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The boys see a scary potential future for themselves when Roque Records picks up a girl group and gives the girls a new BTR song. Fear that they'll become like the boy band before them that was replaced with a girl group, drives the boys to do crazy things.

Catch comedy, lust, and behind the scenes stuff with James Maslow!
"When we learned that Jordan Pruitt was originally going to guest bintang in this episode..."

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big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that anda are friends on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.
Do anda want to
Ride in a big limousine?
Tell me do anda want to
Take a little bite of the fame machine?
If anda wanna be discovered
And end up on the cover've every star-studded
supermarket magazine
You can do it
Stick right to it.
It could happen tonight.

You wanna be famous. (famous)
You wanna be the one who's living the life.
You wanna be famous. (famous)
You wanna be the one who's taking a free ride.

Do anda want to
Cut to the front of the line?
Baby, do anda need to
See your name in lights just like the Hollywood sign?
Come on, we gotta work harder.
Fight the fight together.
Take anda to the top.
We've got the...
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 Carlos and logan
Carlos and logan
*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush Comedy
Logan finally told Carlos that they are Brothers
Kendall and Jo Broke up
James is Dating A girl named Kim
lets find out what happens?
Carlos:Me and Logan went to Sea World
James:So are anda over Jo
Logan:Me and Carlos are going to the Palm woods Park
James:Going to watch kucing And anjing Revenge of Kitty Galore
Kendall:Im going to Cry [Starts to Cry]
Lets to Carlos and Logan
Logan:Carlos stop fighting with that Squirrel
Carlos:Give back my Last Fiber Nuts
Then Carlos start to sing
Ohh you're sucha...
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*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush Comedy
James and Logan Found Carlos in a Wishing Well
Jo and Kendall went to the Movies
Lets Find What happens on this Episode!!
Logan:IM hungry
Kendall:Ok lets go to zaitun Garden
James:Lets go now before Carlos gets his hungry face comes
Carlos:I heard that!!!
[Carlos and James started to fight]
Logan:Guys Serious!!!
[Logan Stopped the fight]
Carlos:I almost got the Armbar
James:I hate anda and....
Logan:lets go!!!
Arrived At zaitun Garden
Kendall:I wanna get a Mountain Dew
Logan:I wanna get a Pepsi
James:I wanna get a Dr.Pepper
Carlos:I wanna get a Sprite
Waiter:Ok guys...
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posted by IngridPresley
Make anda cinta me again
Love me again

Think a girl's at the door
And they all wanna roll, wanna roll, but I gotta say no
One girl that I'm looking for, there she go
I knew you'd be back for another round
Give me a chance to lay it down

The night is young
We having fun
Show me love, hit me up
You're so beautiful

When we dance
Heaven opens up
Girl I just thought that I should let anda know

Baby, when the night is gonna let anda go
I'm gonna promise you'll be back for more
I wanna touch anda like I did before
So baby take my hand, take my hand

I'll make anda cinta me again
(make anda cinta me again cinta me again)
I'll make...
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Get a call on a acak afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it's you
Like my heart, anda were breaking the news
You say it's over, it's over, it's over

Heading out, cuz I'm outta my mind
All my friends are gonna see me tonight
Staying here, till the sun start's to rise
And I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Dance hard, laugh more
Turn the musik up now
Party like a rockstar
Can I get a what now?
I swear I'll do
Anything that I have to
Till I forget about you.

