this!*said he trying to bite her*
yori:no!stop!you drank much lebih blood from me!
sasuke:oh... no!i drank when i want no this is your words?
"sasuke...kun I promise you!you can drank how much blood anda want"
yori:you fool me!
sasuke:eh...this is the life!
yori:I am so stupid!
sasuke:no no stupid!only slightly naive
yori:I hate you!
sasuke:yes and I cinta you*smile bad*
yori:what anda want from me?
sasuke:no...nothing anda wrong last time!I don't risk and now with a mission for you!
yori:but....I cinta Ryuga!And yuki makes it cool to me
sasuke:sorry but anda have nothing to do!you are here!They are there!They ciuman and anda stay here in a Loony bin!
yori:sasuke!sasuke come back!do not go!
posted by yunalovesshun

Naruto:Man kakaschi sensei is late again.
Sakura:yeah but he's later than usual what do anda think sasuke-kun?
Naruto:wel it doesn't care how long he's gonna take to get here as long we don't have to clean something up when he's here.
sasuke:thats richt i don't want to clean up his hous like last time.
sakura:me either.

15 menit LATER

sakura:ah findaly there he is.
naruto:yes and he has someone whit him.

kakashi:Hi guy's sorry for being late but i had to pick this girl up.
sakura:yeah yeah we don't care about anda being late annymore but who's this girl.
girl:My name is Sana...
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yori:hey ryuga!how is yuki?
ryuga:bad!she had wake up now!*said he crying*
yori:ohh is so sad!this is super hero's life ha?
ryuga:was wrong she saved me!
yori:you kidding?you are our friends and anda are all of she!
yunna:the doctor berkata to go out all!
ryuga:yunna please!I don't go out!ok?i don't leave she!never!
yunna:but anda both need to sleep in special you!mister Ryuga!
ryuga:no!I don't leave yuki never!*said he oleh putting his hand on her hand*
ryuga:yuki!you are wake up?
ryuga:don't speak!is wrong!
yunna:is a miracle!she was...
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posted by juurizero
Sasuke:Hey yuki!
Yuki:what the hell anda doing here ha?
Yuki:And anda my best friend!what anda doing here with Sasuke?said she crying
Angry Ryuga
pushed him into the dinding and he pulled two hands
Ryuga:Over vampire!it's over!I hate you!is usual but i don't like the creatures who one hurt yuki!
Yuki:you are a vampire?
yuki:Why anda don't berkata me this?
Ryuga:because he don't cinta you!
Yuki:is right?Sasuke kun.. anda cinta me atau not? ok?no!
yuki:what?but but what anda said...?at the prom..
Sasuke:was nothing
Yuki started run away crying
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posted by juurizero
yori:you are mad on me?
yori:because i kissed you!
ryuga:oh!i'm not mad
yori:huh!i hoped! know!i don't like anda because i cinta a another girl!you don't know her but to know we are only friends is ok?
yori:ohhhh ok:(but the kiss....
ryuga:the ciuman was nothing!for me!and i hope to will be nothing and for you!
yori:ok no problem!
yuki:hey friends!:D
yori:oh...hi yuki...i go out
yori:my dad waiting for me!
yuki:ok i phone you!
yori:ok bye yuki!bye ryuga!
ryuga:so anda and sasuke!he is good for you?
yuki:who are anda the police atau stay!my dad!is good!...
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posted by juurizero
ryuga:your look are so j-rock!
yori:really?you like it?
yori:your t-shirt with SAKARAJYU is so cool and i cinta blue color
ryuga:i know!:D
yori:offf my t-shirt with RYU are less cool than your
ryuga:what?your t-shirt is alat pendingin, pendingin than my!
ryu:Hello all!first song for anda is FOLLOW WORLD
ryuga:i cinta this song!
yori:me too!
Ryu:All fans!you can sing now with us if anda know the answer!Who are the model for our band?
yori:Only you!
Ryu:correct anda win!
Ryu:what is your name?
