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*last time*

*later that night*

Berserk- I'm here

the person- Your lucky we'll let anda stay here...after what anda did.


the person- shut up and sit down


*Berserk,Brat and Brute's room,5:00 am*

Brat:*yawn*Ugh,Brute why are anda up so early?Don't anda know it's 5:00 am anda moron.

Brute:Your soo stupid,how could anda do such a thing?!Because of anda and your big mouth BERSERK'S GONE AND BRICK'S IN THE HOSPITAL!!

Brat:Your still on that,let it go it was for her good,I was doing her a favor.

Brute:And your proud of that?!

Brat:Should I not be?

Brute:No!Because now she's gone and who knows how long...
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