Jump up, fall down
Gotta play it loud now.
Don't care, my head's
Spinning all around now.
I swear I'll do
Anything that I have to
Till I forget about you.(2x)...
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If we never flew / We would never fall / If the world was ours / We would have it all/ But the life we live isn't so simplistic / anda just don't get what anda want/ So we take what comes and we keep on goin' / Leaning on each other's shoulders / Then we turn around / And see we've come so far somehow // Chorus: We're Halfway There / We're lookin' good now / And nothing's gonna get in the way / We're Halfway There / And lookin' back now / I never thought that I'd ever say / We're Halfway There...Halfway There // When the chips are down / Back against the dinding / Got no lebih to give / 'Cause we gave it all / Seems like going the distance is unrealistic / But we're too far from the start // Chorus // How anda ever gonna reach the stars / If anda never get off the ground / And you'll always be where anda are / If anda let life knock anda down // Chorus
Make it count, play it straight
Don't look back, don't hesitate
When anda go big time

What anda want, what anda feel
Never quit, and make it real
When anda roll big time

Hey, hey, listen to your jantung now
Hey, hey, don't anda feel the rush?
Hey, hey, better take your shot now
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Go on shake it up, what anda gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life anda choose
If anda want it all, lay it on the line
It's the only life anda got, so anda gotta live it big time

Step it up, getting gear
Go for broke, make it clear
Gotta go big time

Make it work, get it right
Change the world over night
Gotta dream big time...
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James Diamond: I just saw this extremely hot girl who's hair is brown and half way to her back. She looks like she's a half-latina.
Carlos Garcia likes this.
Carlos Garcia: Yay! Another Half-Mexican! Me and that girl anda saw.
James: You're Half-Mexican?!
Carlos Garcia: anda don't know I'm Half-Mexican and anda knew me for your whole life! I'm starting to think I don't know you, James.
Kendall Knight: Idiot.
James Diamond and 9 others like this.

Jo Taylor: I miss Kendall! :(
Kendall Knight: Me too! <3
Jo Taylor: <3
James Diamond: Ewwwww! *barfs*
Carlos Garcia and 3 others like this....
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posted by rusher29
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boy

Have anda ever had the feeling you're drawn to someone? Yeah
And it isn't anything they could've berkata atau done?
And everyday I see anda on your own
And I can't believe that you're alone
But I overheard your girls and this is what they said

Looking for a, looking for a
That you're looking for a boyfriend, I see that
Give me time, anda know, I'm gonna be that
Don't be scared to come, put your trust in me
Can't anda see all I really want to be

Is your boyfriend, can't...
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posted by teentop449
big time rush
Big time rush
Today (5-2-13/May 2,2013) at 8:00,there is going to be a new big time rush!!<33 this is going to be super-duper awesome!!!<3333333333 Aren't anda excited??!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333 I Know i am!! I can't wait!! Its almost here!!! After the premier anda can komentar on what anda thought about the premier!! I can't wait to see Kendall,James,Carlos,& Logan!!<33
So all anda rushers out there don't miss it!
I <3 BtR!!!!!<333333333 I can't stop!!<33 I am never ever gonna miss not even ONE episode of big time rush!!<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Can't wait to see my hubby's/babies!!<33
that's all! Bye!!!!!!<3333333
big time rush
Big time rush
big time rush
Big time rush
big time rush
Big time rush
big time rush
Big time rush
posted by DaniellelovesBB
Throw it up, woo hoo!
Woo hoo! [x2] Yeah, yeah.
Woo hoo! Yeah, yeah.

You're pretty baby, but anda know that
Wish I could bring ya, across the map, yeah
I can feel it in the air that it's on tonight
I don't really care if it's wrong atau right
Pedal to the metal baby hold me tight
Anything anda want I can get that girl
If you're with that girl

Everybody knows that I want ya
If anda want me baby tampil me
Roll the windows down let your hair flow
Let it all go tonight (night, night, night...)

Party people!
Woo hoo, all the windows down
Woo hoo, when I'm rolling through your town (woo hoo)
Saying yeah yeah, woo hoo
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-At the Palm Woods-
Carlos is upside down on the couch, James is on the floor looking bored to death, Kendall is lying on the counter, and Logan is slumped down in a chair.
Kendall:Like we can't tell.
Logan:We all are.
Camille:*comes in* Hello.
Tori:*comes in* Hi. I'm new here and I just wanted to say hello and *looks at James* WOW!
James:*combing his hair with his lucky comb* Why did anda leave the door open Kendall?
Kendall:I didn't feel like closing it.
The rest of the victorious gang comes.
James:EW! WHAT IS THAT THING?! *points at Trina*
Trina:I'm a person!...
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Big Time Rush cutie James Maslow recently revealed who his celebrity crush was. Can anda take a wild guess who it could be? If anda guessed Emma Watson, then you’re absolutely right! James said, “I admit, my crush ever since I saw the first Harry Potter movie has been Emma Watson. Especially with her short hair, everything I hear about her is so good.”