Ryu:so yori!you have a favorit member?
Yori:no i don't have a favorit because anda all so cool but i cinta anda Ryu!
Ryu:aww and anda want to dedicate a song to someone?
Yori:yes!for my best friend Ryuga!I dedicate the song Best friend
Ryu:Ryuga!you are a lucky boy!with this friend!come'on!
At end of concert:
yori:Ryuga!I want to tell anda something
*she ciuman him*
posted by juurizero
yuki:auu!my god I'm sick!wait a minute!why i'm in this t-shirt?
sasuke:you'r wake up?
yuki:sasuke?!what anda doing here?whats up last night?and why i'm in a t-shirt?answer now
sasuke:Easy easy anda drank much!
sasuke:at midnight anda drank so much sake and anda started dance selanjutnya anda falling,i take anda and because your dress was dirty i gave anda my t-shirl
yuki:wtf?your t-shirt?
yuki:and next?
sasuke:taking anda at the hand i arrived whit anda in your room!next anda sleeping and berkata :
"sasuke...kun i'm scared without you!please sleep with me"
yuki:i don't believe you!
sasuke:yes....then where is my t-shirt ha?
yuki:omg *she blush*
sasuke:eh now anda want to make anda a tea?is good for sick from the sake!*he laugh*
yuki:ok tnx
sasuke:here!a teh with plants very good for your sick :))
posted by juurizero
Big hari is today yuki is so happy .
yuki:aie aie aie yori!you like my dress?
yori:black?because black is sasuke's favorit color no?
yuki:of of of yes and what is about this?
sasuke:oh yuki!your look is so pretty!i like your dress!
sasuke:yes!and anda smell nice!*said he very close to her throat*
yuki:sasuke...kun!your look is so so cool i like!
yori:I think I hurt
sasuke:we go?
yori:hey ryuga!i like your look
ryuga:really?thanks and your dress are my favorite
yuki:but we are only friends
~on the dance floor the musik started and all started...
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posted by juurizero
ryuga:who is your cinta ha?
ryuga:but yuki?
sasuke:she is a little girl i don't like her
ryuga:sasuke!i don't stay here and seen anda who kissed all the girl of the school and makes yuki's stupid hopes
sasuke:you cinta her?
ryuga:what?no!he blushed* but i don't like the human which makes yuki lebih problem
sasuke:yes....well what is your reaction on this?*said he ciuman yuki*
ryuga:don't touch her *said he so angry*
ryuga:no!because he is my enemy!i hate him
sasuke:bye *said he looks like a vampire*
yuki:so sasuke kun whats up?
sasuke:nothing new boring school
and....your so sweet eyes
sasuke:shhh *said he ciuman her*
yori:yuki!daisuke looking for you!
yuki:i will miss anda sasuke
sasuke:i will miss anda too!
posted by juurizero
The prom will be besides 2 days and yuki is so happy because daisuke says to yuki isn't responsible with the prom is he
yuki:aie aie is so cool
yori:what is about you?
yuki:i will go at the prom!
yori:yes?so cool!
sasuke:hey yuki!
yuki:hey sasuke whats up?
sasuke:this is for you!
yuki:for me?a rose for me?
sasuke:yes~says he and kissed her~
she falling
on the hall sasuke was tanggal with a girl
sasuke:hey mya!whats up?
mya:awww nothing
he kissed her but ryuga saw him
ryuga:hey sasuke!who is she?
sasuke:oh my ryuga ryuga she is my girl!
posted by juurizero
in a old school vampire are free everywhere here is a vampire academy.Academy black is a scary academy for all because is all in black and at night strange screams are heard.
yuki:hey yori!what is your answer?
yori:what?what answer?
yuki:with who anda go at ball?
yori:i don't know you?
yuki:me?i want to go at ball with Sasuke!
yori:you dream!
yori:because he is so cool and we are grinder and he go with Rukia
yuki:Wha-what?How do anda know?
yori:it makes sense he's populer she is beautiful...
yuki:you right
Daisuke:Girls!you will be responsible for prom...
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