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posted by Kim-Ji-Soo
Hello BLACKPINK I am a fan of your Heloá Vitória santos and I confess that I walked for a while and find out how anda are so thin anda do exercises and the most common ones are the abdominals and yoga follow me on my channel is Heloá Vitória santos if anda want to be my friends in portuguese try to speak portuguese yes we accept to be your friends please say my name in the video please i will be very honored because i am your biggest fan i like it a lot and i confess i even created a folder that speaks only yours, only yours, I hope anda see that message and do what I’m going to say now that I dare anda to go to YouTube on your channel and say I’m going to say hello now If you’re rosé For example say hello my name is rosé and says age r23 years old I know It was born on February 11, 1997 This is the same thing for other members Only the name of their age is changed I hope anda see this message
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