Want to hear something else really interesting about the BTR guys? So, everyone probably thinks that the boys of BTR would be smooth with the girls, right? Not exactly! Kendall spilled that they really aren’t as smooth as they seem and like...
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*Theme Song*
Logan:Halloween is Tomorrow Yay!!
James:Who anda Going to Be Logan
Logan:A Vampire
James:Cool what about anda Kendall
Kendall:Maybe a Werewolf
James:Me i am Going to Be Zombie
Carlos:You Never Asked Me James?
James:Srry Who anda going be for Halloween

After Waiting Hours and Mins and Secs
ITS Halloween
Carlos:How Do i I look
Logan:I got a Scary Story to Tell yall
James:Yay Scary Story
Kendall:Ok Go On
Logan:I heard the legend of a videotape that will kill anda within forty-eight hours after watching it at a bonfire when I was younger. The story...
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*Theme Song*
Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight
Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell
Carlos Pena as Carlos Garcia
James Maslow as James Diamond
Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight
Mat29cool as Michelle Cage
619WWEprincess as Maria Pena
TeamZoey as Rosabel Anderson
JBfan445 as Lisa Counts
Hjj211 as Tatum Maslow
AlexSelenaRules as Alex Jones-Well
Juliet1234 as Cat West
FamousK10 as Taylor Mitchell
Btrno1fan as Erin Bieber
Katelyn Traver as Jo Taylor
Erin Sanders as Camile
Selena Gomez as Ally Jones
Joe Jonas as Joe G. Jones-Well
Nathan Kress a Justin Hollywood
KarlaCena as Karla Spring
Frankie Jonas as Jones Green...
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 Randy Orton Guest Stars
Randy Orton Guest Stars
*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush Comedy Season 1
The Guys couldn't find Carlos
The Guys where banned from zaitun Garden and Red Robin
Kendall and Jo Broke up and James got a new girl friend and Carlos and Logan are now Brothers lets find out what happens in this Season?
Kendall:I just saw Jo with a another Guy!!!
James:yall did brake up!
Kendall:Where's Logan
James:With Carlos
Kendall:Doing What!?
James:Playing bola basket at the Palm Woods Park
Kendall:Go get him
Kendall:GO GET HIM!!!
At the Palm Woods Park
Carlos:I'm winning
Logan:No your loseing
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Kendall: I'm Kendall!
James: James!
Carlos: Carlos!
Logan: Logan!
Katie: Katie!
Ms. Knight: Mom!
Tyler: Tyler!
Camille: Camille!
Jennifers: Jennifer! And Jennifer!
Kelly: Kelly!
Gustavo: And I'm..FAT!
Everyone: Yeah, it's Big Time Rush! We're gonna have some fun, in the PalmWoods! We're gonna cause some trouble, in Hollywood! We've got music, and guest stars, and PIE! Yeah, it's Big! Time! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSH!
*Kendall plays his guitar*
Everyone: YEAH!

James: Hi everyone! James here! TDIfangirl decided that since BTRA got so many good...
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I'm lookin and you, yeah
you're lookin at me
something about you's got me goin crazy
so what should i do, what can i say
she's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing in the room

no one else compares to you
just do what anda do and i will be there for you
if anda take my hand (my hand), just give me the chance (the chance)
say don't worry about a thing
just dance dance dance

It feels right girl just give me a sign
we're gonna party all night
have the time of our life, yeah
i can't fight how i'm feelin inside
we can party all night have the time of our life, girl

oh oh woah
oh oh woah...
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